What is transformation? Why is it so important to know exactly?

Everyone talks about stuff… using big words, like transformation, but no one actually knows what the word means, and what do people actually do, or promise to do, who cause transformation.

If you really look, you can talk for half an hour, and you won’t even get near to it…

Why? Because transformation is based on something that people either don’t know, or don’t consider sexy enough.

They talk about beliefs, and they talk about subconscious mind, and blockages… but none of those is actually how the human mind works…

Why am I so sure of that? Because certain things don’t disappear or don’t become unimportant during evolution…

The five senses, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smell won’t be completely bastardized by words, meanings, and other mind construct.

In fact seeing is still our most important anchor to life… although instead of seeing influencing the words, the words influence seeing… interestingly. And seeing directly influence our attitudes and our actions… directly.

What you see depends on the context… it depends on the frame inside which you see… or as Werner Erhard says it: the SPACE inside which you see.

My “famous” photo studio example shows it… somewhat… let’s see if Werner himself can make a dent in the dense fog you live in.

Transformation is changing the frame… for whatever… In this video what is transformed is who you consider yourself to be: an object, defined, knocked about by life, or do you consider yourself Self… a space, a screen, a context against which life happens…

I have run many tests, and have found that talking, unless it changes what the individual sees, the context, doesn’t make a difference in the kind of action a person will be willing to perform.

So changing the words… the positive thinking bullshit, doesn’t change what you’ll do.

Your actions are coming from what you see, not what you think.

And transformation is a method in which you change what someone sees… be it someone else or yourself.

Now, it is an art to change what someone sees… and most programs or books claim to cause transformation, but they don’t. Even my methods don’t work on everyone, albeit they work more often than not.

One of the main moves of transformation is to show the invisible side of reality, and that is, pretty much, my specialty.

Double Shift Tuesday

Here is an example:

I am old… and quite feeble, especially because my “job” is sedentary, and I also spent most of the last four months in bed, with various painful afflictions.

I saw that the only way to get back my strength is to challenge myself, but hey, that is not as easy as the words make it sound.

I decided to “stack” two habits together: my love of hot beverages and the new one: exercising my legs.

Didn’t take… a habit needs time to “take”, to set root, and this stack didn’t do it.

Then on one of my Tuesday exercise classes i saw that music is the key… but how do you get music? And how do you get music when I need it.

I decided on downloading my favorite music-put-together people, Larry Hoyt, local musician to me, and put it on one of my headphones.

And voila, perfect music for can’t sit still… must dance… and move my legs type of music.

The headphones are always there by my computer, so it’s hard to forget. And I noticed that the music may even… gasp… improved my general mood. Go figure… lol.

Yesterday it was very cold but sunny, and I went out with the new headphones on my ears, and walked around in dance steps… loved it. No one saw me, or I don’t think so. I felt young, I felt graceful… and I exercised my legs.

OK, now how is this transformation, you ask…

Let me explain: exercise, for the most part, occurs as a time sucking, boring, have-to. That is one way to look at it. And that is how it looked to me… a have to, a should, a drudgery.

But making the headphones exclusive, easy to slap on, and finding the perfect music for dancing to, made it a source of joy… A source of feeling young. A source of beating the clock…

And that is transformation.

You see, it weren’t the words, it was the “occurrence”… what I saw. Changing in front of my very eyes.

Let’s go deeper, shall we?

One way the world “occurs” for many is like it is so well shown in the movies “Groundhog Day” and “40 first dates”. I have my own: the pizza shop… I have been noticing it for about 10 years, it is a recurring dream of “there is no way to win in this game” cycle.

In the last Playground session we looked at everyone’s case… The case is your linchpin type of picture of yourself, as dumb, or worthless, or “should be dead” in my case.

Everyone has one.

And it is like a concern that nails your foot to the floor… so all you can do, all your life can be about is dancing around it.

Like me dancing around “I should be dead” so shall I kill myself? Buying the right to exist every single day.

My student whose concern is “am I really dumb?” playing a consolation game: if I can’t be smart, I will at least be nice. I’ll babysit, I’ll talk to people when they are sad… but learning anything new: no… I am not going there… that is a game I can’t win.

Or another student whose “case” is “I am not equal to what life wants of me” playing a pitifully small game, measuring his “enoughness” in puny actions, never any daring way that would prove or disprove that stupid “I am not equal” linchpin he made up at first at age three.

I could tell the story and the one-legged dance of all my students, but three is enough… if they have it, and they do, then it is proof positive that we all have it.

Most of us have it completely unchallenged… and that includes billionaires, Nobel Prize winners, The Michael Jordans as well.

Certain things cannot be changed, and this is one of them. No energy, no therapy, no transformational program can change it… and yet…

Transformation is NOT a permanent solution to an unsolvable problem, but learning the art of transformation may be.

If you learn the art of “manipulating” occurrence, your own or others’, then you have the key of transformation.

So what does transformation mean in the area of people’s case? You cannot pull out the nail… but you can redirect the attention to a bigger game.

Does it always work? I have no idea! It works enough times for me to say that it is the solution.

It takes a huge amount of compassion, caring, and creativity.

But more importantly, alas, it takes trust. And that is the hardest thing to build, and the easiest to lose.

I have had people quitting my programs over this no trust. Self-trust, to be sure you understand.

It is a lot like surgery. Some people may give lip service to growth, freedom, success, but because they cannot see themselves living it, they will opt to remain the one legged dancer… for life.

So it’s trusting me, trusting my methods, and trusting themselves to be able to live on the bigger stage of life… and like it, and be “equal to it”.

I never said my job was easy.

Like everything, transformation is co-creative. Without your participation nothing will happen… NOT A THING.

And that is the worst thing that can happen.

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