Removing the leaks created by your inner habits, your attitude, your “how”

The current humanity, homo sapiens, is ignorant to the 90% of reality, the invisible reality. They are like a bunch of Missourians, the show me state… 1 Building and changing the invisible habits

Most people judge by appearances, overt actions, your voice, your actions. But those cover only the top 10% of who you are.

The remaining 90% is invisible, sometimes even to yourself.

And as with everything in our 10% world, what defines how the 10% “manifests” is the 90%. 2

Two people can do the exact same things, and produce strikingly different results inside and outside.

If you take two people, same physical characteristics, same looks, same age, same knowledge… maybe they are identical twins.

You give them a series of tasks, and ask them to do it with a different attitude: chop wood, prepare a financial statement, sell a piece of art, a horse feeding equipment, teach a dog to sit… anything really.

Their results will have 90% reflect their attitude. Their attitude towards themselves, towards the thing they are doing, towards you who gave them the tasks.

Yesterday’s article dealt with the invisible… the attitude.

I have a handful of students in the Reclaim program… and most of them wrote to me. Most of them dream about stuff… but none of them is doing anything or much to get better at what they do for a living.

Which results in a life they don’t love… of course.

I am not talking about the results of your work… I am talking about the doing of your work.

If you have your attention on your results, I can guarantee that you are not doing good work. You can’t… your inner eyes are not on what you are doing… So only a fragment of you, the automatic you is available… whereas to do good work, you need to apply yourself: all of you.

I love my life about 90% of the time… I love the doing part. I don’t love the result part. But when I do the doing, my attention is 100% on that, and I am grooving… even when i do mundane stuff, like updating stuff on 50 different websites I own. Repetitive, and could be boring… but it isn’t. It is a lot like cooking, or fishing, or sawing, or playing cards… every moment is slightly different, offering different challenges, so no chance to be bored.

The Zen monks say life is about cutting wood and carrying water. When you cut wood and carry water, you fantasize about dinner, or a trip to Tanzania, or think about needing a hair cut… The Zen monks give all their attention to what they are doing, and they are content, they are fulfilled.

I like Zen… it is taking back your power. Your power is with your attention, your power is with your attitude.

Of course, we live in the world. And the world is full of underachievers, busy underachievers who can’t shut up. Or listen to something or other all the time: nobody home.

If you want to live a life that is full of joy, where you love what you do, where you can love the people in your life, where you enjoy yourself… you need to learn the different unproductive attitudes and habits that take up your life.

There are quite a few. They are all in the Starting Point Measurements, but unless you really know how things work in the invisible, the Starting Point Measurements won’t help you: I have started to cut the number of characteristics I provide for people’s $15 to 11, instead of the original 27. They are happier… and I am happier.

Those 27 habitual ways of being (attitude habits) are practically about 5-6 distinct thinking habits.

In the upcoming Playground program we’ll deal with two of them: in the frequency and importance they cover 90% of the unproductive habits you can have. Amazing, isn’t it? 3

Of course, like with everything, knowing about these dynamics, these leaks, won’t make a difference. Doing them once… ditto.

Like with everything you need to practice and practice them right.

In the original Playground group (in 1988) the results started to really carry over people’s lives after a whole year, and blossomed after two.

It is penny wise and dollar foolish to not sign up… but then that is your life… isn’t it? Penny wise and dollar foolish.

If there are enough people I’ll open two groups…

And if you know a game developer, I’d love to talk to that person.

Yesterday I saw that the Andy Shaw outfit came up with a board game. Meh… But if I could come up with a game similar to EyeQ where one can practice the two fundamental “moves” daily, in a fun way, 5-6 minutes at a time, I think I may be able to say what Archimedes said: “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” Yeah… I would say that. Because the results for the players would be that significant.

I am reading a book, I don’t know if I’d recommend it yet, where an alien intelligence sets up a “game” to decimate humanity to create a group of a few million people who can achieve singularity and beat the superintelligence that threatens it.

If you don’t know beans about singularity and superintelligence, you are not alone… I don’t either. But when i look at my work, most of humanity isn’t going to take control of their inner world, their attitudes, their inner habits, because they are not interested.

If I had to guess, a few millions may.

And if I had to make up what is evolutionary singularity, I would say humans, homo sapiens, acquiring the ability and the states of beingness of “gods”… and this is what we are working on… this is what I am guiding my students to do. 4

Just getting good at the two skills, the playground and choosing improves your life manyfold and places you head and shoulders above the rest of humanity.

You’ll stop worrying about your vibration (result) and put your attention to what you are doing and how you are doing it… Watching the scoreboard will mire you in desire trap… And there is no hell more hellish than living in a desire trap.

A previous article about doing habits is here

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  1. Missouri’s United States Congressman, Willard Duncan Vandiver. Back in the year of 1899 with a skeptical tone of voice, he spoke to Philadelphia’s Five o’clock Club saying the following:

    “I come from a state that raises corn and cotton and cockleburs and Democrats, and frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I am from Missouri. You have got to show me.”

    The underlying meaning of his statement may be interpreted as: Missourians are not naïve – and if you wish us to believe you, convincing evidence has to be displayed.

  2. Surprising to me is that even high achievers don’t know, don’t see what and how they do things, what is their attitude that makes them high achievers, or if they do, no one hears them.

    T Harv Eker’s programs used to say: inner work for outer results, or something like that. But he knows very little about the inner world… because he focuses on the popular issue of a human: their minds. Of course he would: that is where the money is… Why? Because you have been brainwashed! You think the mind is the same as your brain power! And while you can’t tell the difference between the brain and the mind, you can’t tell the difference between your ass and a hole in the ground… Now please hate me… lol.

    Or the other shyster, Christie Marie Sheldon who’ll disappear your blockages to wealth… I have to give it to her: she is a witch with considerable killing power: I suffer from it every day. But disappearing blockages to wealth? lol.

  3. In a webinar format, where I act as the moderator and occasional teacher, and the members of the group work with me, one-on-one. If you come to every session, and if you work with me every session, after just three session you got more private coaching with me than I offer in my private coaching sessions for a lot more money.

    This program, because of the need to practice, will probably go for a long time.

  4. OK, I just spent three minutes reading what “they” say… Of course no one can see the unused potential in correcting the evolutionary/thinking mistakes of humans… so they go to Artificial Intelligence… But it’s still going in the wrong direction… ugh… I hope we’ll never live the future they are predicting.

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