Recognize the deadly undertow… the rip current…

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There is a saying: man makes plans, god laughs… but how do you explain it without god… I am an atheist. This article is about what it means “god laughs” and what happens to you and your plans if you don’t know what it means, and how to recognize it.

I found something I have never seen before.

As I have said before, the case, your case, is a shape-shifter, and it knows more tricks than are found in all the trick books out there.

As you know, my case is that I am dead, should be dead, who knows how long I have…

Now, learning, starting a new business, learning a software is for the long term. And I have found myself a non-starter in that. I have more programs I have never even started to work with that cost me more money than I could afford.

And I never understood why I don’t do anything with them.

And today, while I was doing other things, I saw: I am already doomed. I won’t have time to benefit from all that effort. So might as well pay attention to stuff I can enjoy before the inevitable end comes.

Now, if this only happened today when I am actually old, that may be justified. But I was like this as long as I remember.

That is the case…

I have a hunch that this may not be personal to me, that this is very close, or maybe identical to most… same thing, slightly different flavor.

The I am already doomed part… your doom may not be death as it is for me, but yet, it is as much of a doom as it can be.

You are stupid… doom
You are ugly… doom
You are just like your father… doom
You are worthless… doom
You are nothing… a nulla… doom
You are… and life is over. It is not worth learning anything new, because what will it matter… you are already doomed.

What gets you to a life you can love is, first and foremost, control the degree which your case owns your life, owns your lunch, owns you.

The case is like a life-sentence by a Federal Judge… you can’t escape it, but you can manage it.

People will tell you how to get a great life, depending on what they are selling. But they will be half-truths, quarter truths… and won’t do what they promise for more than one out of a hundred people.

Not because they are lying. They may not consciously, they may not intentionally lie.

People see what they can see. And the speak from the little of reality that they can see. Clearly, hopefully.

But because 99% or so of reality is not readily visible, no one size fits all solution will do much for you.

The closest to an almost 100% solution is my Playground process. For two reasons: 1. We deal with what is a common issue for all people, no matter where they live, no matter how they got their start in life.

If they are people, they relate to reality through “occurrence”, which means the translated reality. And that translated reality includes the meaning you give to what happened, why it happened, and how to make it not happen again, if it wasn’t pleasant.

Most of these get carved in stone by the time you go to school, rarely any later.

The sentencing is done by you about you. But because of the collapsed, undistinguished reality/meaning paradigms, you don’t know that you are dealing with unreality: you really think you see everything accurately.

You are going to have a tendency to repeat the unpleasant experience, the meaning…
Others are the fix types: they do everything to fix what they decided was wrong with them when they were kids.
You are going to repeat the fixes you invented. Become loving, giving, fast, witty, smart, well-spoken… but still a loser in your mind.

I am of the first category: I am repeating. And repeating… ad nauseum

It’s not easy to find your case. I have done it hundreds of times, but it is still difficult.

Why? Because you have made many decisions in your life, and because the case is a shape-shifter. A trickster. If you pay attention, you can hear the heehee laughter.

The hardest to get to was my own. Others can see you better, and I didn’t have this support for myself.

When you observe people, if you do it without judgment, just watch what they do, you can see the case in action.

A slippery slope… You get hooked and you go all the way down.

Unless you get really clear how it works and what you can do to arrest it, to stop it, to save your life, it completes the action.

I watch people spending money they don’t have on stuff they can’t use, because they never bothered to get any education, never bothered to develop any skills that would make that stuff useful for them. The case in action.

I watch people who discount all their good qualities, all the skills they have, because they are in conflict with the case…

So when I find a program, great sales letter based on the author’s own experiences, promising unlimited confidence, unlimited passion, unlimited life, I know that it is a one-size-fit-all solution and won’t work for you.

To tell you the truth, I’d love to have unlimited confidence. I have no idea what that would look like, it sounds like a feeling I would like.

Or unlimited passion… hey, that sounds fantastic. I watch Benjamin Zander, the conductor, demonstrate unlimited passion…

but I know that there is passion that is nearly invisible, and then there is passion, the showy kind, and that the showy kind should be there only for others… you can’t sustain it 24/7 or it will kill you.

But being able to call upon it… yeah, make people’s eyes shine… yeah, I’d like to get better at that. Could I?

I am surprising myself finding examples of that in my own life. Now, just move that same thing wider… yeah.

The sense of doom kicks in, and you shrink. They, you, hate the shrinking and jump up and down to get bigger, hastily, without rhyme and reason… behaving like a cat wanting to get rid of a real or imaginary flea? Running amok, taking the lamp, the blanket, the furniture with him. Destruction.

In a previous article writing about the Juice exercise, I told you that my students and I labeled my juice: bringing the divine to everything.

The divine, it can be said, the vertical plane.

There is never anything wrong on the vertical plane. Nothing needs to be fixed. There is no hurry, there is no lack.

The realization that what gives me juice is to move my life, my existence up on the vertical plane, was dramatic.

Before that my life was like a whirlwind, busy, always in a hurry, always trying, always running, taking on too much, always a little behind.


It was not fun, it was breathless, and it was eating away at my health.

After that discovery, I managed to slow down my life, and create peace, coherence in it.

Surprisingly my result did not become less… hurry, efforting, running about isn’t equivalent with results.

Putting all power in all action, because that is the only thing to do, on the other hand, making all action successful, leads to results, lead to a successful life.

90% of my life is played out now on the vertical plane. The 10% is where the case eats my lunch. I fall and break my wrist. I eat without checking if the food is OK. I do stuff to bring my whole life to its knees…

That is the case. I can feel a tug to hurry, to push, to please… it is always just before the case makes me do something damaging. I haven’t been able to stop it, but at least I see it is coming and can brace myself for impact… lol… horrible.

Yeah… the underlying issue is still there… like the undertow

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