A politically incorrect view at being inner directed

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Some of my findings are so politically incorrect that I hold them back for a long time until I have further proof, or gather enough courage to take the beating that may come.

Yesterday, with the Days of Power, I filled up my vessel with The Light… and with that my courage is overflowing. I am not saying I am not afraid. Last night it took me two and a half hours to fall asleep instead of the now usual 30 minutes or less.

One of these is what I didn’t write in my last article on motivation, the spirit, the inner desire to become all you can become.

What I didn’t write in that article is that maybe all men were created equal 50 thousand years ago, but evolution left certain people, certain groups unevolving, and other groups evolving, because of what they were allowed to do, what they were encouraged to do, what they needed to do.

So, for example, in North America, the number of people who are born without an inner motivation, without the spirit that wants them to fly, is 50%. (The worldwide number is 40%).

England: 60%
Ireland: 70%
Germany: 40%
France: 30%
Netherlands: 20%
Hungary: 30%
Serbia: 50%
Poland: 30%
Russia: 50%
Greece: 60%
Israel: 20%
India: 60%
China: 50%
Korea: 20%
Singapore: 20%
Indonesia: 60%
Japan: 40%

I am not going to measure all the countries… but you get the gist of it: we are not born the same, and we are not the same. We have been shaped by the political/social environment for hundreds, thousands of years.

It is decided in you genes, just like the number of active spiritual capacities you are born with. Most people are born with no capacities active.

But while you can activate spiritual capacities, muscle test says you cannot activate the inner spirit, the inner motivation.

It is good to know what is your starting point.

Your job is not to be better than other people, your job is to become the best you you can become.

It is possible to have a decent life without the innate desire… you’ll be guided by outer desire.

When you don’t have the innate desire, you won’t really miss it. The spirit won’t nudge you, your desire to have more is going to be all ego driven, survival driven.

Survival: the genes are only interested in two things: individual survival and species survival. Individual survival is fear based, species survival is lust based (reproduction.)

Being innate motivated, the spirit, flies in the face of fear, flies in the face of danger. The spirit is not concerned with survival, the spirit is not concerned with reproduction.

The spirit is only interested that there be flying.

“If I don’t manage to fly, someone else will. The spirit wants only that there be flying. As for who happens to do it, in that he has only a passing interest.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

More quotes that speak to the people where the spirit is active and nudges you to do:

“We cannot put off living until we are ready. The most salient characteristic of life is its coerciveness; it is always urgent, “here and now” without any possible postponement. Life is fired at us point blank.” – Orgega Y Gasset

“Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more.”
– Luke 12:48, The New Testament

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the conditions that surround him…
The unreasonable man adapts surrounding conditions to himself… All progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
– George Bernard Shaw

“If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of the potential, for the eye which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible. Pleasure disappoints, possibility never. And what wine is so sparkling, what so fragrant, what so intoxicating as possibility!”
– Kierkegaard, Either/Or

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”
– Proverbs 29:18, The Bible

The question is: is the number of people with an active inner motivation, with an active spirit is growing or dwindling?

To my surprise the number is dwindling. 2000 years ago it was 40%, now it is 30%.

Why? The answer is actually quite simple:

People who are motivated by the spirit, don’t have time or desire to have lots of children. While people who live by an outside motivation, a should, have many children. They fill the inner emptiness with creating more and more outer motivation.

They inherit their DNA… and we can see the result.

When Ayn Rand writes about “producers” she actually writes about people who are inner directed. Who do their work with and inner must, not the paycheck, not the “I must put in my time”, not the homework mentality. Instead, the work is their self-expression.

How do you know if you belong to the inner motivation people or the outer motivation people who were born without an inner motivation?

Religion, spirit guides, angels… if you need them, if you love them, you probably do need them, because you are without inner guidance.

In my Starting Point Measurement four measures point to this:

11. To what degree you think of yourself: This is the inverse humility number. If you have yourself in the center of the filter through with you look at events, things to do, reality, you can see that your view cannot change, because consciousness is fixed, anchored, and the view of life cannot change. This is the most important number that determines to what degree your door can open or not.
17. how enslaved are you to memes? (what percentage of your life is run by memes?) Memes act as the opposite of grease… the higher this number the more sticky, rusted hinges will behave.
23. the percentage of time you spend in the mind: This number is the inverse of the awareness number… you cannot be aware inside the mind.
25. How inspired can you become? And what level are you now… This number shows your intrinsic/internal motivation. The energy you have available after all the having to, needing to, wanting to and should. The more the shoulds drive you, the less you are willing to change, the less inner directed you are.

Ultimately #25 is the most accurate.

With people who are inner directed, innately motivated, my work is easier… after a certain amount of stuff removed.

The most important removal tool I have is the Playground process, where we remove the story by pointing out that it’s made up. And once this practice becomes instinctual, the person with a live spirit will start to pay more heed to the inner spirit’s calling than the carrot and the stick world out there.

About 80% of the people who visit my site are searching for something outside of themselves to take them out of their emptiness. They are desperate for something that works.

10% of the site’s visitors, with proper training, can recover/awaken their inner spirit, the spirit that wants that there be flying.

The rest is not interested: the spirit isn’t pointing it out to them that they need to be trained, that they need to be trainable.

The people who are in the Playground program right now all experience inner tension between what the “world” wants, what the genes want, and what the inner spirit wants.

To the degree they are trainable, to the degree they can hear what is being said accurately, to the same degree they can turn their lives over to the inner spirit and start on the climb of self-actualization. Do what they were born to do.

Now, here is the bad news: what resonates with the Avatar State Activator Audios, what allows the energy lift you up to the Avatar State, is the inner spirit.

In the moments of being in the Avatar State the spirit experiences flying, and get re-energized by that. No spirit: no Avatar State.

Avatar State is not the normal state of any person, including very high vibration people. It is a special state one can enter for seconds at a time.

I discovered that state and the method to enter it by accident. In one of our “moving the self” classes, years ago, it came as a surprise, a wow experience.

At first I had difficulty doing it again… and had to use the recording of the class session for lifting myself up to the Avatar State.

I can do it at will now, but I still mostly do it with the help of that same audio. It is playing in the background 24 hours a day. I overlap it with different “themes”, different flavors, but the base audio is the same.

Playing that audio and entering Avatar State occasionally may be the secret of me being able to stay high vibration, and to my integrity, this frequent entering the Avatar State.

The expression Avatar State is from the Nickelodeon animated movies. I don’t know what else avatar may mean to you, but that is not what I am talking about.

Many avatars in that series were nasty people, not high vibration. They had access to all four elements and could move them and use them as weapons. Earth, water, air, and fire. And in the Avatar State they could use all four at the same time.

Being in the Avatar State doesn’t directly raise your vibration. It allows you to get in touch with the living spirit in you, if you have one.

If you are part of the minority.

If you are wholly outward directed, (religion, angels, spirit guides, worldly success, goals, results) it probably won’t do anything for you. You may imagine that it does, but imagination is a mind thing, not an inner spirit thing. When you imagine, you are fully in the mind.

This is why Measure #23 is indicative of the presence of a spirit… or not.

Nearly every book, nearly every article, every video, every movie is made for the people who want to carve out a life for themselves without the help of the spirit.

You are not alone. And you don’t have to grieve about what you don’t have.

Your job is to do the best with what you have. 2

eulerian destiny graphWhen you ask: what should I do with my life, do what Tai Lopez recommends in this Eulerian Destiny step, Finding your Eulerian destiny:

  • What did you grow up around?
  • What have you had strangers feedback/compliments on?
  • What have you been doing for the past 10 years? (the 10,000 years or 10 dark years)
  • What can you talk about effortlessly to your friends and family? (e.g. sports, gardening, politics)

Find where the above four points meet in the middle, this will give you a great idea of your Eulerian destiny.

And whether you have an active spirit or not, to do well, professionally, in a global community of about eight billion people, you need to become a polymath… so with your unique combination of skills, interests, and expertise, you can rise to the top and succeed.

The Eulerian destiny gives you the main strength, and you pick compatible strengths to create your edge effect.

But if you become a person who dabbles… oops. That is not going to take you to the good life, whether you have an alive spirit or not.

In today’s webinar (Sep 26, 2018, 4 pm EST) I will talk more about the Avatar State and the activator. I will also accept requests to muscle test if you were born with an inner spirit, and if you were: to what degree it is active in you.

You can register here to the webinar. You will need a working microphone. I won’t accept written requests. You will be added to my mailing list. If you don’t confirm, I’ll remove you from the webinar. Something for something.

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  1. here is a 2% truth value article, directed at you, on Huffington Post. Great consolation. Politically correct, and obviously doesn't agree with what I say. Go there and feel better.
  2. here is a 2% truth value article, directed at you, on Huffington Post. Great consolation. Politically correct, and obviously doesn’t agree with what I say. Go there and feel better.

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