Bored, listless, desirous… check your biology

Since it got really cold in Syracuse, NY, I have been having a difficult time maintaining a high level of cell hydration. Why? I keep my apartment cold, 1 and I get sore throat from drinking cold water.

By last night I was running on empty. I had a hard time concentrating, I had a hard time having a good time. I had cravings… not food… mental craving. I had cravings for stories.

Last night I had wild and slightly violent dreams, and felt no desire to do any work this morning. I got up at 3 am.

So for the past three and a half hours I have been watching youtube videos…

Not funny cat videos, but videos that have a chance to be both interesting, useful for my students, and enjoyable.

I am not working, but also not frittering away my life either while I am trying to raise my cell hydration to 30%… which I have found to be a turning point between being feeble, and erratic, and nasty, and desirous… and being calm, collected, purposeful, and happy.

I want to eat something, but every food tests no… finally I ask a questions I have never asked before: if I washed my hemp kernels, would it be OK? And the surprising answer is yes.

I have washed it and now I am happily chewing on it… Heaven. I wasn’t hungry, but yet, my body told me to eat something.

Your body and your brain are intimately connected, and, if you are like most of us, you have no idea about that.

So I am watching the videos of Professor Robert Sapolski, at 1.25 speed… on Behavioral Biology. 2

Being able to detect and know how certain foods, food combination, food additives effect your mood, behavior, IQ, focus, attitude is not something that you even heard considered, because it doesn’t make money for the establishment. 3

You don’t know much about anything, but especially not about things I am able to influence… your hydration, your nutrition, your physical well-being.

You have no idea that every water filter puts chemicals into your water… And chemicals that make the water non-energizable, are probably bad for you, just like the preservatives the hemp dealers put on my hemp kernels…

Very often I get people buying the water energizer, only to refund their purchase.

They already have a filter system, and they are sure that keeping that is more important than to install another one that make the water energizable, for a total cost of about 70 bucks… and become well, coherent, and at your best.

They bought the big Berkey for over 200 bucks, just the replacement filters cost buck and a half… ($150 or so). And they put all those chemicals you don’t know about, they don’t talk about, into your water.

Stupid as the stupid does… Your cell hydration stays low, but you have a shiny big thing sitting on your kitchen counter.

If I interact with you often enough, I can tell when you are hydrated or not: your character, your attitude changes. Your mental capacities change. Your decisions, your questions, everything about you goes two classes lower.

And so do mine.

The main difference between you and me is that I immediately think of my biology, instead of my psychology.

I check my water, I check my food… and I am honest about it.

I make mistakes like everyone else, But I won’t lie about it, I won’t explain why… I won’t blame circumstances… I made a mistake, and that is that.

If I feel dumb, I just drink more energized water… It takes an extra glass or two to get smart. As smart as I can be, not smarter.

If you eat according to your DNA, according to your type, and hydrate your cells with coherent water, you sure to have more motivation to obey the Life Force inside you to grow, and self-actualize.

You still need to cultivate your brain to be smart… but it is easier than when your biology works against you.

Scientists know an awful lot about our biology, but most of that “knowledge” is an assumption. Muscle test says 90% of it, and therefore it is inaccurate. 4

This applies to Robert Sapolski as well.

You assume much, know very little, so your knowledge about your biology is 97% inaccurate… and about most things you have neither knowledge nor assumption. You are, in fact, clueless.

I read a book written by Aristotle some 2500 years ago. He thought that humans thought with their hearts… And even with that gross error, his truth value was still a lot higher than yours, approximately the same as today’s scientists, 10%.

The reason that my truth value is higher is because I am an empath and a clairsensar… I actually see the insides of a human, that a scientist could only see after they kill you… on the slab. And I have just enough knowledge about biology to know what I see… and what I muscle test, while connected to all-knowledge, I call Source.

Learn to manage your biology and a lot of your life will fall into place.

  • You’ll feel better.
  • You’ll be more socially acceptable.
  • You’ll may even fall in love with yourself.
  • And if you are so inclined, you can start your journey in self-actualization. Self-actualization is obeying the Life Force… and doing its will.

Life wants more life…

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  1. 50-52 degrees Fahrenheit, 10-11 degrees Celsius
  2. So you’ve heard about sugar, gluten, leptins… and probably that’s it.
  3. meaning: truth value of 10%

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