Predatory genes revisited

My notes: maximum predatory genes: 8
psychopathy is more than just predatory genes.

Putin and Trump have both 8 predatory genes, while Putin is NOT a psychopath.

research, science is often guessing

certain cultures higher number of predatory genes

exceptionally beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women

having 8 predatory genes open doesn’t make you a psychopath, but you’ll have a tough time to have empathy

difference between an empath and empathy… I am both a true empath and a clairsensar (sp?)

I am a sympathetic cryer, my brother is a sympathetic laugher.
I listened to a Louis CK show yesterday and could pick out the sympathetic laughers…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Predatory genes revisited”

  1. So… your statement re Putin and Trump seems to say that Trump is a psychopath.

    Wow! You just lost me. I’m amazed when so-called spiritual / metaphysical wayshowers prove they have not come out of the brainwashing of the control grid which has been large and in charge of planter Earth for thousands of years, but whom are on their way out in this amazing era we have chosen to incarnate in.

    So, did you vote for Hillary?

    Guess you don’t know about her role in child torture / murder / trafficking, eh?

    Guess you don’t know that Trump has done more to arrest traffickers that all other Presidential administrations combined.

    Guess you believe the mainstream media, and all their talking heads who all say the exact same thing. The media is 90% owned by 6 mega corporations that are interlinked. Why would anyone with intelligence1 think that they would tell the truth. The reality is, whatever the mainstream media says is virtually always 180 degree opposite. What did you think those clowns would say about your water energizer, or any of your work?

    I invite you to learn about Q anon.

    Sorry is you are perceiving negative energy regarding you. I’m just shocked. I’ll probably be more able to get in the love frequency regarding you, with a passage of some time.

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