You Can’t Mess Up Connecting To Source When You Do It With The Video

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lift your triangle straight above your head You Can’t Avoid But Connect If You Do It With The Video… I don’t mean ‘watch the video and then try to remember what to do.’ I don’t mean, ‘take notes and try to do it your way.’ I don’t mean “with the principles or knowledge or method shown in the video”, I mean “do it together with me, you do it where you are, and I do it in the video, at the same time. We connect together.

Why to do it with me? Because as a beginner you will not feel anything, and the lack of feedback of the feeling will discourage you and you’ll quit.

But if you do it with me, you can be sure you are connected, because I open the connection. But you cannot just watch the video and be connected, you need to be in the position of connection to be connected.

You need to feel the tangerine on your head. You need to identify and push up your triangle and continue concentrating on your tangerine spot.

open up the crown chakra by concentrating on your tangerine spot Why it works? I don’t know. I never ask why something works. It is brain candy to ponder about that.

Some people think a lot and they are disconnected and miserable. Other people know when to think and they can be connected and happy.

Are you the happy kind?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “You Can’t Mess Up Connecting To Source When You Do It With The Video”

  1. What triangle? Do you have an article explaining the triangle that needs to be pushed up?


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