Restarting my water energizing system after the Dark Side event of Labor Day weekend

Like everyone’s water my water lost its vibration completely over Labor Day weekend. Fully energized water is 653 vibration, and the water dropped to 200.

My cell hydration dropped to 10%, and I had no energy, not even to read. It was a worse experience than my stomach bug that put me in bed for five weeks.

But the Dark Side energy let up Monday evening, and Tuesday morning I could consider restarting my system.

So what is a water energizing system?

It’s main components are

1. the water that can be energized… 1

2. The energizer audio. 2

Methods of energizing: The audio works through audio vibrations. The stronger and more surround sound the audio and therefore the vibration, the faster it works.

So if you use smaller headphones it is one speed. If you use a mini speaker inside the refrigerator, it is much much faster.

If you use a thin walled plastic container: it is one speed. If you use a thicker walled plastic container, it is another speed. If you use glass container: it takes a really long time.

2. The second method of energizing the water is through entrainment. Entrainment is two different vibration elements wanting to synchronize… and get to the same vibrational level.

In water energizing we put small bottles of energizable water inside the bigger container. It’s best to first energize the small bottles: it takes a lot of time for the small bottles to catch up to the bigger bottles, and in that catchup period they will slow the process down.

The small bottles of energized water then work on the water inside the container and charge it fast.

I have a five gallon (20 liter) container, and I have 10 half liter smaller bottles inside. One quarter volume of the whole container. Those little fully charge bottles charge my water in exactly 24 hours. I can set my watch it is so exactly 24 hours.

It’s linear, so if you use more small bottles or less small bottles, you can calculate how long it should take to have fully charged water.

OK, so how do I recover from the disaster of the Labor Day weekend?


In the meantime I was the big container.

When the day is gone, I will put the small bottles back into the big container and fill it with energizable water. And a day after that I will be “back in business”.

I don’t drink chilled water, so I take them out once they are charged in the fridge for a day.

If you wanted to check out the Water Energizer, it’s sold here

Any questions? Please don’t try to figure it out yourself. Talk to me.

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  1. my two stage simple inline filter, the same I recommend everyone, does a pristine job at it. I have an under the sink version, the over the counter version works the same way, and it is easier to install.

    Some store bought waters also work, although you need to check frequently, bottling companies frequently and without notice change their water source.

    None of the fancy filters work: they put chemicals into the water, and the chemicals render the water not energizable.

  2. The original audio works faster. It is called Energizer audio… The new bundled version is slower. It is called energy bundle

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4 thoughts on “Restarting my water energizing system after the Dark Side event of Labor Day weekend”

  1. I was so thirsty too that I took out my small water bottles and drank those. Now I need to recharge new ones. When I was in the store, I picked up some Eternal Water’s Artesian Alkaline Water which is naturally occurring and the ph balance is at 7.55. To my surprise, it was smoother and more hydrating than my charged Fiji water. I am wondering if the Eternal Water can take a charge.

  2. If I energise my 10 litre plastic container for 30 hours will that be charged?
    And if I pour from that 10 litre container into a ‘day use’ 1 litre bottle will it remain charged as I go about my day? Thanks,

  3. OK, it is impossible to answer this question, Ben. 1. I don’t know if you are using small charged bottles inside your 10 liter plastic bottle. I don’t know how well your headphones fit, and how loud the audio is. I don’t know if there are electric appliances interfering.

    The best way to go about it is to experiment: i.e. send me pictures at different times, and I measure the water’s vibration for you. then you’ll know. If you did it in the refrigerator with the little speaker, I would be able to be more precise, because there is surround sound…

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