Cyber Monday: Get Innocent… Get your emotions activated… or remain dead and deadened… Your choice.

I have been pondering what to offer you for the traditional Black Friday/Cyber week orgy of consumerism.

Yesterday, having several conversations with people, I decided that the best way to bring dead people back to life is to offer them the Second Phase Activators.

You see, when I look at people, they are soooo plagued by negative emotions, and they so hate them, resist them, hide from them, that they have no chance to feel anything uplifting, inspiring, heartwarming…

The highest emotion I have experienced from people lately came as a reaction to my Ugly Cat article… but even that came with a self-righteous anger, not sympathy, compassion, love, caring… none of that.

Joy? forget about it!

So what is the difference between people who can feel… and people who can’t?

I have found that other than my own students who did my Second Phase Activator course, none of you has any discernible positive feeing… nearly ever.

Your “love” is tinged with possessiveness or jealousy.
Your liking is loaded down with self-indulgence, or guilt
Your success is really self-satisfaction, pride, and superiority.

I used to be like you…

I created a course to fulfill my own need to activate positive emotions in my otherwise dead soul.

The Second Phase Activators’ Course.

And I am offering that famous course… for the next four days, as my “offering” for the Cyber week… 50% off.

If you already have that course… you can pick any other products, let me know which, and I make a coupon for you. Because YOU are my favorite person, on the whole world.

OK… go and check out the offering

The 50% off coupons are only good till the last day of November.

PS: More details of what the Second Phase Activator can do for you

How many different emotions can you name? And how many of them can you feel?

If you are a normal human, you have a favorite 3-4 bad and a favorite 1-2-3 pleasant feelings, and that is your repertoire.

I have personally distinguished 100 pleasant feelings, and can easily turn on 90 of them, almost any time.

It gives me tremendous power: I am largely independent of my surrounding, my results, my thoughts, money situation, or politics… I live a full life with vitality… because most of life is inner.

One of the biggest missing of people is the ability to appreciate… feel appreciation, feel that a thing has value.

It turns around many disappointed, meaningless, flat lives… but I know no method, other than mine, to turn on these feelings, so you can have a rich inner life.

I created a course, that is not traditional teaching… it is energetic teaching. It teaches your inner team… ego, soul, conscious, cells, muscles, etc. how to feel, and how to feel pleasant feelings… feelings that actually lead to a pleasant life, and a higher plane of living, a higher consciousness.

The course is called Second Phase Activator… and it teaches 100 feelings…

And to celebrate Cyber Week, I am offering it at 50% for the next few days, up to and including November 30.

The coupon code is CYBER… that is how you get the 50% off.

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