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EmpathIf you are an empath, you are almost always miserable. Your challenge is that your feelings do not inform you about your own state, about your own challenges. There is no guidance, or at least you can’t tell what feeling is guidance and feeling isn’t.

As an empath myself, this is my experience:

  • As long as I had issues with my worthiness, every feeling I felt meant to me something about my unworthiness… by mistake.
  • As long as I had my results define me, every feeling I felt meant to me something about me… every mistake, everey failed attempt, every time I was late, I was clumsy, I was doing anything… Life was hell. And it was all about me.
  • I was like a smart-car: tiny wheels – you feel every pebble your wheels go over right under your butt… hell… lol.
  • I had to go through stages of solutions to become someone who can be happy, unattached, peaceful, and well.
  1. Stage One: I learned muscle testing, I learned to trust my results, and I muscle tested every emotion I felt. I asked the question: “Is this mine?” When it was mine, I paid attention, and I used it as guidance. Fear, uncertainty, anxiety can be great guidance telling you to look again.In stage one the main challenge is to connect to Source, trust my muscle testing… and honor guidance, and ignore what is not mine.
  2. light-bodyStage Two: I used the Unconditional Love Activator Sleepy Time and that weakened my attachment to results, to how I look, to what things mean about me… I really got that nothing means anything, and my results are just my results, whether they are successes or failures, they are just results. If I want different results, I need to do something different, that’s all. Life was a ton better, but there were still lots of feelings that I felt that weren’t mine, and I had to separate myself from them: you still feel them and they feel bad.In stage two the main challenge is to practice being OK, and practice giving the same to others.
  3. Stage Three: with the use of the HOE long range, and I am running it concurrently on two players for good measure, I am now going through the day with feeling almost nothing. On a given day I feel maybe four-five emotions, none of them are mine.I am trying to connect to people who are riddled with anxiety less and less… I catch when I think of them… that connects me instantly, so I redirect my attention on something else, and the feeling is gone.

    So, in stage three the main challenge is to have control over my attention, as soon as I notice it went someplace undesirable.

    I teach controlling your attention on the coaching calls

As you can tell, I caused the well-being I find myself in nowadays with the same products I am offering to you, whether you are an empath or not.

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