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Share your incidents, success incidents with giving the fireplace wood before you expect/receive heat

It puzzles me to no end how difficult it is for humans to grok principles.

Principles are timeless, culture-free truths… the kind that is true everywhere… and has been true forever.

Rules, hypotheses, theories are cultural, dated, and rarely even true in the environment where they are first invented.

Like democracy… or what is right and what is wrong… and 97% of what you read in “informative” articles, courses, books, on the internet.

They may even hint on the some principle, like Michael Gladwell’s books, or the Grit book, or many others… hint… hinting is not saying! They don’t quite know what the principle is, or it may not be politically correct in this day and age. Or not sexy. Or won’t sell books.

Just observe your refusal to consider any true principle… and you’ll get why those articles and those “authors” put their emphasis on sexy… because you won’t read it unless it is innocuous (not considered harmful or offensive) and in some ways tells you that you are greater than you are…

But occasionally I see a comment here and there, when a student saw something for a moment… and is now puzzled, surprised, amazed that the principle produced a result that seemed impossible before they read my article with the principle.

In this article I’d like to solicit shares like that…

I will consider those shares a flash in the pan… but still valuable.

What is flash in the pan? I participated in landmark education for 26 years.

Landmark is a sharing type of education: they want you to share in classes, and with everyone in your life.

Sharing is not talking about: sharing is allowing the other to taste your triple chocolate cake, not just your story about it.

A good share is built like this:

1. Before the article/distinction/principle life was like this
2. Then I got the distinction X… explain distinction
3. After the distinction this is what life became… an incident that shows that the distinction/principle actually changed something when applied.

Now, if you could live as if that principle lead your life, then it would not be a flash in the pan result… But until you completely own your dark side, you can’t. I have a good article about this (another principle) here https://www.yourvibration.com/37750/not-able-to-sustain-transformation/

OK, so what do I want you to do?

I want you to do the best you can, including reading and re-reading articles with principles, and asking questions if you need to.

My monthly Open Microphone is a great time to do that… if you want me to talk long and deep.

I do have some examples but here is a new one…

OK, this is what she wrote: that suggestion of yours for me to cook my husband his favourite meal..
since then he has been learning how to cook me stuff on my menu…
it’s too sweet.. like our relationship feels cosier?? not sure if that is the Affinity.
but it feels nice.

this is not a format that makes sense of the principle, so let’s see how it would look put into the best format that tells the whole story:

  • before: I have to eat in a particularly weird way to be well… And I have been pursuing it for quite some time.
    At the same time I am a wife and a mother, and I have been steadfast maintaining being pissed at my “boys”.
  • distinction/principle: you suggested that I give firewood to the fireplace before I expect it to give me heat… One action consistent with that is cooking my husband his favorite meal… even though I can’t eat it.
  • Unexpected result: my husband suddenly learning how to cook my special dishes I have on my eating list… And I am suddenly filled with gratitude or something like that… love? affinity? no works yet, but we feel closer and it feels nice.

Now, what is the use of doing all this work?

The structure I recommend serves two purposes, the more important of the two, is that YOU get what is the source of the result: the distinction or the principle. Not some person, not some course, not your husband… but you getting and applying a distinction or a principle.

It should be easy, but today’s world doesn’t want you to get clear… and you normally don’t.

Using this structure will get you clearer every time you use it.

I learned it in 1992, and my growth really began earnestly then.

Here is another principle: you can look at the same life situation from a different principle, and produce similar results.

There is more than one way to skin a cat.

Another principle, part of the invisible realm of reality, say that you always have a payoff and a cost when you do something and it is ineffective.

So if it is a principle, truly, then the same exact situation can be examined through that principle and found true.

So what was the setup?

  • before: I have to eat in a particularly weird way to be well… And I have been pursuing it for quite some time.
    At the same time I am a wife and a mother, and I have been steadfast maintaining being pissed at my “boys”.
    The level of cooperation is low, the level of affinity (love) is low… so I must have a payoff…
  • distinction/principle: I can see that the payoff is me being right that I am slighted, that I am left out, that other people are having fun eating and I have to eat the boring stuff Sophie prescribed for me… I am right, I am pissed, and I’ll justify my nasty, uncaring behavior well, thank you very much.I am also looking at the cost, and affinity (love) is a two way street… I like to get love, so I am willing to give up being right and justified… And get generous (giving) to test it out. I cook my husband favorite dish…
  • Unexpected result: I am surprised to find that his attitude towards me and my weird diet has changed, and he is learning to cook MY way… and I can even feel some affection, some affinity, dare I say LOVE to be in the air?

Same result using two invisible principles… and there are more principles, invisible dynamics, where these two came from.

The hard part, really, is tell a principle from something else, like a good idea.

So, this is a request and a suggestion that you start sharing.

If it goes well, I’ll open up a new forum on the discussion forum to create a private and safe environment for you.

For now please comment, or if you are shy, email me your share.

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