Phases Of Learning, Phases Of Self-Changing, Phases Of Transformation: How To Succeed In A World Dominated By Fixing

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learning-to-walkIn my previous article I write about the creative plane vs. the competitive plane.

Today’s culture, the norm, the planetary hypnosis (Dark Side) generated attitude is hurry and forcing.

fire-walkAlthough I don’t like Dr. David Hawkins and his books, his phrase “power vs. force” is valid here: when you hurry you are trying to FORCE the Universe (and the people in it) to suddenly do what YOU WANT them to do, instead of falling in step with the Universe, and get what you want when it’s good an ready.

Just watch your reaction, if you are a man, when the woman of the house interrupts what you are doing and demands that you take out the garbage, organize the garage, make the repairs you promised, right now, not when you are good and ready…

Or if you are a woman and your man demands sex, when you are not feeling well, when you are tired, when you don’t feel like it, not in the mood… demands that you get ready at a moment’s notice.

Feel your muscles tense even reading the scenarios… this is how the Universe reacts when you are in a hurry.

To be in harmony with the Universe, you need to fall in step, you need to fall in rhythm, in harmony with the Universe.

Whenever I participate in a drum-circle, especially if it is a big one with people from all over the place, I experience this magic: falling in rhythm, falling in step with the Universe.

In the contrast I can detect the areas of my life where I am still forcing, where I still think that things shouldn’t be, and other things should.

Before you can learn anything worth learning (not many things are worth learning, you would benefit greatly from unlearning most of what you have learned!) you need to learn to fall in step with the Universe, with reality, with what is. You need to remove yourself from the competitive plane, the plane of the shoulds, the plane of the hurry, the plane of resistance, the plane of fixing.

the-legends-of-korraIn the “Legend of Korra” Avatar Korra is trying to learn the being of air-bending, of no resistance. To become like a leaf and move out of the way and change direction as she moves in the direction of her will.

Alignment and non-resistance is the only way to be successful in every area of life.

I get an email every time someone buys something on my website. As the email lands, I feel them, I feel their feelings. So I get a real-time feeling-picture of people through their purchases.

Some people buy one thing, and then let it sit. Other times they buy the ONE THING that will solve all their problems… and, of course, it doesn’t.

Other people buy everything.

Neither of these extremes work well for them.

Why? Because you are violating the way learning and changing happens in reality.


What are the phases of real learning, real changing, that you could align yourself with?

  • Phase one: accepting, embracing, appreciating how it is.

Consider how it is. Consider that when you stop resisting how it is, then it actually can change.I am not saying it will change. I am saying: it can change.Your resistance to how it is what keeps it stuck.

Most people want to get unstuck, but never get to the root of being stuck: their own resistance to how it is.

The Heaven on Earth energy bundle or HOE, whether it comes in drops, direct download, or in the HOE long range audio, makes letting go of resistance easier. It won’t do it for you automatically: all my products are co-creation based: you do your part, the product does its part.

The whole Universe is based on co-creation, why would my products be any different?

If you just want to try out if you can co-create and if it works for you, I have a few youtube videos that let you do that.

  • Phase two: consolidation people miss the consolidation phase. In this phase you mine all the value that is available to you given the learning or the change. You savor it, you revel in it, you take it to a test-drive.walk and then walk in high heels...It looks to your “competitive plane” person as a waste of time, but it is probably the most important phase: it builds a foundation for the new you.Without a foundation to build on you are building air-castles, illusions, and you are going to be like the people who send me emails saying that their vibration is 300, 400, 500… while it really is 130-150… wretched, miserable, living in la-la land because reality is unbearable to you.


This phase is long, can take months… depending on the frequency of the repetition…

There can also be a phase, called Deliberate Practice, where you take the little you learned and take it to mastery… That is when real neural connections are born, neural connections that make you more intelligent.

  • Phase three:

repeat phase one and two with each new learning and each new change.

Don’t forget to test drive! Don’t forget to challenge yourself.

You didn’t just learn something new, or change yourself so you can do what you have been doing, living the same way you have been living, accomplishing exactly the same things you have been accomplishing.

If you don’t challenge yourself, you’ll quickly return to the wretched, resisting, miserable state: once one stops growing, one starts dying.

You cannot maintain any level of anything in real life: it is counter to the laws of reality… in reality everything constantly gets teared down and built: the illusion is that it’s the same, but it is an illusion.

Love, satisfaction, success, appreciation of yesterday are gone… you need to get them, build them again today.

Bummer, eh? I agree, but if you stop resisting that, you can start a life of constant growth and fulfillment… right now.

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