The escape route from the dungeons of the human condition

Escape route differs from jailbreak… Unless you plan how you’ll be, where you’ll go, what you’ll do after you break out of jail, you’ll be taken back on short notice…

Why and how the “human condition” have come to signify wretchedness, evil, and ugly?

I wrote the first part of this article about 18 months ago…

This article has been researched for more than two years. but it was just getting puzzling and more puzzling.

Finally, today, as I was pondering the issue, the expression “human condition” opened it up for me.

So, here is the result of more than two years of research into the biggest puzzle I have ever dealt with.

Why are humans so bad?

Why are you, me, all of us so wicked?

I used to be a lot more wicked. Christianity is right about one thing: wicked thoughts are coming from the same wickedness as the wicked actions… you are not better off for suppressing them, or overruling them…

I used to be extremely vengeful. I used to wish people dead. Sometimes entire groups people.

It is still there. I may still have the thought when I feel very powerless… and my welfare depends on someone else. It is just there rarely.

The most puzzling thing about this “human condition” is that it came discontinuously.

After all we, humans, have evolved from animals, and I am yet to see any evil, any wickedness in the animal kingdom. Animals eat other animals for food, for sustenance, not because they are angry, or because “it is the right thing to do”, or because their pride is wounded.

So this “human condition” came from out of the blue…

Consulting the “creation myths” doesn’t help. Unless the Creator was playing a cruel joke, our wickedness doesn’t come from him or her.

Some bible stories about the first couple led astray solve the issue:

Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, and they became evil.

Hah… but who was, what was the serpent?

The Tree of Life is the tree where you continue your evolution from animal goodness.

The Tree of Knowledge is the tree where you live against and counter with nature, counter with reality.

If I had to guess, this path leads to a bad future, both for humanity and for Life.

Humanity is the enemy. Speaking more precisely: the human condition…

Sometimes I wish there were a creator… an entity that can wipe the board clean and start over. Start over from scratch or not scratch… both may work.

But that Creator would have to design a programming condition that some group of people can’t spoil it for everyone.

From the limited perspective of the human mind, I have asked questions from Source, and found that some seven thousand years ago, some Egyptian priests, decided to enslave all of humanity. And slowly and surely they have. Then Christianity and Islam made a whole darn system from it.

The very funny “The gods must be crazy” movie is completely wrong in that if a hard object fell from the sky, the Bushman would not start to fight over it.

The bushman, living on the Tree of Life, would share it.

Because the bushman had never been exposed to the cultural shift of moving to the Tree of Knowledge, the tree of scarcity, of pride, and envy, jealousy, and possessions, they would continue living on the Tree of Life.

I have a feeling that there are two possible paths for someone who wants to leave the bottomless pit that the Tree of Knowledge.

You either get off that tree and climb on the Tree of Life… or you use what is available on the Tree of Knowledge to go beyond it.

OK, I just muscle tested… the second path is not available.

When you climb higher on the Tree of Knowledge, you just get more sophisticated in justifying your wickedness.

But how do you get off the Tree of Knowledge?

Hah, that is the million dollar question, right?

So in order to see what to do, we may need to know what is there… on the Tree of Knowledge.

Because unless you can see what is there, all your strategies will misfire, even backfire.

OK… back in 2017, when I wrote the article until this point, I really didn’t have a good answer to that.

I did my own moving from one tree to the other, my own move from the horizontal plane to the vertical plane, inch by inch, blood sweat and tears… eyes open, but for most of that time, I was seeing things from too close, from a too personal perspective.

I could do it, I could teach you, maybe, guide you, but I really didn’t have a strategy for you.


The Playground

The strategy, in its entirety, is included in a year long course. The course is involved, but lacks any woowoo, any mystery, it is straightforward and any person can do it.

Pieces of it are still revealing themselves, fast and furious, and it is pretty much the only fun I have… but it is fun.

The course is fun for the participants too. It’s worked fast.

The most important part of the course is the partner calls.

I am planning to do an example call for the ideal partner call with one of my students who has been helping out in many of my projects. She needs the training… she hasn’t been an effective partner.

To be an effective partner, you need to be spiritually greedy… you need to want to do your own work, and demand of the other, the partner, to do their work as well… on the call.

The nicer you want to be the worse partner you are.

You want to be a partner like me… compassionate and ruthless.

The better partner you are, the faster you climb off the Tree of Knowledge, and start climbing the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Knowledge is where none of the truth is your personal truth. They are rules given to you. Like religion. Like the myriad of memes on the web. They suggest that how you feel is more important than reality. They tell you that your mind is your power tool. That by imagining stuff you can have it.

All lies. All keep you on the Tree of Knowledge, all keep you low vibration, all keep you lazy, miserable with occasional happy moments.

On the Tree of Knowledge, the most important thing is what other people think about you. Your inner guidance is completely shut down, and doubted. Your two selves are at an ever growing alienation, and you hate yourself.

On the Tree of Life you see reality in its glorious entirety… sometimes it is beautiful, sometimes it’s ugly, but neither phase you: you deal with life the way it is, not the way it is supposed to be, like you would on the Tree of Knowledge. You deal with reality according to your skills, and you see that growing your skills/capacities to deal with reality is in your best interest.

You can succeed in anything that you are willing to invest energy and time into. And You choose wisely to invest where it is the most fun… where it is like heated knife that goes into butter.

You are in touch with your strengths, and you work with them, through them, instead of trying to fix what’s wrong with you…

On the Tree of Life there is never anything wrong with you… All wrong is on the Tree of Knowledge. All wrong is an opinion.

Life is 90% neutral or good… and the 10% not so hot: you can handle, you can deal with. No big deal.

Take advantage of this course, probably the last life course I can give before I pass… enjoy me while you can.

You can enroll in the whole course, or you can choose to go and test out the beginning level… the part where you are trained to climb down from the Tree of Knowledge.

I am looking forward to teaching you tree climbing…

Just like a cat, you’ll be afraid to come down… but eventually get the hang of it.

Each module involves both getting down the Tree of Knowledge, and climbing up the Tree of Life.

It entirely depends upon you how far you can go…

I am showing you the whole path.

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  1. I needed to climb the last 20 vibrational points to see it… Now I am teetering on the edge of becoming non-physical… not a pleasant feeling, by the way.

    My work is almost done… I just have to put it in a format that can survive my passing.

    I am working on it.

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