Is speed all it’s cracked up to be? Should you read faster?

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Here is a little quiz: if you could choose between being gifted with, infused with, have it downloaded to your brain
–a million gigabytes of 2-7% truth value stuff into your mind
–a gigabytes (a million times less data, but through inner processing its truth value would go up to 30% and its use value would go up to 80%)

What would you choose?

Billionaires, I am told, like to read. Some billionaires read a lot.

There is a story going on, that when asked, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates both said, that the superpower they would like to have is becoming the fastest readers… 1

My followers who took my suggestion to heart and enrolled in the EyeQ program are trying to become that… Instead of what is the real value in the eyeQ exercises: putting all power in all actions… a real SUPERPOWER you should aspire to.

They are endeavoring to become the people who download a million gigabytes (one terabyte) data on their hard drive (mind)… instead of the second option…

This matches quite well what Tai Lopez teaches (not what he does, what he teaches, mind you) to read a book a day.

I have noticed, on myself, that nothing, literally nothing sticks, nothing becomes useful, nothing makes a difference for me that I didn’t have time to question, didn’t have time to ponder. Or had time but I didn’t.

This ambition, this desire to have more useless unexamined, undigested “knowledge” seems to dominate the “scene”.

Take in more, scan more, and even produce more undigested, rehashed, worthless toxic trash… and if Tai Lopez can be trusted (hm, I wonder.. lol) then even our billionaires have fallen prey to this fashion or “more is better”. 2

And it is not limited to “knowledge”, it is our food industry, car industry, and junk-industry…

Maybe it’s true about our sex industry, movie industry… Netflix, Amazon video… ugh.

We are spreading ourselves thin… and are surprised that our brain is atrophying in the process, and surprised to learn that the quality our life matches the quality of our work… because how you do anything is how you do everything.

More, faster, different…

And shallow. Lower value. Lower content. Lower truth value.

I am a conspiracy theorist, because most stupid things would be impossible if someone didn’t drive it… 3 I think. I have more respect to humans that to believe that they are volunteering, knowingly, to become sheep, to give up quality of life for some bullsh*t purpose like speed.

What does this “hurry up… get more… more… more…” is doing to you?

Life, the Universe, has a natural innate rhythm. Things take time, things unfold as they are supposed to unfold.

Jump is not possible in a Universe where there is no vacuum. Every single millimeter of the Universe is occupied by something, wave, matter… something.

Jump is a characteristic of vacuum… and even in so-called vacuum a seeming jump is just a fast moving physical phenomenon… like lightening.

So our ambition to jump, skip, and conquer in the Universe, is misdirected.

When you want to go from zero to 100 without hitting 10, 20, etc. to get to 100 is a desire based in unreality.

Your so-called fast reading, for example, results in no uptake. No useful data. None of what you read for…

  • Unless, of course, you read to amaze…
  • Unless you read to get through something…
  • Unless you view life as a pie eating competition, a beer-chugging competition… ugh, ugly.

Now, we are all infected with this sickness to one degree or another.

The deeper the infection goes, the less enjoyment you get from life. The less results will any of your activity will produce for you. The lower your health number goes.

And the deeper and more devastating your inner emptiness feels. The bigger the gap becomes between what you pretend your life is, and what it really is.

The more out of alignment you are with Life.

When I look at my clients, when I look at my students, I see a 100% correlation between results produced and happiness.

My happiest client has learned that life is a process. A moment to moment, action to action, attention to attention unbroken stream of life…

There is learning and there is learning…

You hear it (1), you understand it (2), and you make it instinctual (3)… are traditionally the stages of learning. But add the concept of “life is a process” there is also a fourth stage: where you take this learning to 360 degrees, to every nook and cranny of your world… instead of keeping it in the narrow confines of the area where you learned it. 4

Learning that life is a process was counter-mind for this client. He was living, at the time, 100% in the world of imagination, the world of mind, Plato’s Cave.

His imagination was an excellent acrobat, could jump from scenario to scenario, amazing results here, and even more amazing results there, while in reality, outside of the cave, nothing was happening.

Everything I said at this point sounded like criticism, like judgment. Everything I said sounded a version of “you are stupid, you are wrong, you are worthless.”

His desire to have self-worth was stronger than his ego desire to quit, to disqualify me. He stayed, stuck with it, gritted his teeth, and persisted. Amazing… but the next amazing thing happened when we found his Juice…

Juice is your innate strength: an activity that is both pleasurable and productive in life. It’s not easy to find it, because it is covered by a mile high other activities that look more useful, more profitable by society.

His, this student’s juice is being creative, to think up ideas, whether they will work of not. The process of coming up with ideas… the amazing creativity.

In the animated movie “Leap” (Ballerina in other languages) the little girl wanted to dance, and jump, and twirl for the sake of how it felt… That was her Juice. 5

Then she learned to control and discipline her movements, and she became a ballerina, flying through the air.

You can see the same thing in the movie Billy Elliot. The closing scene, as the now trained Billy soars through the air as the swan…

Rare is the person who can stay dry eyed… because that is what we all want: take our Juice and make it a superpower.

Taking your Juice to becoming your superpower is a process. No matter what is your Juice, and no matter what your superpower comes from it… Here is the process in the movie

The student whose Juice we found is now at 60% of his process.

Could he be here, at 60%, without a process, without all the work he has been doing, without all the conversations we’ve had?

The answer is: no way. Has the work been drudgery? Without the context of the Superpower… it could be.

But when the process, the work is based on your Juice… then the process is enjoyable…

Not your cheap calorie enjoyment though.

Real enjoyment is a mixture of pain and pleasure… an alchemical mix… hurts and pleasures.

If you don’t know what I am talking about: just think of sensual pleasure… driving you nuts, creative tension, release.

Life is forwarded by this type of inner drives…

Margoczi calls this drive, this need a software type of need. If you have the book, search it for the expression “software type of need” or “release”. The book “Feelings” by Margoczi is inspired, and as insightful as any, including famous Nobel prize laureates…

You can learn from that book what is going on inside you.

Those billionaires would do well to read and re-read that book: Feelings. They would get more pleasure out of their lives, out of their reading… more pleasure and more use value. And they would stop spouting b.s. like they want to read faster… ugh… stupid.

We know next to nothing about the world. We know next to nothing about ourselves.

And we read books that pretend to know more… but the average truth value of a book is 7%. And our ability to glean what is true and what is not is very low, when we read fast and don’t ponder. Whether you are a “normal” person or a genius billionaire.

Unprocessed, undigested food turns into toxins in your body… instead of building a healthy body.

The same thing happens to unprocessed, undigested information… it kills you and your chances for happiness, fulfillment, and even self-love. Because some aspect of you knows that it’s fake… faking it…

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  2. If they did, if they have, that proves that stupidity is limitless… But in my humble opinion they say one thing and do another… at least in some areas of life. Not maliciously misleading you, no. Their powers of self-observation, and the clarity they are being able to bring to it is limited… severely limited by today’s culture… or better said: today’s culture of ignorance.
  3. Conspire to dumb us down, conspire to dupe us
  4. This concept is missing to 99.5% of humanity. It is easiest to see in how people see their skills, their strength… in effect they can only see it in the narrow context of what they are using it for… now. Whereas the essence of a skill is that it is like an atom… it is in everything … a skill is portable, transferable, is in everything you do.
  5. the movie is on Netflix

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