Do you want to be a hero or will you settle for being a dutiful serf?

What would happen if they passed a law that no one can take money until the buyer says he/she has used and is satisfied with their purchase… because the product or program delivered on its promises?

Judging from many testimonials, the majority of buyers leave their testimonial before they test or consume what they paid for. They like the packaging, the color of the stuff… or the accent of the coach… so they are happy. With what? one might ask…

I wonder how much these people value themselves and their money… My guess is: not much.

If you were looking for an experience doing a program that promises transformation, you get experience, not transformation. that is one thing you get.

Other people shell out the big bucks because they want a return on their investment, they want the results promised.

When it comes to courses and programs, and I only know transformational programs, and marketing programs, my hunch is that you fall into the 99-95% who doesn’t get the results.

  • In transformation, Except for Landmark, I am right there with you. In many courses I was THE 1%… I have a strong affinity to what Landmark teaches. I am genetically programmed to want to contribute. They ask you to assist, they ask you to promise certain actions, so I assisted, coached, helped people catch up… and invited guests, shared, did what I was asked to do. For the first 26 years I put 40 hours a week into sharpening my saw… internalizing, teaching, coaching what I learned… elbow grease.
  • In marketing, except for Robert Plank’s courses, I have been in the 99%… don’t get anything… Why did I get something (everything?) out of Robert Plank’s courses? Robert makes you promise… and I promised, and did… I put elbow grease to Robert Plank’s courses.

There are some marketers I watch, listen to them, and I learn nothing that I can use… not because they don’t have any, I suspect it’s me… not knowing how to activate the information and turn it into god honest knowledge.

I paid for courses and coaching programs that cost as much as 8 thousand dollars, and my entire ROI, return on investment, was a big fat zero.

This question, what would you do if you had to give back the money they paid, if they don’t use your product, has been keeping me on my toes.

Historically I don’t look at that question: I did my job, now I can rest.

But not any more.

The job, making sure you are consuming my product, is put square on my plate, and I have been having mixed feelings about it.

Resentment, anger, regret, are taking the center stage.

When you got your food and supplement list: am I going to check up on you? Do you have the tendency to procrastinate buying the stuff you need?

Recently I got lucky. Someone ordered a health evaluation consulting… hoping that his persistently returning psoriasis will go away.

He had previously bought the Water Energizer package, but never set it up. What stopped him is buying the filter for his water.

So I offered to buy his supplements for him, and also sell him a filter I bought for people just like him. Sell everything at the same price I bought it… making no money for my efforts.

He was happy: he knew his weaknesses… but here I am, almost a week passed, and I haven’t done what I promised.

I don’t want to do it… screams the voice in my head. Hm, the loudest voice I have heard in a long time! lol.

But this is what it is going to take to help this guy consume my product, get well, and get, hopefully, psoriasis free! I am arguing in my head…

The question is: who am I? Who am I going to be? Another promiser, or another hero?

I love the way I framed this question!

Normally I get dutiful, grit my teeth, and do what I promised.

But heroes don’t do that… so I am going to be valiant, and a hero while I am doing the task… hell, I like it.

What a difference a work makes… it sets the context and changes the moment.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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