I am starting to change my mind about Jordan Peterson. Here is a 60% truth value video

Yesterday I found a quote that shook me to my core… So I want to start with that. You could say: that quote accurately expresses my attitude about life… and I am moved by that 1

It is 60% truth value, not because 40% of it is not true, but because it doesn’t quite distinguish the path, doesn’t look at the invisible dynamics of life it a way, that people can catch themselves as they make themselves miserable…

It is never circumstances, nor other people that make you miserable, it is your inability: lack of distinctions, to see exactly what creates your attitude and behavior.

You can’t catch what you can’t see! And lack of distinction is the cause of it.

Distinction is the ability to tell two things apart, even if and when they are very similar.

Until you can… and to the degree that you can’t… everything is the same for you as everything else… you are a bumbling idiot when it comes to life.Example: You have a feeling. You know four names for a bad feeling… so you use the words your know. But the feeling is not that… so you cannot see where it’s coming from, you are not going to be able to catch the color of evil inclination… and you’ll remain the same: self-hating, miserable.

Jordan Peterson’s accurate vocabulary is 1000 words… higher than most, but not enough to help you much… My vocabulary is 5000. The vocabulary number is about the words of behavior, attitude, emotions, values… the words that allow you to navigate your own psyche, navigate the world of people, to accurately assess what is in front of you, values, etc.

But his meager vocabulary is still 3-5 times larger than yours. In the current Playgrounds I have three students with as high a vocabulary as his… three with 5 times smaller, and two with three times smaller.

If you ever want to feel like you are a match to life, equal to life, enough for life, you MUST increase your vocabulary of feelings/emotions/attitudes.

If you don’t, there is nothing that anyone can do for you! I am shouting, I know, and you are cringing, I know…

So get off your ass, and do something for yourself! The cringing shows you that your TLB is 1… you are soft and a sissy.

There is no good life for a sissy… you need to get that. Life takes work, and work is hard. Life takes learning, and learning is hard. Life takes seeing… and I promise you, once you start seeing, it is both a blessing and a curse. You’ll rejoice in the richness… and you’ll grieve the ugly… But all in all, unless you can see, you are not living…

If you are a parent, create a project with your child or children to hunt for words that express a state of being, an attitude, a feeling.

I am working on the positive feelings, attitudes, right now. I learned “jaunty” and wrote an article about it. Yesterday I learned “jovial”. I could get more diligent, but I don’t want to do it with a homework attitude: the attitude that works best for me is discovery, a sense of wonder, delighting in the added color on the fabric of life, each new word provides.

  • This is why I have been reading, exclusively, fiction for the past many months.
  • 10-30 books by each author I carefully choose for their writing ability.
  • Each author has a limited vocabulary that adds a few hundred to mine.

Even Jordan Peterson has added a word or two to my already large vocabulary, thank you very much Professor Peterson. I think I needed it.

His words add another dimension to my vocabulary, a dimension where I have been weak in: inspiration, talking to your intrinsic sense of greatness, and possibility.

I have still a lot to go…

You won’t learn new words unless you set it out as a task. It isn’t like it will infect you, or enter you by osmosis… that is not the nature of reality… or not quite. If you COULD read or listen in Theta brain wave mode, the mode of learning, then you would, but I personally don’t know anyone older than six years old, who is listening in theta mode…

In theta mode you don’t mount a filter to protect your special “I”, you don’t mount a filter to protect yourself from finding out that what you know is actually not true… in Theta mode you are like a sponge.

And so were your children. And the soaked up your level of humanity… and you are surprised that they are not better people, that they don’t measure up to your high standards… which you yourself don’t consider a standard for yourself.

Ugh… ugly.

So, regardless where you are… create some circumstances inside a commitment to grow as a human… and please know, that without a larger vocabulary, you cannot grow.

Your vocabulary limits you to a certain level of being… and unless and until you grow your vocabulary, you are stuck there, and there is nothing you, me, or your favorite magician can do to unstuck you…

Voodoo won’t do it for you. Mind movies won’t do it for you. Energy clearing won’t do it for you.

Only actually learning new words will do for you.

It’s OK to start with good, nice feeling words, but given the principle of strait and narrow, learning bad feeling words will be a lot more effective.

Why? Because if something has a name, then you name it and you claim it, and own it. When you can own it, it allows you to be whatever you choose to be… instantly.

While if you start with the positive, nice, better feeling words, you will… most likely, pretend to be that… and pretense is lying… pretense won’t allow you to face the truth, pretense is all to blow smoke up other people’s ass… so they like you…

And then you can’t grow.

So start with the bad feelings. Don’t stop until you get at least 300…

Each word will give you more power… Sounds counter intuitive? What humans call intuitive is not… instead it is indoctrination to slavery. So move towards the counter intuitive: at then end is what you have always wanted: becoming a person. Yeah, a person. And individual.

One in a million.

PS: everyone wants a high or at least higher vibration. But whatever the people on the internet say about vibration is wholly b.s.

They don’t know… and they sound like they do…

But if you examined their vocabulary number: it is low.

  • David Hawkins, vocabulary: 1000.
  • Christie Marie Sheldon, vocabulary: 300.
  • Abraham/Hicks: vocabulary: 400.
  • Vishen Lakhiani: vocabulary: 700,
  • Karen Berg of the Kabbalah Centre: 300,
  • Michael Berg: 500,
  • Jack Canfield: vocabulary: 500.
  • Tai Lopez: vocabulary 700.

Tai Lopez teaches an interesting principle, the “law” of 10%. It says that you can learn 10% of another’s knowledge, or whatever they are teaching.

So if you want to grow fast, pick someone whose 10% is a significant growth for you, not someone who is just slightly and comfortably above your level… which most people do.

And especially in this fundamental capacity, being able to distinguish and name feelings, attitudes, emotions, values accurately, don’t pick someone who can 10X your vocabulary… or you are wasting your life with easy.

This doesn’t mean: don’t listen to anything they say: just don’t learn vocabulary from them…

Jordan Peterson has a bigger “bad attitudes” vocabulary than most, and maybe bigger “inspiration” vocabulary than me…

I know all the bad words, but didn’t know the inspiration words… so he can teach me something… but his real value for me is that he casts his net wider than me, including politics, and such, I have no clue about…

But if I want to learn inspiring words, I am better off studying the famous orators… and I even own a book, big, heavy, lasts a lifetime.

When I learn a new word, I spend at least a few days to make it instinctual… to be able to recognize it even if there is a smokescreen… So I learn, really learn, only one new word every few days.

Some words, like generosity, authenticity, integrity, loyalty… and such took me years each… I started this learning new words around my 40th birthday.

Once you go over the hump… the words come fast and furious, and your growth comes with it.

So if anyone asked me, nowadays, what is the most important activity you can take on to raise your vibration, I would say, without hesitation: increase your negative feelings/attitudes vocabulary. It works like magic.

What should be your first words you learn: just go to the Bach Energies page

I just checked, and I am sure I have an even better page, where the negative energy of the feeling is expressed better…

I will be looking for that list, and come back here and post it… Just check back again later.

In the meantime, read these two articles:

What should you work on to raise your vibration?

The invisible components of success: two case studies. A must read…

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  1. Sandy Koufax was Jewish, and his attitude was what made Jews survive all those thousands of years of exile, all the persecution, and come out, when they did, on top…

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