I don’t want to be judged! you cry. But YOU judge everything and everyone…

Why would you think that someone will judge you? Simple… you have already judged yourself.

But why would you? Not everyone judge themselves. I, for example, don’t… or not often at all. I often assess myself, my behavior, my looks, my stuff… but assessment does not carry condemnation in it, and it doesn’t carry praise in it either.

What is the difference between judgment and assessment 1 ?

The main difference is fixed mindset.

In judgment, the judging person lives as if there were a fixed good or bad, smart or stupid, right or wrong. And then they act as if they were assigned the job of judging…

So a high fixed mindset plus arrogance, superiority, plus high desire/low ambition numbers.

I have found that people with this combination are unable, unwilling, or resistant to do the work of the Playground.

The Playground is a very simple distinction: separating reality with what you say about it. Your opinion, your narrative, your story, your judgment. I teach you to see that reality as it is, A is A, separately from what you say is what you say.

The moment you get it about any piece of reality, you have a chance to be free.

If you continue collapsing the two independent parts: what happened?/what is so? and your judgment about it, you’ll remain miserable.

This principle is expressed in Henry Ford’s statement: If you say you can, or if you say you can’t, you are right.

Both can and can’t are commentary, but what you see will be modified by your commentary, and that will hide the reality: that you either will or won’t.

   I watched Lincoln, the movie over the weekend, and it was quite obvious that this inability or unwillingness to see reality separate and not connected to your opinion, your reaction to it  is what is missing for you: and it is the secret of human misery. Utter misery. 24-hour misery.

It will take a year to remove this misery, and hard work…

Every step that has taken me closer to become a happy person has been the result of gaining this clarity, little by little, this ability to separate and uncollapse reality and the interpretation of it. Removing the “what it means”… Removing the “therefore”.

It is simple, but it is not easy.

On the way to happiness you’ll have to say good bye to your favorite complaints, your favorite woes… and admit that it was all made up.

Whether you made it up yourself, or took it, uncritically from others, is immaterial.

If I asked you if you sat down on a quiet Sunday afternoon to meditate what would be the fastest and surest way to live a life of quiet desperation, to always be on the verge of utter unhappiness… you would say: no I didn’t do it.

And yet you maintain the behavior, the collapsing reality with the story…

The third Playground is scheduled to start in a few days, this coming Saturday, but I won’t start it if there are not enough participants.

It seems that freedom, happiness, grace and ease is not enough for most people to strive for… they want magic, and angels, and superhuman… and anything that will actually make you happy is not big enough for you. Hm.

By the way: Certain soul corrections are resistant to this separation… 2

If you have a soul correction that is marked with x, xx, or xxx on the list below, you’ll have a harder time to cause your transformation, because you feel like your life depends on remaining the same…

Look in your heart and see if you are willing to let go of your skin so you can live a life with a whole lot more happiness, fulfillment and a whole less of misery, complaints, and excuses why you are not all you can be.

And if you are, then register in the Playground. It is very inexpensive, it is once a month, and can produce the kinds of results ten thousand dollar courses can’t: because it concentrates all the energy and all the power on a sticky point, that when it lets go, the sun comes out.

I have seen it time and time again. It is like a miracle, a rebirth, a new lease on life.

If you’d like to do it, but the Saturday afternoon time is not good for you, please let me know. I am flexible.

OK. And here are a few useful quotes for you:

You’re not clever. You don’t know what you want. You have no proper fierceness.

John Steinbeck writes about the importance of individuality and creativity. “And this I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world…And this I must against any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual…If the glory can be killed, we are lost.

“…a man’s importance in the world can be measured by the quality and numbers his glories. It is a lonely thing but it relates us to the world. It is mother of all creativeness, and it sets each man separate from all other man”. this means that the greatness of a man depends on his deeds during his life, which is a sad fact. But these glories or deeds is what gives people individuality and creativeness. Those two traits ultimately makes humans human. It’s why we’re so special.

PS: I am writing this note six months into this Playground. It’s quite dramatic, and almost daily I have to change my mind: what is true for a soul correction may not be true for the individual.

For example, so far, the two soul corrections that do really poorly in the program are Silent Partner, and Building Bridges. Silent Partner will do anything not to “have to” live a normal life, where they would be free to produce, because they don’t want to produce. And my hunch is that the same is the issue with Building Bridges, but those Building Bridges people are better at hiding their secret desire…

The Playground is the most rewarding journey I have ever lead… And I am ready to do it again, with yet another group, starting on the heels of the one that started around the time I first wrote this article. If I live long enough, I will start a new group every six months.

It is as dramatic as having your cataract removed… I hear from older people that the moment they can see again, is quite an event. I can only imagine.

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  1. assessment: the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, or ability of someone or something. My starting point measurements are assessments, even if you take them as judgments. You add the judgment to my assessment!
  2. And here is a list of all the soul-correction numbers and their titles. I marked with one, two or three x’s the soul corrections that are especially resistant to transformation… a different way of seeing the world, namely uncollapsing what happened and what you said about it. And then some soul corrections refuse to see things any differently:

    marked x: resistant
    marked xx: unwilling
    marked xxx: unable

    1 — Time Travel
    2 — Recapturing The Sparks
    3 — Miracle Making
    4 — Eliminating Negative Thoughts
    5 — Healing
    6 — Dream State
    7 — DNA Of The Soul
    8 — De-fusing Negative Energy And Stress
    9 — Angelic Influences
    10 — Looks Can Kill
    –x11 — Banishing The Remnants Of Evil
    12 — Unconditional Love
    13 — Heaven-On-Earth
    14 — Farewell To Arms
    15 — Long Range Vision
    16 — Dumping Depression
    17 — Great Escape
    18 — Fertility
    19 — Dialing God
    20 — Victory Over Addictions
    21 — Eradicate Plague
    –x22 — Stop Fatal Attraction
    –xx23 — Sharing The Flame
    24 — Jealousy
    25 — Speak Your Mind
    26 — Order From Chaos
    –x27 — Silent Partner
    28 — Soul Mate
    –x29 — Removing Hatred
    30 — Building Bridges
    –xx31 — Finish What You Start
    32 — Memories
    33 — Revealing The Dark Side
    34 — Forget Thyself
    35 — Sexual Energy
    36 — Fearless
    37 — The Big Picture
    –xx38 — Circuitry
    39 — Diamond In The Rough
    40 — Speaking The Right Words
    –xxx41 — Self-Esteem
    43 — Defying Gravity
    44 — Sweetening Judgment
    45 — The Power Of Prosperity
    46 — Absolute Certainty
    47 — Global Transformation
    48 — Unity
    49 — Happiness
    50 — Enough Is Never Enough
    51 — No Guilt
    52 — Passion
    53 — No Agenda
    54 — The Death Of Death
    55 — Thought Into Action
    56 — Dispelling Anger
    57 — Listening To Your Soul
    58 — Letting Go
    59 — Umbilical Cord
    60 — Freedom
    61 — Water
    62 — Parent, Teacher, Not Preacher
    63 — Appreciation
    64 — Casting Yourself In A Favorable Light
    65 — Fear Of God
    66 — Accountability
    67 — Great Expectations
    68 — Contacting Departed Souls
    69 — Lost And Found
    70 — Recognizing Design Beneath Disorder
    71 — Prophecy And Parallel Universes
    72 — Spiritual Cleansing

    of course the 72 names of god are a three Hebrew phrase each, and have no meaning… or not really. they are power combinations… But here is another interpretation of those three letter combinations:

    01 –Return to creation – time travel “back to the future”
    02 –Return to embryonic state – recapture sparks of soul
    03 –Miracle making
    04 –Removal of negative thoughts
    05 –Healing
    06 –Build vessel to achieve a truthful & dream state
    07 –Bring order into your life by connecting to your soul
    08 –Remove negative energy – from yourself or others
    09 –Accessing angelic network to bring order
    10 –Protection from evil eye & bad dreams helps rebirthing process
    11 –Banishing the remnants of evil and inflated ego
    12 –Transform hatred through unconditional love
    13 –Personal transformation to achieve inner messiah
    14 –Achieving a peaceful solution to avert conflict
    15 –Seeing the consequences of impulsive behavior
    16 –Removing depression after a personal setback
    17 –Removing ego
    18 –Build your vessel & spiritual DNA of fertility
    19 –Remove static/ego so prayers are answered
    20 –Strengthen spirituality for victory over addictions
    21 –Strength to go the extra mile & eliminate sickness
    22 –Priestly blessing for wellness & removing negativity
    23 –Priestly blessing to share the light force
    24 –Remove slavery to physical matter and jealousy
    25 –Courage to speak your mind/tell the truth
    26 –Bring order out of chaos through completion
    27 –Become partner with light to create abundance
    28 –Breaking judgment
    29 –Cleansing hatred from your heart
    30 –Reducing ego builds a bridge to upper worlds
    31 –Finish what you start/overcome obstacles
    32 –Breaking cycle of repetitious mistakes
    33 –Reveal your dark side removes self centered nature
    34 –Letting go of stubborn ego
    35 –Connect to spirituality ignites sexual energy
    36 –Conquer your fears / incapacitate panic attack
    37 –Grasping the big picture behind our obstacles
    38 –Circuitry of receiving for sake of sharing
    39 –Transform life’s hardships into blessings
    40 –Power of correct words to transform reality
    41 –Priestly blessing for wellness & spirituality wholeness
    42 –Connecting to spiritual secrets
    43 –Elevation of spiritual over physical controls destiny
    44 –Remove and sweeten the judgments against us
    45 –Control ego to summons the forces of prosperity
    46 –Absolute certainty in the light force of God
    47 –Global transformation begins in your own heart
    48 –Unity through sensitivity and tolerance
    49 –Ask what your soul needs not what your ego wants
    50 –Break judgments to awaken spiritual growth
    51 –Power of repentance to repair past sins
    52 –Correct consciousness in prayer
    53 –Power of Archangel Michael & loving kindness
    54 –Immortality to cancel death
    55 –Commitment to achieve your goals
    56 –Eliminate “idol worship” of anger, ego, money
    57 –Remove limitations to cross your personal Red Sea
    58 –Drawing down the light to do battle for us
    59 –Divine umbilical cord to remove spiritual darkness
    60 –Delivery from emotional bondage/negative patterns
    61 –Physical & spiritual healing through energy of water
    62 –Live your truth by example, be teacher not preacher
    63 –Create appreciation, humility, and gratitude
    64 –Project positive aspects of yourself to others
    65 –Knowing consequence of bad behavior/fear of God
    66 –Eliminate self pity, victim’s mentality, and revenge
    67 –Overcome disappointment from expectations
    68 –Making contact to help elevate a departed soul
    69 –Wisdom – to find & not lose sight of direction
    70 –Remove blockages for financial success
    71 –Prophecy and intuition to transform consciousness
    72 –Spiritual cleansing improves negotiations

    What is your soul correction?

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