What is evil… and who is evil? Is it what the bible teaches? And what is the state of evil in the world today?

It is, it has been hard to see, but I think I can see it now.

You want to get without giving. Anything, if possible, a thank you at most… so that

  • You shouldn’t have to reciprocate
  • You shouldn’t have to pay attention
  • You shouldn’t have to do anything for what you want… especially not something that another person will or may benefit from

The worst of human nature is starting to take over…

You could call it stinginess… but I think we have gone past that stage… stingy was nice compared to… wait for it…

Circuitry: blocking even the chance of thinking about any energy going to the other… Block the flow…

Giving, allowing, sharing offends your sensibilities: it, all, should only be good for you. Everyone else: they should get their own… you are not going to give them a hand, give them of yours… you want what you have…

Is this true about you?

This is the direction the world is going… so in a way it is true.

Are there exceptions?

yesterdays homeruns dont win todays gamesIf you are an exception, you have noticed that the world is going in that direction… and you can see that it is getting cold… everywhere where you go, and that you are eyed suspiciously because you are still trying to give, trying to cause flow, trying not to block it… so that life, Life can continue on this planet.

Divide and conquer has been a winning strategy in history…

when you manage to turn people who used to be neighbors, family, friends, against each other, then winning is easy: you can kill them all, they will even help you by killing their newfound enemy, their neighbor, their family, their friends.

It happened when the Nazis brilliantly declared the Jews the enemy. It wasn’t the first time, it won’t be the last time… it is an effective strategy: divide and conquer. Divide et impera…

The technique is as old as “human” society… human “culture”

On one hand we have a slogan: united we stand… weak, but effective… but hard to come by.

Human nature, the lowest, seems to seek benefit at others’ expense… this is what Kabbalah calls “desire to receive for the self alone” the only evil there is.

When I last checked, the darkness was only 50%… when I checked this morning, it is 80% now. Back in 2011 when I, quite arrogantly, “activated the planet” downloaded the energies of the higher nature of humans, the Original Design, https://www.yourvibration.com/track-activation-original-design/, when I finished the activation, I measured the Dark Side at 36%…

The evil is rising to power in the world, and they are using YOUR help…

By only thinking of yourself, of what you are getting, from others, mind you, not through your work, you are feeding the darkness.

Back in 1956, my family didn’t run to the West.

We lived in a house that was built in 1938, and was bombed out when my father was looking for a place to live in 1947. I was just born, and we lived in a one-room apartment, two kids and two parents.

He found this bombed out house, that the first floor was a police station. My father decided that we’d move to the second floor… and we did. Of the four rooms only one was heatable… but he spent his money in fixing the roof that had the bomb destroy, and little by little build new chimneys so we can live.

A few years later the “state” decided to declare all properties state owned, and from that point on we paid rent… then the state moved in a tenant into our part of the house… they didn’t have to get our agreement.

In 1956, my father, a Communist, fought on the side of the government, against the hordes of people who were released from prisons, to upturn the system. I was nine years old. My front teeth were missing, I just got my first prescription glasses in September.

My parents didn’t decide to jump ship… and I remember the waves of hatred from the people who hoped that they could put their hands on our apartment, and move out of the basement.

That was my first conscious experience, exposure to evil.

I recognize evil now, even if it hides behind a smoke screen.

How do you recognize evil? Desire for the self alone?

I can offer you a simple formula…

1. Wanting to look good, making another look bad or worse than you
2. Wanting to Be right, making another wrong
3. Wanting to win, making another lose in the process
4. Wanting to dominate…
5. Justify self… invalidate another
6. Avoid being responsible… point fingers at others

What gets lost for you when you are engaging in acts of desires of evil? And I am talking personally to you… the thought is not far from anyone’s mind, so please look.

What gets lost is what makes life worth living.

1. Affinity. The capacity to love, to appreciate, to rejoice, to enjoy, to share.
2. Your health, your vitality, your mojo, your ambition, your spirit
3. Your finances, your livelihood, your prosperity, your abundance
4. Joy…

You can commit evil in many ways… most of it is not visible much from the outside… some of you cover it up with giggling… men and women alike.

The giggling comes from the evil inclination, we call it glee… Or alternatively it can be a smokescreen, like with magicians: watch my hands… not where I do what I do.

In a minute I’ll go over to that article from 2011, and will spend as much time it takes to re-measure most countries, the vibration… I muscle tested, and Source said that I should do it.

Then I’ll come back here and share what I saw.

The numbers are interesting…

Am I pessimistic? No, I am a realist. That is what a Seer is… I can see where the world is heading, and I can see that unless some actions slow the trend down enough… it is going to end up where it is heading.

My work is to inspire action, teach how to do them, to all who is willing to learn.

Here is a TED talk, that takes a different approach

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “What is evil… and who is evil? Is it what the bible teaches? And what is the state of evil in the world today?”

  1. Sophie, this is straight to the point with an in-depth approach to warn us how greed and insecurity brings the worst out in all of humanity. I do believe in the good life as Tai describes it in his 67 steps.

    We, as humans, are way too vague and not specific enough to learn, live in peace, helping your neighbors.

    We cannot manifest if our insecurities, create an evil as the quote states, “Misery loves company”, this seems to be the culture we have become, and all of humanity, which we still can see it has not grown over half of the population.

    Though, I can see it growing as people I grew up with and now can put a knife into your back e.g., how Brutus was to Caesar.

    Also, I still believe humanity have hope is designed in our DNA…Hope! How can the universe give us the peace and stress free life if we do not have some hope. If we live in a pessimistic society the negative energy will eventually eat you up like “The Nothing”, we should focus on how to heal ourselves, so we need to be specific about our gratitude.

    We must work harder than ever before, right now, and not all of society have the mental fortitude to be successful in life and business.

  2. what is most sorely missing, is the ability to see clearly. to be able to tell a from b… but for humans everything is the same as everything else.

    People’s impoverished vocabulary shows it. Everyone should know at least 300 words that clearly says a specific, distinct emotion… while most people’s total accurate vocabulary is less than 300 words… How can you see something that looks the same as everything else…

    You call it insecurity, and I have 50 different words to say what actually goes on there… so yes and no… no precision, no change possible.

    thank you for sharing.

  3. The phrase “blocking the flow” is helpful for me here. This made me look again at a small recent incident where I felt slighted. I think I can see where I have been blocking the flow here, only thinking about myself. It is easier to accept it when it’s phrased that way than describing it as evil.

  4. I understand that the word evil creates horrible marker feelings… so I agree. I wonder how many others didn’t say a word, but felt the same way. Thank you Sandra, thank you very much.

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