Being free to be yourself… feeling free to be yourself…

Being free to be yourself… feeling free to be yourself… The two are not the same, depending on your current level of consciousness, and your current level of WORD to being, one will work, and not the other.

I, for example, don’t feel free. I am free. It doesn’t feel anything…

No feeling. Just doing what I need to do, feeling nothing in the way… blockage, resistance, reluctance, or fear.

I am free to be myself, free to express what I want to express the way I feel it’s the most effective, effortless and natural.

I curse, I sing-song, I laugh, I dramatize… I do what I deem effective at expressing what I want to express. I am fully and unabashedly with the people I am with, minutely tracking where they are at, where their listening is at, so I can be effective at being together. I have no rules, no morals, no niceness… If I am talking to you, I’ll be fully with you because that is the only way to talk to someone… all other ways are pretense, and I have no reason to pretend.

I need not to worry about myself, I let the chips fall where the chips fall… if they must… I don’t need to protect myself, promote myself, be liked, or anything… Even though I love the moments when things click, and there is a meeting of the mind. or a moment of partnership.

I really don’t care… although I have a preference… that the interaction is pleasant and successful… and if it is not… then it was not.

That is BEING free to be yourself.

To FEEL free to be yourself is a “freedom from” type of freedom… there has to be an enslavement device, mental or otherwise, that you feel free from, for the time being.

Memes, rules, affiliations, needs… self-invented misery, identity, your case… Lots of things you could wish to be free from. Some work, others don’t work that well.

I just read an article in The Atlantic about hate, racial prejudice, that many people want to be free from.

Noticing race is natural… we are navigating the world continuously evaluating the environment… or at least should…

But hatred is learned. And it is virtually impossible to get rid of, be free from.

So what can you do if some of the stuff you have, you cannot be free from?

I observe people, and suppressing, for example, hatred, is very damaging…

So I am not for suppression… I am partial to awareness, and owning it…

Owning it, as I wrote in another article, is making it part of who you are… so you don’t deny it, so you don’t suppress it, so you don’t forget about it.

Many things you cannot get rid of… Why? I am not sure… they seem to be part and parcel with who you are.

I am Jewish. Good, bad, indifferent, politically correct… it is as much part of me, as my skin and my skin color is… It doesn’t make me better, it doesn’t make me worse, it makes me me.

I am embracing all of me, the stuff I understand, and the stuff I don’t… And practice inclusiveness, and no hate within myself.

And because I have no part of me that I need to manage… I can love people, enjoy people, and have an awful lot of fun…

I call that free to BE myself. Do I also feel free to be myself? I don’t know… because, as I said before, I don’t feel anything. Only freedom from feels something, freedom feels nothing.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Being free to be yourself… feeling free to be yourself…”

  1. I don’t know. I just want to be free and still associate it with feeling free. I’m really glad I’m in the playground.

  2. Sandra, until you truly get the Anna Karenina Principle, that nothing makes you happy, or free, unless you remove what doesn’t… you won’t be happy or free.

    And what traps you, what you should remove is what you insist you must have…

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