Therefore: the invisible thread in all the invisible dynamics that decide your happiness or wretchedness

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I have been talking about these invisible dynamics forever… hundreds of articles about them.

There is no mystery about them, yet you need to actually be willing to look until you see them.

There is a common element in all the invisible dynamics I have looked at, even included the logical fallacies and cognitive biases, which are also part of the invisible dynamics.

And that is what I am talking about in this article. It is there, it is always there, it is already there. Invisible… Lurking in the background, lurking under the conscious detection.

There is nothing wrong with you. And there is nothing right about you either.

When any adjective or adverb has a flip side, it is part of a binary structure, just another name for an oscillating structure, that uses your life to bang your head to the floor and bleed you to death.

In my family I was, at best, second fiddle…

My mother was the pretty elegant one, I was the ugly and the frumpy.
My mother was perpetually gloomy, she got pregnant by this charismatic ugly guy, and she wanted a good looking one… so she put all her adoration to my older brother who looked like my mother’s older brother, the one she adored.

No matter what I did, I could not become any good in my mother’s eyes.

Guys would say, as a compliment, that I had pretty eyes, but I was astute, and I know that nothing else was pretty…
I was pursued for my oversize breasts, not for anything that I considered valuable about myself.

I looked at the world through a binary filter called smart/stupid, and unfortunately I was also in the world… so I went alternately stupid and sometimes smart.

I lived in hell.

Really hell…

In 1996 I participated in an eye training treatment program to enable me to see more than just a pinpoint width of the world.

Not accidentally, the same year I saw that if I embraced the worst in me, it would stop jerking me around.

I embraced stupid.

I said, stupid is OK, it doesn’t mean anything. And more importantly it has no “therefore”.

I just checked and I have been teaching this “therefore” invisible dynamic forever, every chance I get, and it is not getting learned.

You have no idea that you bring meaning and therefore to everything you hear, inside or outside, and as long as you do, nothing will ever change.

Huh? Nothing will ever change?

Hell yeah…

You can do 30 spiritual practices, meditate, get energy treatments, blah blah blah… nothing will ever change.

Until you train yourself to catch that you said “therefore” under your breath, unconsciously, automatically, life will remain the same.

What is this “therefore”?

It is a conclusion. Organically coming from the meaning… whether it is true or not.

And surprisingly, no amount of evidence to the contrary has ever convinced us that it is not an accurate, inevitable, inarguable conclusion.

You call it luck, or happy accident, when in spite of what is predicted by the “therefore” doesn’t happen.

For about 60 years I was convinced that I never win a raffle, or anything given randomly… in anything left to chance, not in meritocracy games, and never expected to win anything.

Then I changed my mind about a few “therefores” and suddenly I started to win things, invaluable, chance things… but that is not the point. I didn’t fight it, instead I decided to be grateful for it, and find some people to be grateful to.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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