Is it true that you can attract money to yourself if you match its vibration?

The first question needs to be answered is this: does money have vibration?

And the answer is: no. Neither the pieces of money, bits, bytes, paper or metal… they don’t have any “vibration”… and neither does the idea of money, the concept of money.

The second question that needs to be answered: do YOU have a vibration? And the answer is no, you don’t have “vibration” either.

So what are we talking about when we assign a certain number to a person? We are talking about what they can see accurately, and what attitude they have towards themselves, the world, and other people.

We compare them with the Ideal Man, the godlike being that was predicted in the scriptures… what is possible for a human on a higher level of evolution. A Human BEING.

Now, does your “vibration”, the height matching your personal evolution with the scale of the Ideal Man, have anything to do with money?

Hell yeah. It does.

We could even create a perfectly matching scale using money… but I won’t do it. I don’t think it is educational or useful…

But I can tell you something: The lowest rang of that scale is the person who believes that they can attract money.

I can hear your collective groan… and feel your hate. I expect hate mail, and more energetic attacks on my person, but truth is truth, and no sh*tstorm makes it not true.

Why is “manifesting” or the “Law of Attraction” is the lowest rang of the vibrational scale?

Because people who believe that fairy tale live in a world of unreality, in maya as the Indians say, and not in reality.

Even if you are doing something good and useful in the world, and you may, you are only partially present, because your energy, your attention, your soul is not there… you’d rather do something else, or nothing… and just enjoy the fruits of your labor.

And not only are you missing what actually makes money, you think you are doing the right thing.

In many articles I reduce vibration to the idea to how much of the world you see accurately.

If your world view is a poor match or no match to reality, your vibration is very low.

Many cultures, especially Catholic countries are looking to get miracles performed… but are still willing to work… the idea of a livelihood and the idea of miracles are not combined.

So even the miracle hoping, magical thinking cultures have a higher average vibration than the fully converted adherents of the Law of Attraction.

Between 75 and 100 on the exponential scale of “vibration”.

And while they are reducing their cone of vision (the size of their world) to a narrow beam, their brain starts pruning, and they become less and less able to see, understand, plan, and be accurate in every area of life.

We can say that no one can be smart who is believing in either of those ideas: miracles or manifesting.

Everybody got infected, to some degree, with the aid of movies, like the Secret and other hogwash or half truth dumbing devices.

When I coach people, the first step is always removing the blinders, so reality can break in.

Depending on the person, this can take months, but without doing this “surgery” there is no way anyone can get better at life.

What does it mean “getting better at life”?

Life could be viewed as a game. It is scored in every area, spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional.

Mental includes creativity: the ability to connect seemingly unrelated dots. Being able to see what is what, accurately, with sober eyes. Forever increasing what you can see accurately, how wide and how far you can see.

Spiritual is mostly your attitude, and your willingness to penetrate the invisible realm of reality.

Physical is, of course about health.

And emotional is how you feel… how you feel about yourself, about what you do, about life.

All these four aspects need to be cultivated all the time.

If you don’t… you’ll either never get to a level where you play the game of life in a way that is fun, nurturing, and profitable… Or if you are there now, the moment you stop cultivating any of these aspects, physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional, you will notice your game falling off.

We could say that life is about playing the game of life well.

Not lopsided, but even, all areas. Lopsided cultivation will result in lopsided results.

We have all seen movies on rich but miserable, or rich but evil, or healthy but stupid, or brilliant and evil… these are all examples of a lopsided cultivation of the aspects.

But most people I know don’t cultivate at all. They hope. They wish. They wait.

Now, I have been working on developing methods that will raise your vibration: meaning that will get you to view and see the world from a higher vantage point.

I have found that focusing on higher creates jumps and falls…

I have found that accuracy, seeing reality the way reality is, produces more lasting results.

I have also found that without eye exercises people drag what I teach into the cave of their minds… like a dog goes away with a bone… and their ability to see doesn’t improve.

I have quite a few people doing the EyeQ exercises. Left to their own devices, left to the context EyeQ sets: increasing your reading speed, their ability to see does not improve.

Only when you do the exercises to improve your eye movements, your coordination, your rhythm, your ability to do the exercises like a dance, does your ability to see improves.

If you do the exercises like you do life, with the homework mentality, or with the wanting to win mentality, or with the “I am so great” mentality, nothing, NOTHING will change, and you are wasting your time.

Life belongs to those who can do what they do without looking at the prize.

In fact, any agenda, any in order to, any goal takes your eyes, at least partially, off what you are doing, and the results is: you don’t do life well.

You can do the most amazing spiritual practices… if you do it in order to, they won’t work for you.

When you try to be grateful or appreciative because you hope it will buy you something, then there is no gratitude or appreciation there, because only when you put all power in all action, is the action is fully performed.

But if you look, this is how you live your life… your mind is never on what you are doing. You are never fully present to what you are doing. You eat and… you talk and… you listen and… you work and…

Whatever comes after the and word needs to go, if you want to live life, if you want to play the game of life powerfully.

And then, if you are doing the right things, money will come to you.

And you may even enjoy your money…

One of the spiritual practices, the color exercise, is a great test. To this day not one of the people I assigned the exercise to, has done it to bring out its power.

The color exercise, if done “all power in all actions” without looking at the prize, doing for doing’s sake, like a real spiritual practice is supposed to be done, activates your reticular activator… a brain function that comes with being alive. It can do 90% of the job of getting you what you want in life, and yet, I haven’t met a person yet who can turn it on… 1

What prevents it from turning it on is the agenda. The homework attitude. The goals. The desires. The score board.

In the world today, littered and tainted with the thought forms like miracles, and the law of attraction, even the best of us can only keep ourselves intact from agenda for minutes at a time.

And even that is rare.

But the ones with minutes long agenda free activity are starting to learn how to play life at life’s terms.

They increase their brain power, increase their attention, increase their power.

And these are the ingredients of a person who can make money and grow in all four aspects of existence, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

PS: I should measure the vibration of all the people who teach the Law of Attraction. But I don’t feel like that right now. But here is a book, that is indicative what we will find: Penney Peirce’s book Frequency. I read that book, before Kindle was a thing… Penney Peirce personal vibration: 100. Truth value: 1%.

Your book choices, the authors you like, the teachers you like, are indicative of YOUR vibration… If you like that book, what does it say about you?

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  1. Like with any invisible domain concepts, the truth value of what you can read on the internet about the RAS, reticular activating system, has a low truth value. On average 3% truth value, very low. In my experience people who can keep their attention, their whole attention on anything long enough, eventually will be able to activate their RAS… and will be able to do what is important, put all power in all action, successfully resist the shiny object syndrome, and will be able to achiever success in all areas of life. It takes practice. I still practice it every day, because just like eating the right things… you stop and you fail.

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