Soul-Correction: Self-Esteem. Low or high… inaccurate!

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You must have heard that problems with one of the senses are usually compensated for through increased sensitivity of other senses or organs. For example, persons that had lost their hearing may delight in particularly acute eyesight or the sense of smell.

You can hear better in darkness where your eyes are disengaged, or with your eyes closed.

Me, as an empath, feel you more astutely and acutely, if and when I don’t see you, or don’t hear you.

Our mind tells us, even, to hold our breath when we want to feel or hear… big mistake. We spend a lot of our life not breathing.

I have been running this website, I have been coaching mostly in groups, creating energy audios and courses.

I have had a low self-esteem person come to me.

That doesn’t mean that there are no self-esteem people out there… but I have never met any of them.

No matter where someone is on the scale of anything, they fancy themselves higher.

In this article I will combine self-esteem with self-discipline.

What is the origin of ‘low’ self-esteem? You will be surprised to find out that the origin of that is not that your dad yelled at you, it is not that your mom called you names.

No, the origin is that you expected yourself to be able to do things well that you weren’t equipped to do well.

Meaning: you overvalued yourself, and you didn’t perform accordingly.

Did you learn? Hell no!

Now, I am not saying that your parents weren’t stupid, I think they were stupid of expecting you to do things that you could not do, but their stupidity doesn’t effect your self-esteem, it is your mistake that could, and should, and doesn’t.

Most of us think that we come out of the shoot, i.e. we are born with moral, intellectual and physical capabilities of a fully developed adult, except that we are smaller. In size.

When I say it this way, you can hear how ridiculous it is, and yet, when it comes to mistakes, we react to them as if we should have known better.

Knowing your limitations is one of the most important knowledge you can acquire.

Also, you can go back to the incidents that shaped your life and fully appreciate that you weren’t morally, intellectually, physically developed at that stage to make better decisions.

This is one of the principles I use in my coaching of the Soul-Correction Workshop.

Even if the incident was 60 years ago, knowing that you made an error in judgment makes you feel better, and may start you on the path to a happier existence.

Of course, there is a lot more to soul-correction, but i’ll talk a lot more about it in another article.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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