What is a soul-mate? Who is your soul-mate? Are they unconditionally nice-nice, or accepting?

One of my students is asking a really good question.

She has two friends whose soul correction is Forget Thyself… and she has a good relationship with me… and I have that same soul correction.

She asks:

Sophie, after I read your last article I checked my last 2 friends’ soul corrections. My one friend who pushed me to a certain level had a soul correction Forget Thyself. My friend now, whom I met this year, also has a soul correction Forget Thyself. Interesting. Do we get attracted to certain soul corrections or maybe we get along better with some soul corrections that matches our soul correction?

The answer is not that simple.

  • We know that we have two selves. One self doesn’t change. We can call it the soul. Or the Self. Or whatever you want to call it, it is unchanging. It is the same in you, it is the same in me… it is, maybe, the Self of what’s possible for the human species…
  • Obviously your other self is far from that, it is changing, it is reactive, put together, selfish, and complaining, and haughty, and bossy… all the things you see everywhere.

You are BEING that other self.

Soul correction is the soul’s attempt to bring that public and not so high minded other self up to its own level.

According to my muscle test, a perfect soul correction never happened in history before. Some low mindedness always snuck in to spoil the deal… My favorite character, in this regard, is Moses, Moshe Avenu, who, at the end of his long and amazing life, could not resist begging the Creator to let him enter the Promised Land, even though their deal was: you won’t. Your job is to lead them there, and die.

If there were such a thing as gilgul 1 , reincarnation of the soul, I probably would be a reincarnation of Moses, given what my work is: leading a handful of you to the Promised Land, but being too old to enter myself with you. I find it very funny, lol. 2

OK, my personal stuff aside, back to how you choose partners, friends, spouses. Is there anything guiding it?

The Choice that is guided by your lower self

According to Landmark Education, your racket chooses your partner’s racket. Your racket, the sneaky little lower self complaining that “the world isn’t making it happy” part of you. 3

And that seems to be one choice… the choice that firmly keeps you stuck and anchored in your lower self.

Spouses… lovers… yeah… I’ll give you some examples a little later, but I want to distinguished the second choice:

The choice that is guided by the soul.

Growth happens only when you can see that you need to grow, because the opposite is ugly. Really… Ugly, unpleasant, distasteful, disgust are guiding feelings, pushing you higher on the scale of beingness, which we call soul correction.

A friend who was chosen by the soul, is irritating, somewhat.

They will either push you: friction, or show the same ugly behavior your soul wants you to correct. 4

Without that, without them doing whatever low-minded thing you are doing, you are not aware that you are doing it.

Almost all of my students chose me as a teacher from the urging of the soul.

I cause friction. I won’t let you get away with the behavior or attitude you need to correct, and I will be blunt about it.

Some escape, and return to the friends that match their little lower self complaining that the world isn’t making it happy… your lower self. They have given up on soul correction… for now. Hopefully they will get disgusted soon enough.

Your ability to take friction depends on your pain-tolerance, on the strength of your inner desire to become all you can become, your TLB.

As you take the friction, you act on it, as you consider it the best thing that can happen to you, better than sliced bread, your vibration grows, and your two selves grow closer.

You have first moments, then minutes, then hours that you love yourself, and you love your life.

You need friction to grow… in everything.

Now, let’s look at your family. You know you chose your spouse, but do you choose your parents? Siblings?

I am not sure. To me they all seem to be the crabs in the bucket that keep you from escaping the bucket, keep you in misery… but did you really choose them? 5

If your lower self chose your spouse for the express purpose to allow you to be comfortable as the little clod of ailments that claims that they want to be happy, they are now part of the whole family, and part of the crab bucket, in league with your parents, siblings, and your in-laws.

I haven’t seen anyone whose soul has chosen their spouse, but it is not impossible.

We call that choice: soul-mate. Soul mate provides the friction you both need to grow.

Spouses provide the smoothness and comfort that is like the bed in the morning: feels soft and comfortable… so you don’t get up to do what you said you would do.

Now, famous last words: if you have a self-deluding type of soul correction,

…like the student who asked the question, you’ll see only what you want to see, and will feel very self-satisfied and happy with yourself.

But don’t go that fast, suspect that the lower self is sneaky, and is a shape-shifter, it is the trickster…

Ask for your vibration number, and get knocked conscious, awake, aware, please.

The reality of your low number can wake you up…

You see that my job, being the ultimate soul mate is to knock you conscious… I am a natural at it… lol.

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  1. reincarnation of the soul in Hebrew
  2. The Promised Land, in the Bible, which is written in code, is not a physical place, it is a spiritual term for a certain level of human evolution.
  3. You can get access to my racket video, just ask
  4. Looking at that, I see that almost everyone around me could serve that purpose… it is really up to me where I put my attention: on the hate or them. When I get that I see myself in what I hate, I can do a little bit of growing, when I don’t, I won’t.

    Typically they feel like they are better than anyone… ugh… do I do that? Of course, my soul correction is that, contempt and condescending… so yeah… I probably do that.

  5. According to Kabbalah, you did choose your parents.

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  1. Thank you for that reminder: the things I hate in others are usually things I do, too!

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