Seeing Wide and Far plus seeing Reality is the key to the Kingdom

This are the rarest human qualities, rarest capacities of all. They require high level of consciousness… that is why.

Of course no one is high consciousness or low consciousness… we are all on a scale of consciousness.

For example I discovered, doing the experiment with the candy yesterday, through glimpses of my behavior and thoughts, that side by side the high vibration, high consciousness person there are remnants of callousness (showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others, cold hearted, unfeeling) that I wasn’t aware of. It includes me, it includes my health, it includes everyone.

I woke up at 3 am from a nightmare… a tiger was licking my dog (I don’t actually have a dog, I have never had one) before it would eat it, and it was all my fault… I was scrambling for some weapon, until I stumbled onto a rake, and stabbed the tiger with it and it let go of the poor dog.

It left me shaking… I had to get up… so I have been up since 3 am.

   So what is the rarest human quality of all, you ask?

It is stoicism… the ability and the willingness to invest in a future that you might not live to see.

I am alluding to it, hinting on it in my last marshmallow article, but it’s time to write an article that is direct, and talks about what your TLB doesn’t allow you to be, doesn’t allow you to do, the future your TLB won’t allow you to have.

Stoicism was a Greek philosophy, or school of thought, that can best understood when you pit it against Epicurianism: Live now because tomorrow may never come.


I have been trying to teach everyone who is willing to listen that your actions will be consistent with what you see.

We call what you see occurrence. It will have elements of reality and unreality. The unreality will be words and emotions. Unconscious words.

Conscious words, like affirmations, don’t effect occurrence.

For example, I am writing this article, but it’s a struggle. I don’t feel like doing it. It doesn’t feel like it’s worth it.

It’s Christmas and people are busy doing whatever they are doing, and no one really wants to read what I write.

Is that reality? No. It is a mix of reality and unreality.

The reality is that the number of visitors has dropped to half of my usual visitors. That number is reality. The rest is words and emotions. An interpretation of what is reality.

But it is human conditioning, enculturation, to make you highly manipulable… and therefore sheep.

So given that I prefer not to be sheep, not even for a few days, I am trudging through this article, because I am worth it.

But if you look, when you live guided by occurrence, your ability to take action for a future that might not happen is so diminished that the likelihood of that action is between zero and none. 1

When you learn to separate the reality and look only at that, when you allow the unreality to just be there, you can start taking actions that create a life that creates value.

I am starting to see moments of it in my Playground students… not much more than moments, but they are happening here and there.

Some people are faster than others, but that is the most difference.

May I rant, please, for a few sentences?

I have read people write about stoicism, I’ve listened to Tai’s 67 steps, all 67 steps more times than I can count. 2

But I have never had anyone connect the dots for me, and…

…without writing this article, without it being Christmas, I probably would have missed the connection between occurrence, stoicism, and the Playground.

I measure truth value of books and videos and teachings. My hunch is that mostly the truth value is so darn low because the “author” looks straight ahead, fixated on what they want to talk about, with a narrow cone of vision.

One of the harmful effect of the narrow cone of vision, the inability to see connections, correlations, sameness… and ultimately principles.

Narrow cone of vision results in a boring, error prone, trudging life… where you cannot see anything unless someone points it out to you.

It also makes you stingy.

And narrow cone of vision also leads to the kind of disability where you see the end result of something, but none of the steps that lead to it.

And given that you don’t see the steps, you may fancy that some “law of attraction” or some god or some angel, or some benevolence, or the universe will give it to you.

All those New Age, and Indian scriptures, guru stuff, mind bs, and other magical thinking modalities, world views come from that narrow cone of vision, and the resulting inability to see the doing part of the path.

Wishing, willing it, praying for it… All the visible part of narrow cone of vision.

Stupid as the stupid does. Really

So what am I teaching in this article?

  • 1. becoming a stoic, investing in the future, in yourself, is what it takes to live a life worth living
  • 2. you really cannot become a stoic until you get better at living from reality instead of the occurrence.
  • 3. you will have a hard time doing that until you expand, physically, your cone of vision.

So start with that…

Use the eyeQ program, and the process I give you in the video on this page

I don’t get paid a commission, but I just checked, an until December 25, they give you a 53% discount… It is so worth it.

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  1. I see that in people’s reluctance to learn a skill. It may not be the right skill for the right profession, the automatic society inspired thoughts say, so they won’t do it. They will only take actions that bring an immediate result, and immediate high, an immediate benefit… because they are not able to see that everything benefits you, including your mistakes.

    You either shrink or you expand… there is no staying the same.

  2. If you listen again, after this article, you will hear that all the 67 steps are about becoming a stoic, and investor, without ever telling you how to change yourself into that. Cone of vision is measured in degrees. Tai’s cone of vision is 40 degrees. Seeing everything, even in your peripheral vision would be 150 degrees cone of vision, because of how our eyes are positioned in our heads. So Tai’s 40 degrees is about 25%. The “normal” person’s cone of vision is 10 degrees.

    Most of the detrimental and near-fatal false steps I have made in my life came from my narrow cone of vision, my inability to see what’s happening in my peripheral vision, outside of the narrow cone.

    I started to be able to see more of reality because of the eye exercises a behavioral optometrist taught me in 1996, and because of a computer program eyeQ is used, diligently for decades.

    I remember when I was first able to connect the dots in seemingly unrelated areas of life… It was a big event in my life. I think that is when my vibration finally decided to rise…

    My cone of vision is not huge, it is 70 degrees. Completely achievable for most people.

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