How reality gets lost and all you are left with is YOUR interpretation, and emotions

Most of what I do in life is to feed my curiosity, that is, (luckily?) perfectly aligned with my mission: taking humans to the next evolutionary level of humanity: human being.

There is a lot to observe if you have the right questions, but observation is one thing, the right interpretation is another…

We learn in the Playground that what you see/observe/experience comes to you, at you as a tight package that like a hand, has a front of the hand, and the back of the hand. We call that in this work “occurrence”. 1

Give the same occurrence to a thousand people, and you’ll get a hundred interpretations… but what is happening, reality is always the same, only the interpretation, the words change depending on the observer. On their life experiences, on their “case”, on the number of spiritual capacities they have (that will depend on how much of what is actually happening they can see…)

Here is an example: on the hour long Hit and Mix recording I have been listening and exercising to, Elvis Presley sings a popular song, It’s now or never…

I hate that song… because all I can hear is two things: the words and the pitch don’t fit Elvis… and that he is pressuring this young woman into having sex with him… So I identify myself with the woman, and hate Elvis.

Then later that same day I am singing O sole mio… and realize that the song Elvis is “forced” to sing is O sole mio, widely famous because of Luciano Pavarotti, an opera singer. Of course I have no concept what the words say: I don’t know Italian. But I love that song… 2

But you add the bad translation that the “me-too” me focuses on… and I hate Elvis’s version of it… lol.

Once I get the connection, I get my interpretation, and I calm down. All is well in Sophie’s world…

Here is a second example: in a book I am reading, 3 two different hitmen are pitted against each other, one with a military background, and one who is a psychopath and enjoys killing.

Both are there to eliminate the other, but one has a narrower cone of vision: fairness, “may the best man win” attitude, while the other has none of that… and this second one almost wins… taking advantage of the first’s limited cone of vision. 4

And there is also a third example, somewhat an extension of the second: As you know I use the computer solitaire game, Freecell to observe the nature of reality… Sounds hokey? Check your premises, please.

Every game I play consciously is to test something out.

Sometimes it is conscious, other times it is inspired… meaning NOT conscious.

As a person, I am a timid player. Hard to believe, because in my work I appear to be bold… but bold was decided, while my innate nature is timid.

So my innate Freecell playing is also timid… What is timid in Freecell? It is taking the hand that the Universe dealt, the playing ground…

What is bold in Freecell? It is shaking up the hand that the Universe dealt… by rearranging the cards boldly… with a really wide cone of vision.

The two states of being, timid and bold, give two completely different view in the “occurrence”, the front of the hand didn’t change, but the back of the hand are as different as they can ever be.

You have fixed attitudes, and very little to say about it. Inside the occurrence your fixed attitude gives you, you can see mighty little of what I teach.

It is enough for me to see my Playground participants… each watched the same videos, each came to the same presentation, and each had a different occurrence… Most not at all in line with what I intended to teach.

The biggest difference in what they got has to do with the amount of foundation they “own”… the amount of foundation they have appropriated through organized learning, and reading.

Also there seems to be an unfair advantage to being bilingual… living in a culture that is not native to you.

Anyway… I hope the above stories explain sufficiently why I could make all my products available to all, and mighty few would get much benefit: until you master the front of the hand and the back of the hand distinction, and focus on the “reality”, instead of your interpretation of it, you are going to stay the same… see the same, think the same, feel the same… and that is not what you wanted… is it?

By the way, I hope you’ll enjoy reading this article, watching the videos as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. 🙂

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  1. I could also use, instead of the front of the hand and the back of the hand, the example of Siamese twins, twins that have two separate brains, two separate set of eyes… The two will see the world differently. The occurrence will be made up of inseparable, and yet different views of the same thing…
  2. here is the English translation of O sole mio
    English Translation
    What a wonderful thing a sunny day
    The serene air after a thunderstorm
    The fresh air, and a party is already going on…
    What a wonderful thing a sunny day.

    But another sun,
    that’s brighter still
    It’s my own sun
    that’s in your face!
    The sun, my own sun
    It’s in your face!
    It’s in your face!

    When night comes and the sun has gone down,
    I start feeling blue;
    I’d stay below your window
    When night comes and the sun has gone down.

    But another sun,
    that’s brighter still
    It’s my own sun
    that’s in your face!
    The sun, my own sun
    It’s in your face!
    It’s in your face!

    Just like occurrences… all songs have the stamp of the performer on them…
    Here is O sole mio sang by Enrico Caruso

    with Andrea Bocelli

    and the 3 tenors

    definitely worth a listening… if you know any music…
    oh, here is Elvis Presley’s low-brow rendition

    OK, kill me for being politically incorrect… lol.

  3. David Archer: Hit for Hire
  4. Most books I read are about men with something lacking… emotion, fear, autistic men, to allow me to see more, learn more about the rest of the men who are run amok by their emotions.

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2 thoughts on “How reality gets lost and all you are left with is YOUR interpretation, and emotions”

  1. You were ‘spot on.’ The 3 tenors performance was very delightful to watch. You can’t help but smile.

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