The crab bucket mentality

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You know, it is really true that your environment, the people with whom you identify and spend the most time with have more to do with who you are going to be, what you are going to do, what your main concerns in life will be, than anything else.

I have been observing people, some more than others.

Some are genuinely talented… and yet their whole world is low vibration, their approach to the world is an incoherent mix of low vibration consistent with their friends’ and their main concerns, while high vibration would be consistent with their inner potential.

One example for this is Tai Lopez.

His friends are low vibration, lowbrow… you could say.

And in spite of him having high vibration mentors, maybe even reading (although the way he reads is very very low vibration), he is an incongruent mish-mash as a person.

What am I trying to say?

The single biggest difference with my clients who consistently grow was made when I suggested that they reduce the frequency to their exposure to low vibration family and friends.

Move away, find alternative ways for your kids to be attended to when you are busy, excuse yourself from gatherings, if you can.

Your family is the nucleus of society that wants to keep you in slavery. They have been carefully and meticulously programmed to do so.

And, of course, your friends: ditto.

If you have embarked on the journey to become a human being, the next evolutionary level of human, you can be sure that your friends from before are not going to help you in that: it is against their programming.

When I set up the partnership calls for the Playground, my number one concern is that during the long month when you would have no other influence but your old life, gets at least compensated, somewhat, by your conversation with your partner, who is also in the Playground.

You need to be reminded of what is important and what is not.

99% of what your family and friends say are important in life, are not important. But as long as they have an important part in your life, you will remain the same, or go lower… like Tai Lopez.

Yesterday, by a software glitch, my computer signed me up to a course… I was not ready to sign up, but my computer made a decision for me… lol.

So I said… OK, let’s see what this is about. Let’s follow this trail down the rabbit hole.

The essence of the course is somewhat aligned with what I want, but somewhat is less than perfect… so we shall see.

I had a 15 minute conversation with the “teacher” of the course, and I am now almost 100% certain that I will need to withdraw.

Let’s see what makes me almost certain:

  • 1. the dude is talking about the problems I solve. He sees the world through problems. I don’t, and I don’t suggest that you should either. There are issues, there are frustrations, there are challenges… but problems are a whole different animal… and I am not even interested in working with anyone who has a problem based outlook at life.
  • 2. the dude is lying about certain things… if you lie about some things, you probably lie about most things…
  • 3. the dude is looking for clients/students who are money oriented… and he won’t be interested in working with me, because money is the least of my concerns.

So, what am I saying? Even if you only talk to someone rarely but they are in an authority position with you, their influence on you are ten-fold… and can remove all the benefits you achieve with your work to become an expanding human being.

The other day, a student of mine, who is working on developing a skill to become a rainmaker for his bookkeeping/accounting clients fell into the desire trap and lost 120 points of his vibration. Most of you have less than 120 points to start with… lol, not funny.

Someone suggested that he should be paid while he trains… but that is a mistake: it puts the emphasis on the money, not on the training, the emphasis on what you get, circumstantially, not on what you give and earn within. Not on you increasing the value you can provide…

So if a third party, or even the practice client suggests pay, you get sucked into the low vibration world of society where you never do anything that you don’t get, somehow, paid for, by others.

Moreover, they suggest that you need to get “paid” more than your work is worth… because then you can consider yourself a winner and winning at all cost is the moral duty in the society of humans.

And there goes your personal growth, there goes your vibration, you are back in the crab bucket, and all the inner gains are gone in a jiffy.

My student is lucky. This happened when he already managed to build enough skills and context so he will be able to climb back to where he was before that “innocent” conversation that dragged him back into the crab bucket.

And, of course, he has me… to talk it over, and to learn from it.

Most people haven’t done enough work to recover from a crab-attack like that.

The biggest jump in the effectiveness of my programs happened when I asked my students to pair up. In the Accountability Forum, the Playground, the ones that do their work, grow, suddenly like a weed… unless their families are able to sink their teeth into them… again.

The saddest thing is to watch these people go from high vibration to low vibration… just because of a holiday, living with parents, or a phone conversation with mom or some other low-vibration person.

PS: After I wrote this article, I listened to another partner call… and horrors, it was a crab-bucket call, the two girls outdid each other keeping each other from doing the work they are supposed to be doing on the call, and keeping each other chatting in a way that will never make a difference.

I am inventing a new rule: you can now disqualify yourself from any of my courses or programs… if you turn out to be a crab in the crab bucket… working at cross purposes with me.

Consider yourself warned.

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