It’s easier to change crap than air…

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"It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David ThoreauEvery course, workshop, training, in whatever area of life, is largely ineffective.

Some courses are as low as 1-2%… meaning that 98-99% of the participant had an experience, but not the results promised.

I have been puzzling this out for the past eight years… until, this morning, I possibly got the answer why that is.

I was watching/listening to a sales pitch: from Marisa Murgatroyd and her new Experience Product Masterclass.

She promises an experience. She promises unheard amount of support. She claims that the effectiveness of her six-month long masterclass is 70%. She guarantees that you’ll make your tuition back inside the six months long class, $2000, or she’ll give you the difference.

I muscle tested, and her results are better, much better than average: 7%. Meaning that 93% of her participants don’t change what they see enough to make back their tuition.

The masterclass trains, attempt to train you to be able to create, sell, and lead a profitable course or training/coaching program.

I have participated in tens of courses like this, and although I can lead courses, although I can have some butts in the seats, my results would not make me earn back my tuition too easily: these courses are mighty expensive, and come with no support.

The only courses that ever become profitable for me have been Robert Plank’s courses.

So observing what happens in my own courses, observing what happens inside me, observing what happens to my business coaching clients, the one commonality I see is this:

when the student can look through the eye of the presenter, they will execute the action that they are asked to take.
they can see what the presenter sees.
they will get the result

when the student looks only through their own eyes, they cannot see the same as the presenter sees… and they will make up their own interpretation… and take action that is not what they were aked to take… or take no action.

So it all boils down to seeing.

When something makes sense to you, when you see that it will produce the result you want, you’ll take the action.

But this is tricky: what makes sense to you is not necessarily what is being said.

More often than not what you hear and whar makes sense to you is a bastardized version of what you heard…

this is the real meaning of the saying: you don’t see the world as it is, you see the world as YOU are.

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