How to be successful without being evil

winningOne of the distinctions from Wallace D. Wattles: The Science of Getting Rich is called “The Creative Plane.”

Most of us, most of the time, live on the competitive plane.

The competitive plane has several aspects, and depending on your disposition, you’ll be able to counter some, while not be able or be willing to counter others.

  1. The first aspect of the competitive plane is comparison. On the competitive plane you are always going some place, you are never where you are, the only concept you have from the here and now is that it’s not enough, not yet, not there yet, not the right place, not good enough, or wrong. Not the right thing, not the right place. That is the foundation of the competitive plane, and the result is misery… felt or not, when you operate in the competitive plane, you are miserable, always hungering, always yearning, always out of sorts..

    It would be a lot more accurate and descriptive to call this plane the “comparing plane” because all the activity there is based on some comparison. Or it could also be called the “or-ness plane” but then no one would know what you are talking about.
    Today’s society, the whole setup, exists on the competitive plane. On the competitive plane your job is to be better than the next guy. Not to become the best version of yourself, no, to be better than the next guy.

    Today’s society, the whole setup, exists so you can be unhappy, unsatisfied, feel less than, and admire “high achievers” who, somehow, won the game that you are not winning at.

    But when you scratch the surface, those winners preach about win-win, maybe even teach about win-win, but underneath it all are using everything and everyone to serve their purpose: winning.

    Through the high number of healers, gurus, teacher I have tested, it is becoming really obvious that they’ve gotten taken over by this culture of winning at all cost.

    The number of attachments I have had to remove, the energy vampires… they are “only” guilty for being a perfect match to the culture of winning, using others. Evil. Desire for the self alone.


    They want you to be well, but not better than themselves…

    I am writing this article, because, accidentally, I found myself on the competitive plane this afternoon:, serious tension, headache, hurry, alternating with “I need to chill” thoughts.

    After muscle testing, it turned out it was not mine, it belonged to my downstairs neighbor… but because I could feel it, I wanted to write about it: who knows when I would have a first-hand experience next of being there.

    The counter, or the opposite, of the comparing aspect of the competitive plane, is, to stop comparing.

    Comparison always takes you out of the present moment, while joy only lives in the present moment. The fulfillment of success only lives in the present moment.

    If you can master catching yourself comparing, and returning yourself to the now-moment, you are halfway through getting on the creative plane, where you are effective, and can be fulfilled.

  2. The second aspect of the competitive plane is an insatiable hunger. Yearning. An itch.

    A hunger that doesn’t get fulfilled by getting what it hungers for: it simply demands more. Greed, wanting, craving, yearning all live only on the competitive plane… That hunger is what runs your life, and it overrides conscience, if you have any, decency, if you have any, inclusiveness and foresight: if you have any.

    That hunger is the desire to win at all cost, and it is the hallmark of “desire to receive for the self alone” or in another word: Evil.

    Evil is a real power, and it is the amoral drive of the power-hungry second-hander to rule over the other, to have power over others, to rule the world.

    It is the psychopath next door, the guy/gal who looks successful, and you envy him/her.

    I would never have thought of categorizing them as such, until I read Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s book till the end.

    ted budy, charming psychopathThe section about psychopaths made all the reading really worthwhile.

    I am going to gather some of her videos and writings for you.

    A teacher of mine, Robert Hartmann said: to win over evil, you need to know evil, intimately, so you can recognize the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    The problem we have recognizing evil is that if you are imbued with caring, empathy, and conscience, you will think everyone else is like that. And if you are a psychopath, you don’t know anything about caring, empathy, or conscience… and you don’t think anyone else does… after all those things don’t exist for you.

    That is a fundamental psychological handicap of humans: relating to another who looks and talks like them, as if they were similar, run by the same fuel, the same desires, the same priorities.

    As I am finding out, finally, after decades of unsuccessfully dealing with psychopaths, that they are not run on the same fuel, they don’t have the same desires, they don’t have the same priorities as me.

    tumblr_mtwz0c3I3q1qhs5k0o1_r1_250I have been a magnet for psychopaths: they want something I have. I have been more interested in trying to make them care than taking care of myself. I feel stupid…

    They are wonderful at hooking their prey… at pretending that they are human, but time and time again we find out that they are like aliens, like cancer: they only care about themselves and what they want. And taking care of their family (Godfather) doesn’t make them human either.

    If you are a normal human, not one of them, you care about your environment, about the people in your life, co-workers, bosses.

    Try saying the sentence, out loud: “I want for everybody what I want for myself…”

    Did it go well? I’ll let you know what to observe in my next article…

PS: as I have written in previous articles, Laura’s vibration and the truth value of her teaching is not very high, and yet. Some of her insights are brilliant, her theories, the comets’ effect on life and history on earth, and the labeling a certain lack of empathy, caring, and conscience as psychopathy… are pure brilliance.

I read everything with my critical faculties set on “ok, give it to me, I trust myself (and my muscle tests!) to decipher what is true and what is not.”

I am grateful for insights: after all each and every person has a personal barrier that makes them blind in certain directions. Or sometimes it is a lack of exposure to certain thoughts. Either way, staying open AND critical to opinions is the hallmark of a person who can grow.

This topic, identifying psychopathy in people you like, follow, trust, admire, want to emulate, your leaders, your gurus, your heroes, your politicians, your doctors, you marketing gurus, is a sore topic for the psychopaths: people who have hidden their “desire to receive for the self alone” ways so far successfully.

But to fight evil, humanity needs to face and know evil, so we will spend time to clearly identify what to notice, what to pay attention to.

If we want humanity to live in peace, to grow to fulfill its destiny, we’ll need to identify and discredit the psychopaths in our midst, or better said: the psychopaths who define life, culture, society, laws, politics for us.

PPS: in one of the upcoming article we’ll strategize how to be happy and successful and fulfilled in a world dominated by psychopaths

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

7 thoughts on “How to be successful without being evil”

  1. the psychopath doesn’t have to be your next door neighbour,,, it can be the one sleeping in your bed! not mine,, but may as well be cause its affecting my life, and those little innocents that I truly care about.
    I stood up this morning to one such ‘bully’ for the first time,,,, was a bit of a shock to him,,,
    has taken me a long time to stop my heart from pumping out of my chest and undo the knots in my stomach,,,, but the look on his face was priceless when I shouted ‘stop’ or i’ll call security.. guess I’ve been ‘trying to see the good in him for such a very long while,, 20 year even??? how stupid am I? and in hindsight how much I have failed my daughter and grandkids,,,, just sometimes, enough is enough and you just have to call it for what it is…
    how long do you have to stand back and pretend that it’s ‘ok’ for such unkindness and cruelity to be ok? and when do I stop blaming myself for all the shit my kids are going through? I can’t disconnect from my own part in it 🙁
    any suggestions?
    what a crazy stupid friggin world…. x

  2. ok,,, I can see that now.
    but what if you oppose it and it has detrimental affects on those you care about? how do you go about that? I can take it for me but I can’t accept it for the little ones,,, innocents,,,,
    how do you stop your heart from breaking?/hurting so friggin bad? do they need to suffer like you did as a child? have we not progressed one tiny little bit in all these years.
    I really don’t need your answer to that,,, I only have to watch the 6pm news,,,:( pathetic.
    unimpeded, unopposed,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    in other words,,, ‘stand up to the bully’?
    yes/maybe/go for the jugular????
    I’ve been sitting on the fence for so long, but I did make a stand today regardless of the outcome to me,,, and it’s about time I did,
    thank you once again x

  3. if your daughter wants to live with a bully, if she wants to “produce” more innocents to be bullied, it is her prerogative.

    You taught her that she doesn’t deserve more.

    If you loved her and the little ones, instead of being an angry screeching mother hen, you would support her to take her power back… but instead you do the screeching thing…

    It makes no difference.

    And even for yourself. You have never bought anything from me… so I know you are all hot air and no commitment to become bigger, brighter, stronger… just yap yap yap.

    Tell me I am wrong about you!

  4. Sophie, I can’t tell you that you are wrong about me,,, you’ve already decided what I am!
    I don’t do the screetching thing,, today was the first day I stood up to the bully while she was in hospital and I said a couple of words like ;stop,, no more or i’ll call security’ end of story. she knows that she and her kids deserve better and I;ve stood back from the day she met him almost 20 years ago. I also feel sorry for him too in some strange way. So, yes, you are wrong about me. I’ve encouraged her to seek help in any shape or form, simply because I don’t know how to help anymore. And if you actually knew their two little girls, you might understand how I feel.
    I haven’t bought anything from you,,,,? well that’s mostly because I am on the other side of the world to you, also a pensioner with my own challenges and spend a lot of my time and money on making sure the two little beings get a meal,, that sounds really condescending, but my daughter is a really good mum but when a bully withholds money even to feed his kids,,, duh.
    I consider myself very fortunate today,, twelve months ago, I was very close to being on the street or living in my car because the amount of cleaning jobs I did, still didn’t make up the rent money. I need to stop defending myself to you now and get on with it. I am not much different to you on the human being level,,, my vibration well below par, but I know that I am doing the best I can and even a little bit more on any given day.
    I think I’ve done enough yapping for now.
    All the best.

  5. I didn’t mean to make decisions about you… although it would be really easy.

    And if I offended you, I apologize.

    But consider that helping is all about you… and encourages the helped to never take care of themselves.

    Standing up to the bully is great, you should do it more often.

  6. no offence taken,,
    and why is it really easy to make decisions about me? do you do that with everyone?
    Annyway, I appreciate your comment about ‘helping’. and yes, you are right, it is all about me,,, that’s been dawning on me very very slowly and you’ve kindof hammered the nail home. In a way I spose I need to be needed 🙁
    shit, this is hard,,,,

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