The 20-day skill learning challenge

You can pick anything. But it must be a skill that includes visible results… measurable results.

If you want to learn the skill of reading… at the end of the 20th hour you’ll be able to read without losing attention of patience… length of time, comprehension, number of books is a measurable, visible result.

If you want to learn the ukulele… just get ready to play to an audience.

If you want to learn to move your attention from your emotions, thoughts, reactions to reality… we’ll measure your results by the percentage of time you spend in your mind, being miserable.

If you want to learn to cook, let’s say, Hungarian dishes, we’ll see and taste your dishes… it is visible, and tangible.

It is really up to you to pick the target… and then follow through.

The role of this group is to keep you anchored…

Is it managed? Maybe, if it needs a lot of work, I’ll ask for volunteers to moderate.

I haven’t even tested how posting works on this forum… so it may be a dud… let’s hope it isn’t.

OK, I am swamped till next week, but next week we can have a webinar where you can ask for my advice or help to choose something that you can win with.

The goal is to teach you to win…

Most of you have a definite poverty in winning experiences. So you can start a new history right here right now.

I have always wanted to be a winner… whatever that means. What was missing is winning.
I know people who want to be leaders… but what is missing is leading.
I know people who want to make a lot of money… except they have nothing to offer for sale.

So, like with everything you want to build, you need to build the foundation first.

You will be counter cultural once you actually start learning something new. It has become a rarity… people may want to learn ABOUT something, but not TO DO something.

So be prepared to stand out, first as a sore thumb, then as a champion.


Question: Can one learn to be a value recognizer in 20 days?

Answer: Just like with everything, you can learn the rudimentary skill of being a value recognizer. It takes practice… First being able to see what is invisible to you… and once you see it, see it everywhere.

If you have at least one value that you think you can recognize, start with that, and see it everywhere. And then add another one, and another one.

In 20 days you can go from dull, apathetic existence to a life full of value, if you are diligent and do your 45 minutes a day practice.

We’ll use the light in your eyes as the measure of your accomplishment.

Q: Can you learn to go from homework attitude to growth, “I do it for me” attitude id 20 days?
A: Certainly… The moment you see that what you get is for you… you would not throw it away… just like you would not drop money that is yours to keep. That money can buy tomorrow’s happiness, or tomorrow’s safety… both are for you… if you can see it.

OK, the webinar: Monday 2 pm EST, Jan 14, 2019 (that is 7 pm in the UK, 8 pm in most of Europe, 11 am in California. I will record the call… hopefully.

Plan for an hour… if there is more, we’ll do another webinar

The link is posted on the Forum… if you are not on the Forum, you can register now

If you have already registered, here is the forum:

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