Easy vs what works. Illusion vs reality… how to tell the difference?

bending spoon illusionWe are living in the matrix. We eat make-believe food, have make-believe relationships, fight for make-believe causes.

The main weapon of the illusion that it convinces you that it doesn’t exist. They used to say that about the devil… but the real devil is the creators, the pushers, the promoters of the illusion. 1

25 years ago I participated, briefly, in a 12-step program: Adult Children of Alcoholics. As you may know, the first step of joining a group like that is to pick a higher power. Why? I am not sure, I have done no research. I am going to share my own way of using “higher power” because it is relevant to this topic.

I am an atheist. I do not believe that there is a higher power, per se. I do feel that there is a certain order in the Universe, that it is even intelligent, but Higher Power?

And yet, what makes AA and other 12-step programs work, is this higher power thing…

higher powerWhat “they” don’t know is that you can pick what you are going to honor as “higher power” and then really honor it as your guide, as your “boss” as YOUR higher power.

Without thinking I picked “whatever works” as my higher power.

It was an inspired choice. I could have chosen any odd stuff… like “I honor my word as myself” that Landmark Education suggests.

I didn’t quite know what I was talking about, and that is typical of an inspired choice: the inspiration always comes from the beyond, comes from beyond the limited perspective of the human mind, yours.

These 25 years were dominated by that “higher power.”

I began testing, stop believing. I double-tested my own sayings, what I already knew, what others said, what I read, what I saw. I have had a personal crusade to strip away the illusion, and strive to be left with the Truth.

People read my site, come to my sessions, buy my products. They ask questions. They read my vibrational reviews.

But they don’t really want to know the truth.

To know the truth you need to know, and really know illusion. When you take away the illusion, you are left with reality.

My favorite scene in The Matrix is the moment after Neo takes the blue pill. They are suddenly in reality, no civilization, no high tech… devastation and ruins. That is the reality in the age of The Matrix.

If you can be with it the way it is, without twitching a muscle, holding your breath, blinking, then you can be really happy in reality.

Illusion is a construct, pretty, easy, smooth, and as addictive as any drug.

Two weeks ago I decided that I was ready to test if I can eat bread again.

I ate some bread every day for two weeks. I loved it… made life so easy. But at the end of two weeks my nails became brittle, my back became like a hunchback, and I started to have symptoms in the nether area I prefer not to share.

Today is my third day without bread. I didn’t know what to have for breakfast. I wondered what I was going to have for lunch.

Easy is one of the hallmarks of the illusion: it seems that whatever is easy is not good for you, whatever is easy is part of the machinations of the powers that be to reduce you to an addict in the illusion.

Now, what should you do if you don’t want to give up the illusion, if you don’t want to know the truth, just want to feel a little better about yourself and your life?

What if you just want to raise your vibration to 200 and keep it there?

higher_powerAt 200 vibration you are on the border of paradigms. You are neither here nor there: you have the option to go either way: back into the pleasure and winning driven lower paradigm, or to the higher… slowly adjusting yourself to face reality where you can be happy.

It takes an extraordinary commitment to choose to go higher. Why? Because it is hard work.

Remember, everything that is easy is part of the moves of the illusion.

Raising your vibration is hard work, doing things that scare you.

One of my students works for his dad in his dad’s business. He would love to have a similar business of his own. He asked me to coach him to accomplish that.

I gave him the five-question exercise from the other day. I instructed him to ask 10 people and write down exactly what they said.

Then came a flurry of emails, negotiating, arguing, questioning… why should I do it? what am I going to gain from it?

This is how the mind protects you from growing. Asking those questions, taking notes, sucking it up, is hard. It is scary. It is the kind of stuff that raises your vibration.

Are you willing to do what’s hard? Probably not. No problem, you don’t have to.

Luckily my foundational tools raise your vibration to 200 with almost no exception. And if you keep it up, it keeps it there. Or if something really stressful happens and your vibration drops, it will bring it back, reliably. We have lots of examples for that too.

In the coaching sessions we have a wide range of people… some come because being with people at or above 200 vibration is very nurturing.

Some come to learn new tricks.

Some come to get new challenges so they can raise their vibration. These people are the minority.

These coaching sessions are the best times of my week: I am relaxed, I enjoy teaching, guiding. The questions are so wide range in topic, that I never get bored. Health, relationship, business, life’s purpose, integrity… really fun for me.

taking the horse to drinkI really got that you can take the horse to the water but can’t make them drink. I have learned to enjoy going to the water and drink myself. 2

You’ll drink when you get thirsty.


  1. il·lu·sion
    noun: illusion;?plural noun: illusions
    a thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.
    “the illusion makes parallel lines seem to diverge by placing them on a zigzag-striped background”
    synonyms:mirage, hallucination, apparition, figment of the imagination, trick of the light, trompe l’oeil;
    deception, trick, smoke and mirrors
    “it’s just an illusion”
    (magic) trick, conjuring trick;
    magic, conjuring, sleight of hand, legerdemain
    “Houdini’s amazing illusions”

  2. The illustration is from The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen, by Rudolph Erich, where the Baron’s horse is cut into two, and no matter how much it drinks, it needs to drink more… do you recognize yourself?

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