How to keep your vibration high at Christmas?

I am sitting at my computer, observing the emails I get, observing people’s behavior.

It seems that the (Christian) world is disappearing into two main fantasy lands, two main unrealities: Christmas, and making cash infusion into their lives.

All horizontal plane, all hurry, all puppets on a string. All based on the unreality of lack. (I will write about this lack issue in another article… it’s important, so I may even email you to let you know…)

Your life is dominated by the separation of the two selves: the higher self is sent into its room for these last days of the year, and the lower self is throwing its weight around.

I am a Jew, we have this too, around the High Holidays, usually in September… And the Muslims have it around Ramadan.

One could say that it is human nature to dedicate this short time for high pretense, low vibration.

But unless there is a consistency in your everyday, you live an inauthentic life.

Yesterday I spent the whole day looking at the source of inauthenticity.

Inauthenticity is where you pretend that you are better than you are, you are different than you are.

You create a precious “I” that is doing all the pretending, all song and dance, and then you’ll hide behind that precious “I”…

But the question is: do you know you are doing it?

Often you believe your own legend, I’ve done that, but you still get glimpses of the reality: that you do or don’t do things and it is not quite kosher.

You believe that your case, for example, describes a correct way of being, the only way to survive in this world.

This past week I got glimpses of how I justify remaining the same, not doing anything that might challenge this case-based legend that I am living.

My case is that I wasn’t supposed to be born, I am not supposed to be living, I am on borrowed time… meaning I should not start a project that the result may come in years only, not earlier.

Most learning is like that, and I have been justifying of not starting any new learning with my case. Any long term projects, any friendships, anything.

But what is really underneath is this: that having that case, and my behavior that is guided by it, keeps me in safe and dead land, the Valley of the Shadow of Death: I am safe from discovering that I may not be as good, as smart, as inventive, as special as I have been fancying myself to be by the short term projects.

I am sharing this, because this seems to be the goal of the case. Everyone’s case. To voluntarily lock yourself away into this small box, so you don’t find out how graceless, how clumsy, how dumb you may be in the world… or in a bigger box.

The best indicator of this situation, in your Starting Point Measurements…

The best indicator of this situation, in your Starting Point Measurements is the number pair of how inspired you can become (genetic) and how inspired are you. My two numbers is 70% and 20%. Big gap. 3.5 times of the lower number.

The important element is the gap. It shows that you are keeping yourself under lock and key, to avoid becoming all you can become.

Here are a few sample measures:

Client example: 30%/3%… this is an even bigger gap than mine. 10X

Where does it show up so you can catch it? Just listen to the inner voices, you’ll catch it.

Meh, it’s not worth it! you may say. Or Meh, it can’t work! Or Meh, Sophie doesn’t know me… she doesn’t know what she is talking about…

This person has been “playing” this game with me for a while… His “how inspired can you become” number hasn’t changed, as I’ve said it is genetic, but his “how inspired are you” number has grown from zero to 3%, and he spends now 10% of his working time joyfully, as opposed to the zero percent when we started… When he was unmotivated, hating every moment of it, feeling ashamed about it… escaping into dreaming, fantasizing about a life that is more interesting.

Here is another client: 60%/1%… sixtyfold

This looks exaggerated: a 60-fold gap. It’s taken a miracle to grow his “how inspired are you” number to 1%. If he continues the work, especially keeping track of his case so it won’t throw him on a loop, he may become an inspired and inspiring person with a life worth living… his track record isn’t indicative of that.

Here is yet another client: 70%/20%

She is already inspired… but there is a lot more to go. If she can get past the hurdles her should’s and shouldn’ts, her case, set up as an obstacle course.

As I said, how inspired you can become is genetic. It is environmental more than “racial”…

In this regard, I make sure I pick students to reflect the diversity “racially” first, but also environmentally.

Here are some more number pairs:

10%/1% 3 clients

What is MY job with all these clients?

People pay too much attention to their vibration number which can be compared with your health number… a composite, a result of many many many other numbers.

Even this, the inspirable/inspired number pair is the result of other numbers.

What are the base numbers, you can directly influence with “transformational” technology, or maybe even direct work?

1. Your cell hydration number.

You need to overcome your resistance to becoming more coherent. When you are coherent, you can see more of your own inner ugliness… so you avoid it. You fake it. You’ll mess up your energizing setup. You won’t check if the audio is playing or not, you’ll sneak in a container that leaches chemicals into your water, easy peasy… if you don’t see it: it doesn’t exist, says the 3-year old in you covering his or her eyes.

What containers leach chemicals into your water? The soft, pebbly, not-see-through containers, jerry cans, etc.

How do I know? Through observation, and through muscle testing.

I can measure the water fully energized, and a few days later it lost all its coherence.

You can blame the environment, but it is most likely the container.

Oh, by the way, expect a Dark Side energetic event for this Christmas… I do. Know that as your water loses its coherence, you will too… And at the worst time… when you’ll be exposed to the ugly pretenses of the world anyway.

If you feel nothing, then your vibration is already low, your coherence is non-existent, so you are in harmony with the Dark Side.

What should you do if you are already doing what you think you should do with your water? Order new containers, those blue shiny see-through containers are best.

2. Your health number.

Your health number responds best to the Anna Karenina Principle, the strait and narrow.

You can raise it by simply eliminating the kind of foods that don’t agree with your DNA, or making them a rare occurrence.

My body, for example, responds most by lowering my health number, to soups and stews, meals and dishes that have a variety of ingredients.

My eating style is to eat one thing in each meal, and maybe added fat, salt, and onion. If I can keep that, I am reasonably healthy. My health number, at this moment, is 60%.

I have been experimenting, and it stayed there even when for a few days I ate mostly carb based foods, whole cooked sorghum mixed with sauteed minced onions, or brown lentils cooked and mixed with the same onions. The onions are there for flavor… no one wants to eat something totally boring and tasteless.

Both the lentils and the sorghum was a good food that I can eat RARELY…

I ignored the RARELY, and packed on six pounds in a few days, and now I can’t eat either lentils or sorghum. Source says NO.

I have been muscle testing what foods you can eat for a few years now, with spectacularly good results.

But if you do what I did with the sorghum and the lentils, you are cheating.

And if you keep everything except the eating style instructions, your health number won’t go up.

3. Your about-me score, the inverse humility score

You can lower this score by noticing how you view the world.

If you take things personally, if you think everything is about you, if you think the world should make you happy, you need to notice that, and consider that nothing is personal, nothing is about you, the world isn’t interested in making you happy, everyone is interested in doing what they see as best for themselves… that is base human nature.

So if you are playing for approval… please know that it is not forthcoming unless you give up all your self-interest, all of your life… and allow them to play you like a violin. Stop being a schmatta… a doormat, a rug, and do what you need to do, without stepping on the toes of others.

This is not a licence to have “desire to receive for the self alone”, hurt others in the process, or take what belongs to them, rain on their parade, or take yourself away. No. You can have it all, if you take care of yourself, your needs, and are mindful of what others really need from you. What you have agreed to do or be.

Remain a person. Resist becoming a prickly hedgehog, or pay attention that you don’t become a puppet on a string.

A person is neither. They, whoever the they are, don’t need you to be a puppet on a string. If that is your case, you, the lower self, needs it, to avoid being a person… and then justify yelling, blaming, and being miserable.

The other day I realized that I am afraid of people. I looked at my history of being glib, loud, demanding attention, and altogether feeling miserable about my uncontrollable behavior… For some it was endearing, funny, amusing, for others it was obnoxious… For me it was exhausting.

I did not decide to fix it… I wanted to see what the sudden awareness will do.

The next time I was with people, I noticed that the behavior was toned down, I was much less obnoxious, attention seeking, and altogether a lot happier. I little move in the right direction.

This is how it happens, little by little.

Allow the noticing, the awareness do the work, instead of the judgment machine that wants to fix everything. Awareness will do a smooth job, while the judgment machine is like a pendulum, will make it worse.

Are there any measures you can directly influence?

Yes… I have added a new measure, called “To what degree you honor your feelings as reality?”

This is the work of the Playground. The process will take a year, because it goes toe to toe with the human condition, society and its myths, lies, and false teachings.

It is also quite intense, all in all you’ll need to have about 50 calls, and do the work in your “real” life consistently.

I am working on adding new elements to it. One of the biggest missings is a “mental representation” of what it looks like when you are “clear” and live life not from your emotions, but from reality.

It will be a one-page document… something you can print out and compare how you are being as opposed to where you are heading.

I will use Christmas to do it.

By the way, it seems that we are getting ready to for another Playground group, this time all men. If you are interested in one program that can completely take care of your life, and if you are willing to invest a year to achieve that, please let me know, or just sign up. It will make me contact all the tire-kickers that are still undecided.

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