How much of what you hear, read, see, gets through to you? And how much of it is replaced with noise? on the energies…

I had a webinar yesterday where I am talking with my students about the Avatar State Activator energies, and how to use them to get the most results.

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It was a very interesting call: I learned a lot.

This has been the pattern lately. I do something, say something, and then shortly after I find out what people misunderstood. I explain that… and a few days later I find out, in a conversation, what people misunderstood.

Mind you, not that people ask about the misunderstand. When you misunderstand, you are sure you got exactly what I said. You have no inkling that you misunderstood. None.

You store away that “knowledge” as the truth…

This is what I measure in the Starting Point Measurements, when I measure how much of what I say, what is said, what you read, gets through to you. 1

This number is very low across the whole population, and it is even low among my students.

Something misunderstood did not get through to you.

So after the webinar I was quite exhausted. Remember, what comes back to me, the exact echo of what I say, is what keeps me energized. Yesterday the echo gave me back seven percent of my energy. It will take some serious work on my end to replenish my full vessel…

Anyway, one of the questions came from one of my favorite students. He asked:

I have a question about the activators: is there a substantial difference between the Abundance Activator and Effortless Abundance Activator? I’ve got, and have been using the latter, the one with sea sounds in the background. If I remember correctly, you can use it to infuse your water, while you can’t do that with most other Avatar State Audios.

(I also have the Harmonizer, so I could switch to it, if it’s more suitable for any reason.)

I have many activator energies recorded. The voice carry the energy, so the recording works.

Now, I have two activators that work for abundance.

The infusible energy is a bundle of 192 individual energies and it is infusible into water, and that is the best and most effective way to use it. It is the Effortless Abundance Activator.

What do infusible energies do?

They lead you to the strait and narrow.

The Effortless Abundance Activator works to eliminate 192 ways you keep yourself in scarcity and cause for abundance not to be there.

192 ways! Count the ways… lol.

So the Effortless Abundance Activator works on the Anna Karenina Principle. It works. It also works co-creatively. Co-creative means something different in different areas. In the infusible energies (Heaven on Earth, Unconditional Love Activator, Effortless Abundance Activator) the blockages are emotional reactions to some scarcity, some fear, some having to, needing to, wanting to, or should. They work on the marker feelings directly, without addressing the words.

As long as the words remain the same, this blockage release is temporary. This is why these activators work best infused in your water best, because you need them 24/7.

And co-creative simply means: notice where you have the blockage, where in your body. The emotions article I published a few days ago should help. I bet you haven’t looked at the chart… So much about your intention to become all you can become… Ugh.

The next generation activators, the Avatar State Activators, attempt to lift you to the vertical plane, above the horizontal plane, and show your consciousness what errors you are making. Errors in thinking. Errors in seeing. Misunderstandings, misrepresentation, false interpretations, mis-heard truths.

So the Avatar State activators are leaving it to consciousness to make YOU aware the errors of your thinking, so YOU can correct it.

Fundamentally different approaches to wake you up.

With the Avatar State Activators you’ll see the words that cause the marker feelings.

In the moments when you are lifted… if ever.

What would make you not able to be lifted?

So far I have distinguished two ways. I have a hunch there are more.

  • 1. You are fiercely unwilling to be lifted. In other places I call this attitude “belligerent” and the “champions” of this are the stingy soul corrections: Silent Partner, Finish What You Start, Sharing the Light, and Stop Fatal Attraction… there could be more, but these show up frequently on my calls.

What is missing humility. You know better… everything. You cover it up, but it is that: a coverup.

  • 2. Your attitude towards co-creation: you are trying too hard. Or you don’t trust yourself. Or you don’t wanna… Baaah.

Between you and me, your Starting Point Measurements will tell me if you will or if you won’t.

Most people need a lot of work with words before they are truly ready for energies to do work effectively.

Instead, most people I observe, hope that energies will save the day, save themselves, and they won’t have to do any work.

How is it working out for you?

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  1. 24. the percentage of input that gets through to you as it is said: no commentary, no “it is like…”, no interpretation, no story: raw, the way it is said.. This number is a combination of your awareness number, your clarity number (vocabulary) and your coachability number.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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4 thoughts on “How much of what you hear, read, see, gets through to you? And how much of it is replaced with noise? on the energies…”

  1. I bought 3 infusables and have not been using them. I have a spare headset so no excuses to get it started.

    How much ‘infused’ water do we need to drink each day? (Dropperful vs many glasses)

    And the co-creative consumption- how do you actually do that. Thanks Sophie.

  2. I normally recommend to infuse them in your drinking water: all your drinking water.
    Once your water is coherent, add a few minutes with the infusable audios

    I say in the article, that the infusable energies are all about marker feelings, aka emotions. Co creative means: feel the emotion WHERE you feel it fully, instead of wanting to change it, fix it, suppress it. Bring conscious attention to it. And maybe say: oh, that.

  3. Ok. I haven’t been feeling emotion fully. I’ll start saying ‘Oh, that’ when i remember

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