Want to become competent in life? Competence is rare…

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I watched, mostly listened to the ‘masterclass’ selling Eric Edmeades’ Wildfit course.

The truth value of what Eric Edmeades said was 30%. There was nothing in it that was untrue… it just cannot go higher when you have a product for mass consumption, a one size fit all product.

Eric Edmeades’ vibration is 200.

As in every masterclass, he was having a conversation with Vishen Lakhiani, who looks fabulous, but is insufferable, for the most part. His vibration is 150.

Eric 200 talks about being well, living the way your species evolved to live, eat according to seasons, and to shun manufactured food with ingredients. He wants you to have energy, clarity, and live longer… while Vishen 150, from the level of his vibration can only see weight loss…

The average vibration of the people who buy or consider buying The Wildfit course is 110…

Contemplating that, I came to a realization: your vibration is too low to even see or even be interested in the purpose of health, the purpose of eating right.

You hear what you are interested in, and that is low vibration concerns… mostly about looking good, or getting better if you are sick.

Which pretty much clues me into the world of the visitors of my site as well.

Because the hardest thing to get, to grok for any human on any level of vibration is that…

…you are causing your own misery, 100 percent of it, 100 percent of the time, and that you are causing your own joy, 100 percent of it, 100 percent of the time.

Both Eric Edmeades and I have a very hard time getting it through to you.

The human mind lies to you.

  • One of the lies is that you are not causing anything.
  • Another is that you can do things a little bit, for a short time, and that will solve the problem.
  • It also tells you that once you know it, you can and will use that knowledge
  • It also tells you that whatever resonates with you must be true
  • It tells you that if you say it, it is true… ie. talking about flying IS flying

And, of course, if you are a garden variety human who lives your whole life in your mind, you’ll believe everything your mind tells you… because even if and when another person speaks, live or in writing, you’ll only hear a filtered version of what they say… you actually never hear more than 10% of what they say, and even that 10% will be only stuff that agrees with the mind’s lies.

Another thing that no one understands, but it can be measured: if and when your vibration drops, and it does drop, until you fully earned it, your comprehension, your ability to hold onto information diminishes by a lot, and your cone of vision narrows.

You truly and whole heartedly believe that your actions have no consequences.

And seemingly they often don’t… not in the visible realm of reality.

You could see it in how you feel, but you can always point to outside influences to explain it away.

You can lie to yourself, but you cannot lie to me: I can measure some crucial measures in a few seconds, and I know exactly what happened.

I love the analogy of Arthur Miller’s: Take One’s Life in One’s Arms

I think it’s a mistake to ever look for hope outside of one’s self. One day the house smells of fresh bread, the next of smoke and blood. One day you faint because the gardener cuts his finger off, within a week you’re climbing over corpses of children bombed in a subway. What hope can there be if that is so?

I tried to die near the end of the war. The same dream returned each night until I dared not to go to sleep and grew quite ill. I dreamed I had a child, and even in the dream I saw it was my life, and it was an idiot, and I ran away. But it always crept onto my lap again, clutched at my clothes. Until I thought, if I could kiss it, whatever in it was my own, perhaps I could sleep. And I bent to its broken face, and it was horrible… but I kissed it. I think one must finally take one’s life in one’s arms.

~Arthur Miller from the play After the Fall

It takes all you got and more to face that broken faced child and kiss it. That child is you and that is your life.

It is not that some people can and others can’t… even the ones who can spend weeks, months, years building up to the courage to first look at that face and then kiss it.

And even after you kissed it… you may stray, deny it… and it may kill you and your life. You have to keep on embracing that broken faced child.

I did this work, embracing my evil inclination, my broken faced child, some 20 years ago, but other than in one area of my life, it didn’t expand to all areas.

While I was quite fulfilled, and joyful in my work life, I was quite miserable in my physical life: pains, extra weight to carry, poor sleep, losing my hair.

I was already doing health consultations with people, except I wasn’t taking my own medicine, or only partially. And partially doesn’t quite do it, does it? You either do a system, or you are wasting your time.

And then I suddenly went whole hog… and experienced wellness. Energy. Glorious.

But whatever it is that doesn’t want you to experience the good life, Kabbalists call it the Opponent, a shapeshifting trickster, Christians, I think, call it Satan, and in transformational parlor, it is the invisible dynamic of complaints… I gradually got sick, and sicker, and even sicker.

I started to have to spend most of my days in bed… And then fell of my diet that served me so well… and started to add foods that are on the no-no list…

I am sharing this so you can see yourself in my example… if you look, you can see yourself and your attitude, your own behavior.

Listening to Eric Edmeades yesterday came at a nick of time… to save the day.

I don’t have to do his course: my food and supplement list, individually muscle tested for me, is all I need to get well again. In fact I only need to change a few minor things, seemingly inconsequential, but I am sure they are the culprits that I got so deadly weak in the past few months.

The world, other people, the food advertising, the availability, the manufactured tastes are at work 24/7 to take you off the path. Maybe even financial considerations: eating chicken, bread, pasta and chips is cheaper than eating food that supports your mental and physical abilities.

How you do anything is how you do everything. And if you are not keeping to the diet that has proven itself to get you well, you are also not doing the work in other areas of life, including owning what owns you.

Your life is owned and directed by invisible dynamics that unless you recognize them and bring your life under your own control, will make your life spin out of control, leaving you a wreck.

But the mind and the Opponent don’t want you to take control.

The work of any human, in their lifetime, is to wrestle control from the Opponent.

It is not to save the world, the Amazon rain forests, the little babies of Rhodesia, or the whales that are slaughtered to extinction.

No. the work is to do every day of every year is to wrestle back the control of your life from the Opponent, the inner enemy.

It is not the government, it is not the wars, it is not the police, it is not your husband, your daughter, your son who is the cause of your misery. And not even your health…

It is you relating to them from the mind, from meaning, from powerlessness.

There are a lot of words that express that powerlessness, and you need to be able to recognize them, so you can derive them back to the source of the bad behavior or the bad feeling.

You are never really powerless. You may not have power over what is happening. You may not have power over another human or their behavior.

But you always have access to your power to your own interpretation, your attention, your attitude and your behavior.

Powerless means “no power” and it is always a lie.

Your desire to receive for the self alone has your attention glued to areas where you don’t have power… over others.

But you can redirect your attention to where you have power, and stop lying… and stop suffering.

A complaint is a sign of suffering. And you are always complaining.

And every complaint, uttered or not, is a sign that you want power over circumstances, others, not over yourself, not over the Opponent.

Complaint can be your best friend, your soul mate, that reminds you to redirect your attention to where it can cause something… power?

This is what I teach, this is what we are meant to practice in the Playground.

A new Playground group, maybe even two, are set to start within a few weeks.

Learning from each previous Playground, each new Playground becomes more effective, and this time is not any different.

What are the biggest difficulties people experience in the Playground?

Just like in Eric Edmeades’ Wildfit and my health consulting, the biggest issue is that people expect the program to do the work… and no program does the work: YOU have to do the work.

It is not time consuming, you can just replace your spinning your wheels time much of your time is spent with, with actually studying what there is to study, PRACTICING what there is to practice.

  • Understanding is the boobie prize… not enough. By itself it is worth nothing.
  • Musing, philosophizing, talking about what there is to do is not the work:
  • most of the work is catching, redirecting the attention, and releasing the Opponent’s grasp on your view.

Understanding doesn’t help.

Let’s look at understanding with regards to swimming: you understand what keeps you afloat is your hand and leg movements.

So you jump into the water and wait for the hand and leg movements to kick in, but they don’t… you actually need to DO it.

So you sink… you may or may not get rescued. But you blame it on the course.

I remember when I was little, about 3-4 years old, hanging over the water in a sling, on my belly, practicing the breast strokes, until they were automatic.

Then I was lowered into the water, with the sling (much like a huge fishing pole, lol), to now practice the movement in water.

I wasn’t allowed to get into the water, until the movements became unconsciously competent… 2 the highest state of learning.

You start out with unconscious incompetence in the course. You don’t know anything from anything else.

You consider your emotions reality almost 100% of the time, and you don’t even know the names of the emotions… Drama, drama, drama

Everything is the same as everything else. People are nasty, want to take advantage of you, unhelpful, only interested in what they are interested in. Your entire attention is on what THEY are doing to you, to your hopes and aspirations.

Or you plan something and then do something different… and you blame yourself… but there is no distinction. You may ask “why did I do that?!” but there is no answer that frees you up to actually do what you planned to do.

Unconsciously incompetent.

Then you learn about some distinctions, some new ways to see what is happening under the cover…

Now, maybe, you are consciously incompetent… a big step in the right direction. You know you have no idea what you could do to feel powerful again.

You are still a victim, an effect, but now you know it. And you know that your lack of working knowledge of the human condition is what is causing it.

Next step: I twist your arm, I yell at you, and you finally get off your a** and learn one of those invisible dynamics, the one with the complaints. It’s the easiest… especially because you are a complaining machine, have always been.

You blame… aha… there is a complaint… Complaint catching activated. It still takes some work, some pondering, some conversations to see how the invisible dynamic trapped you, but you get out of the trap… and for now all is well.

Conscious competence is your level now.

You do this by yourself or with your Playground partner on the calls, and eventually you find yourself unconsciously competent… like the swimmer… you don’t have to think how to move your arms and your legs, they are moving on their own accord.

You have almost never done this before, at least not consciously.

You learned a mighty few things to the level of unconscious competence, but almost never consciously.

You remember forever knowing how to do those things, but if you are truly competent it was always a process to become competent… if you ever became competent. In anything.

only very few people are competent in anything, by the way. In anything, including their profession! They have an air of competence, but it is a pretense. My broken wrist being set misaligned is a good example… It will hurt till I die… because it wasn’t true competence… One or two steps were missing. One of them I can guess: they never looked twice… never checked if the direction they are going is accurate.

This is why competence, real competence is rare: overconfidence. 99% of accidents are caused by overconfidence. 99% of accounting errors are cause by overconfidence. Your diet mistakes are caused by overconfidence… Medical mistakes… over diagnosing cancer by double… Killing people by the cure of a misdiagnosed disease.

Anyway, this is the process we do in the Playground: getting you from an unconsciously incompetent human to a consciously competent human…

…who doesn’t suffer, because you can find your own power… and because the principle: there is never anything wrong in reality is now something you can say, and it is true when you say it, because that is your life experience.

This is a long article. If you are just scanning it, you probably missed 97% of it…

How you do anything is how you do everything.

With this attitude you are going to have a hard time in the Playground training…

I am just saying…

OK, Playground: You can find out more about the program here: https://www.yourvibration.com/1/playground

or if you are decided, sign up to the first part of the program here. You’ll get a chance to continue once you completed the first part

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  1. the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.
    "the players displayed varying degrees of competence"
    synonyms: capability, ability, competency, capacity, proficiency, accomplishment, adeptness, adroitness, knowledge, expertise, expertness, skill, skillfulness, prowess, mastery, resources, faculties, facilities, talent, bent, aptitude, artistry, virtuosity; More

  2. the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.
    “the players displayed varying degrees of competence”
    synonyms: capability, ability, competency, capacity, proficiency, accomplishment, adeptness, adroitness, knowledge, expertise, expertness, skill, skillfulness, prowess, mastery, resources, faculties, facilities, talent, bent, aptitude, artistry, virtuosity; More

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