Give up liberties so you can have true freedom… or how fighting the strings on your puppet self create a life of unhappiness

Do you ever wonder why in spite of all your good qualities, nice acts, maybe even achievements, your vibration is low, maybe even very low?

Everyone hopes that their good acts redeem bad acts, but when we look at vibration: this is not what we find.

You cannot and should not ignore how reality works… so let’s look.

Your vibration is almost always lower than you think.

I have started to watch TV shows on the computer recently again, after months of just reading.

The show that I am watching now is The Closer, with Kyra Sedgwick as the star. Very educational.

Her character, Brenda Leigh Johnson is a Southern belle, so I was curious of the actor’s vibration and the character’s vibration.

Kyra Sedgwick’s vibration is 190, higher than 99% of humanity. Brenda Leigh Johnson: 100.

Breanda, the character is smart, produces results, but lacks authenticity (inauthenticity score: 70%) … albeit I am sure most viewers love her. She is a great detective, but on the scale of “from human to human being…” the self-realization, self-actualization scale, she is near the bottom rang of the ladder.

In her starting point measurements, Brenda is 100% about herself… that is the lack of humility score. Her empathy score would be zero.

This means that no matter how many good things you do, how many good characteristics you have, what decides your vibration is the low vibration stuff you do.

This is the reason I have the emphasis on eliminating the stuff that is off the strait and narrow, that is off the Anna Karenina Principle. To the degree you eliminate that stuff, to the same degree your vibration will grow.

This is not what other people have been teaching you, is it?

And when you look, this is true about everything.

  • True about your health… the more of the junk that doesn’t make healthy you eliminate the better you are going to be.
  • It is true about happiness…
  • And it is true about fulfillment… eliminate one after the other the behavior and attitude that is counter to fulfillment.
  • Warren Buffet’s rule for money is “do not lose money”.

What Warren Buffet isn’t saying, or probably doesn’t mean, is stop doing the things that work against your money. Spending on what you don’t need, spending more than you make, doing things slothfully and inconsistently.

The more you eliminate what doesn’t get you what you hope for… the closer you get to getting it.

Will you ever be fully on the strait and narrow? Probably not. I am still not there…

But when you ask your questions, you could ask: what am I doing that isn’t getting what I want? And that’s what you need to eliminate.

This is the principle I coach with… I don’t tell you what to do… I suggest what to eliminate. 1

In my experience, most of what you do that takes you off the strait and narrow path that would get you what you want isn’t evil.

Upon examining a few of my students who underachieve, I have observed that most activities off the straight and narrow come from hurry. 70%…

It’s everywhere, and it prevents the individual from ever putting all power in all action2

If I needed to use a physical example, I would use hammer and nail. If you don’t hit the nail smack in the middle, it will take many hits to drive it in. And I am yet to see a person who can hit a nail smack in the middle if their attention is not on what they are doing.

Your attention is directed to somewhere other than where you are going, what you are doing… so your hammer will effectively be as big and as heavy as if it were a jeweler’s hammer… not very good at driving nails into wood.

When you see a marshal art person stand and breathe before they attempt to break a big log, or many bricks with just their hands, what they are doing is pulling back their attention to one point… so their “hammer” can be as big as it is… not dispersed.

A person who does his work while his attention wanders to thinking what the next thing they will do, or what they’ll have for lunch, or what’s going on at home, or anything, are underachieving at work.

To the degree you have all of yourself put behind everything you do, all of yourself, to the same degree your work will produce the results you can produce… and surprisingly, to the same degree you’ll experience joy and fulfillment in your work, in your everything.

I am not sure I know how “they” trained you to multi-task, and believe that you’ll get more life out of your life when you do.

They were lying to you. And robbing you of the experience of life that is possible for you.

On the strait and narrow you have all your parts, all your team: your soul, your body, your mind, your attention, your ego all work in the same direction: they are a team of sled pulling dogs, or like a team of Lipicai… 3 Lipizzaner… ineffective when not in sync… and a killer of life.

As children we wanted liberty… and we still insist on it. But liberty is highly overrated.

The highest vibration, the highest level of human prizes freedom: disciplined inner and outer behavior creates the sense of freedom that is worth having.

Not freedom from… freedom from is still in the dominion of liberty… rebelling against restrictions, discipline, imposed by anyone, including yourself.

You could ask any person, all seven billion, and would see a strong correlation of data:

The more someone insists on liberty, the less happy they are, and the less results they have in their lives.

The two cultures I am familiar with that prize discipline the most are Germans and Chinese.

And they are also, as a rule, higher achievers, and more self-realizing than other nations.

It is not in their DNA, loving discipline. It is in the culture. I have had clients from either culture who lived outside of their culture, and were lost and unhappy, and unfulfilled… because the discipline they thrived in was removed.

In my own family, my father was extremely disciplined in certain areas… He wrote his dissertations and 14 books while the television was blasting next to his ears.

His “hammer” never strayed an inch from his nail.

I was the runt of the litter… sickly, important parts missing…

And yet I accomplished disproportionately more than my brothers. All because I idolized my father and his discipline.

  • Reading books trains you discipline.
  • Doing the eyeQ exercises with the right mindset trains your discipline.
  • Eating foods that keep your blood sugar level even…
  • Sleeping at the same time and the same length of time…
  • Avoiding the roller coaster emotional life… pick your battles
  • Physical exercise, like running or walking that allow you time to ponder and digest all the things that you don’t have time during a normal day
  • Keeping the need to make choices to the minimum by creating a life with well-designed habits and habit stacks…

Werner Erhard used to say: don’t brush your teeth creatively… reserve creativity to where it will produce something worth producing.

Almost everything I did in my childhood required my body and my attention to work well together.

  • Ballet… precise movements… the moment your attention lags, you injure yourself.
  • Violin… the left hand and right hand had to play well together.
  • Languages… without discipline you’ll speak and write sloppily…

The more your culture craves liberty the lower achiever you tend to be.

It will be up to your, individually and personally, to turn that around, if you want real results in real life… Freedom instead of liberty.

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  1. Both in my “Reclaim” coaching and in my advanced coaching… because I have found this method the most effective and expeditious.
  2. Your Twitchy Little Bastard score is incredibly relevant in this regard.

    Do you have ants in your ass? You will be an underachiever.

    Here is a Yiddish word, Sitzfleish.

    The word is German (though widely appropriated in Yiddish) and it literally means “butt flesh”. (The meat of your ass, in other words.) But the figurative use of “Sitzfleish” means:

    “The amount of endurance a person has for sitting still on his/her butt for the hours and hours and hours of time that it takes to get important work done.”

    Sitzfleisch is sort of the opposite of Ants In Your Pants.

    The amount of Sitzfleisch you’ve got will directly influence how much work you can produce. How long you can stand it, to sit there and push through? Inspiration is beautiful, imagination divine, and we all love soaring dreams. But Sitzfleisch? Ass meat? THAT’S how you write your novel. That’s how you compose your symphony. That’s how you paint your masterpiece.

    Some of us are more fortunate that others, in that we are, shall I say, NATURALLY gifted with an excess of Sitzfleisch. Others of us must build up that boredom-enduring flesh over time. But one way or another, the answer is in your butt.

    Sit. Stay. Work. (And every once in a while, stretch.) Repeat.

  3. Lipica is a Hungarian village where the breed Lipicai is from… google it if you want to know more.

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