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Dear Sophie, I’ve purchased three audio activators so far, and all I can say is… you deliver. The – Get Into Action activator should be subtitled – how to get organized immediately.

When you read that, you should say: I want that for myself. Really.

There are two types of people.

  1. Type One: They live a vegetable life. They have no ambition, they are not up to anything. They may have some higher aspirations tickled when they watch a movie, for example, but they don’t see that living, thriving, accomplishing is for them.
  2. Type Two: The second group sees that life is pretty much what you make it… but they lack the motive power to rise to the occasion. They want to, they’d like to, they dream about it, they may even plan to live a life suitable for a human being, but gravity, insistence on comfort, safety, pulls them too much.
    cognitive dissonanceThere is a cognitive dissonance 1 between their desires and their actions. They want big, and they don’t do the necessary actions.

    This is the group that buys all the get-rich schemes, all the courses are filled with them. Motivational speakers make all their money taking this group’s. Spiritual teachers, healers, cult leaders, marketing gurus…

    The numbers don’t lie.

    18 months ago I did a course (that was the last marketing course I took). At least a thousand people bought the course, I don’t know the exact number, but I know that it was a million dollar launch.

    Exactly 7 people took action, followed instructions, and produced the results the course was designed to produce.

    That is less than one percent.

    I wasn’t one of them. I had my reasons, I had my excuses, I had my justifications. But the truth is, I didn’t do it.

    There are a few lessons that I can glean from that fact.

    1. The desire to fly is so strong, that it blinds the type two person.The cognitive dissonance, the inner tension created by having bigger dreams than the life you live, starts to accumulate. Males and sexual energy are a great analogy to use here: the sexual desire accumulates and threatens with explosion. A male that is used to drain that sexual energy by frequent sexual activity or by their own hand, has never built up enough standing power to go for something worthwhile and have a seventh-heaven type of sexual encounter.

      The type two person also drains this energy (we could call creative energy, and it is just that!) he could use to take off and actually fly, but his frequent energy draining, energy releasing behavior prevents the energy to really build up.

      This energy that comes straight from the Human Spirit is demanding. “If I don’t manage to fly, someone else will. The spirit wants only that there be flying. And for who happens to do it, In that he has only a passing interest” – Rainer Maria Rilke

      That spirit will nudge you, incessantly, will make you miserable, unless you decide to fly or not fly… and that takes us to the next fact…

    2. choiceschoice means saying yes to one thing and no to everything elseEvery choice you make, by its nature means that you didn’t chose the other…

      Some people, including myself, delude themselves that the purpose of life is to have it all. But it is only a thinly veiled avoidance, a resistance to saying “no”.

      You can’t be a hero and a victim at the same time. You can’t be a person in action and in rest at the same time. You can’t be extraordinary and mediocre at the same time.

      You need to choose.

      Group two lives a personal drama of not choosing, at least not overtly. They make weak attempts at choosing, but they never unchoose…

      I have coined (or found?) a sentence that has been instrumental for me to choose and unchoose.

      “If it is to be, it is up to me…” The ultimate enemy of the victim-mindset. Of the hoping mindset. Of the attraction mindset. Of idle dreaming. Of tolerating the cognitive dissonance. Of waiting…

      The Avatar State Activator that helps getting there is called “Get Into Action activator

      The activator builds up the mental, emotional, spiritual muscle to getting things started, and getting things finished.

      It helps you to stay on track. Just like a horse needs blinders to allow them to stay the course by blocking out the distractions, you need something to be able to say no to everything else that comes up…

      One of my students reports that on her way to replace the shower curtain in the bathroom, she was interrupted by three things that needed to get done, so the shower curtain had to wait.

      When you take on a task, everything else, suddenly, magically, takes on an urgency. Why? Because commitment works that way. You commit and the “opponent”, your own dark side, sets up the roadblocks, the distractions, the doubt, the circumstances you experience when you want to do something that is important to you.

      It is the same on every level of being, on every vibrational level, get used to it.

      soul ego dynamic, spirit vs opponentThe spirit wants you to fly, the “opponent” wants you to stay put.

      It is the inner dynamic that you have to deal with.

      Fanning the flame of the spirit’s desire is a great way to get into motion fast enough to overcome the opponent’s force to keep you standing.

      Resist your buying urge, resist the urge to release some of the tension buy buying stuff you won’t use.

      Buy one thing and use it… take it to where you have used it up. You can only do one thing at a time… buy stuff you are willing to commit to use now, and don’t buy anything else. I know it’s hard, but that is what I am talking about with this activator: the muscle you need to build is the muscle to say NO.

      The choice I call is buying “just in time,” instead of “just in case.”

      You want to experience being in sync with the spirit? Learn to say NO.

    3. self-imageYour self-image after years of spilling your seed unproductively is probably really low. You have an experience of yourself as someone who will never amount to much.

      No activator will every be able to change your self-image. You need to do it. Little by little.

      The Avatar State Activators help with that. You start taking actions consistent with a self-image that can and will amount to something, that can and will do the actions necessary to accomplish.

      Unless your self-image changed suddenly, like as a result of a psychotic break, like mine in the story of my hypnosis your self-image is a result of the series of actions you have taken.

      mentally do the taskIt may be useful to use your imagination doing the actions you are resistant to take. Always concentrate on the actions, 2 and not the results. This is one useless and damaging thing “other” teachers teach: they suggest that you visualize the results… the “having” part… that is a horrible way to further destroy your self image.

      For example, visualize yourself approaching people and asking questions if that is an issue you have. Visualize yourself reading, visualize yourself doing the assignments, visualize yourself going to the gym, taking half portions of dinner, using a dessert plate instead of a dinner plate, visualize yourself walking…

      The results come from your actions… so concentrate on the actions. Abandon magical thinking… pick the right actions.

    4. use rational thinking to see ahead of time what you will have to give up to produce the results you desire.Many people, when I ask them, find out that their desire was akin getting a ph.d, while they haven’t gotten their GED…

      If your final desire is to live in the penthouse, but currently you live in the basement, you need to design actions that take you to the ground floor…

      There is no jumping in reality, only in your imagination.

      Just like lottery winners don’t know how to live with millions, you wouldn’t know how to be happy if you suddenly got your desire…

Life is such, the spirit is such, that you need to earn your wings. Get Into Action

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  1. embarrassmentIn psychology, cognitive dissonance is the discomfort experienced when simultaneously holding two or more conflicting cognitions: ideas, beliefs, values or emotional reactions. In a state of dissonance, people may sometimes feel “disequilibrium”: frustration, hunger, dread, guilt, anger, embarrassment, anxiety, etc
  2. in experiments with basketball players practicing throwing a basket in their imagination, their results improved, because in practicing the task in your imagination involves your muscles, whether you notice it or not. Imagining the result does no such thing, and is useless daydreaming.

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  1. Thank you for the view to use imagination to visualize the process and steps of moving towards the goal, instead of seeing the finish line. it might be the way I can keep up momentum on the way to the first floor.

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