Sleep Mechanics… solve long standing sleep issues

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Sleep Mechanics… or ideas to solve long standing sleep issues, and for occasional difficulties as well

I will write this article in my usual style, that may be difficult for some… but easy for me.

I will write about my own experiences only… too many books and articles that talk about things that may or may not be true, useful, with one thing in common: what they write about is Tree of Knowledge… myth, truisms, but not the writer’s personal experience.

With that said: I will not write about anything I haven’t tested both on myself and on at least one client.

So instead of writing a book, this will be short and sweet. Just a handful of true and tried, yet unusual approaches for lack of sleep due to difficulty to go to sleep or stay asleep.

Let me start with some general stuff:

  • 1. Having a regular sleep schedule, going to bed, turning the light off, and getting up is essential.

The more you are headstrong, undisciplined, willful, or resistant, the worse your sleep will become.

Sleep, in some ways, is more important for your mental, physical, and emotional well-being than food. And just like with a healthy diet, the whole world seems to have conspired to rob us, and turn us its “bitch”… eat what they tell us, sleep when we are allowed… not a life for a person who wants to live a life worth living.

So the most appropriate title for this article, or report, or whatever it will turn out to be, is sleep mechanics for a life worth living.

  • 2. Conscious sleeping

I know people, especially men, who fall asleep on the chiropractor’s table, the massage table, the recliner, or the couch and then can’t sleep at night.

Sleep, in this regard, is like eating. The more appetite you build up the better the food will digest. Not hunger: appetite. But this article is not about eating: it is about sleeping.

Same with sex… by the way.

The more undisciplined you are, the more pleasure seeking you are, the higher your desire number, the worse you will sleep, and the lower your life satisfaction will be.

So get conscious about this principle: the bigger the tension between present need (food, sex, sleep) and its fulfilled, satisfied state, the better the quality of the need fulfillment.

Too scientific for you? Just wait till later: life is scientific, and not for the mentally slothful, or the feeble minded. If that is you: don’t read it.

Now, to translate what that means: you need to refrain from falling asleep during the day, so your appetite for sleep stays high and peaks at bedtime.

Sleep has phases. they are, I hear, all important, but in my humble opinion, the most important, the most restorative part is the deep sleep phase, and unless you really need to sleep, you will skip that. That phase is 3-3.5 hour long, and not the length of a nap. Even a short nap can rob you of that phase.

You’ll sleep, but wake up tired. Spend the day in zombie mode… and you are the only one to blame.

  • 3. Train yourself to be able to direct your attention at will

Whether you are tired or not, the mind isn’t interested in letting you sleep.

The nature of the mind is to tread water, producing nothing other than noise. So training your attention to obey your conscious will and move to something other than the noise the mind creates is one of the biggest missings for people who have a hard time falling asleep, or going back to sleep after they awakened in the middle of the night.

The first phase of this training is to notice. Become aware that the mind doesn’t shut up.

It keeps on making noise. It is its nature. You cannot silence the mind… you can only pay attention to something else… and starve it of your attention.

I am not going to deal with the daytime part of life in this article, but the ability, the skill, the effectiveness you learn to redirect your attention to where you want it to go can save your day (and your sanity) as well.

Now… if you are like most people today, you don’t have even enough faith in anything to make it work for you. This includes remedies, healings, advice, and therefore this includes what I am teaching here.

Now, truth be told, I cannot give you faith. I cannot give you trust.

If I could, I would dole it out like candy… because living without faith is like trying to cross the ocean without a rudder, trying to get through the dark forest without a compass.

I have had tons of students and clients who followed (supposedly) my instructions, and it took them not where I wanted to take them.

All because of that lack of a mustard seed size of faith.

I have even noticed it, occasionally, on myself to be a fatalist… especially when it comes to health and dying.

Without catching it, without getting conscious of your lack of trust, you are on a slippery slope to nowhere.

I teach a method of reclaiming that lost faith that is suppressed in this article here: and the accompanying video course

The video course will teach you, through example, what is a way to reclaim your suppressed faith/trust, let go of control, so you can start moving your attention and your life in a better direction.

It is a big help to know what has been keeping you holding the reins or the steering wheel so rigidly, so tightly… because you can’t catch what you can’t see.

Your Bach Energy® Profile will pinpoint where and how you do that: it is individual, personal, and unique for each person… for me, for example, is being easily discouraged… and dropping the ball. So even if I was going in the right direction, unless I learn to take a deep breath and hang in there when I feel discouraged, I’ll never do anything till completing, and never get to where I want to get to.

It cannot be fixed… it is a choice I need to make at least ten times a day…

Your linchpin issue will be different from mine, guaranteed. And until you gain mastery over it, it will keep on holding you from getting where you want to get.

Now, how did this come up in a sleep-mechanics article?

Right? Good question!

Unless you recover your faith/trust, a spiritual ACTIVE in your DNA!!!, you are wasting your time…

Hope is different… Having hope to FIX your sleep won’t be enough to take you to the sunny side of things.

You will need that faith and trust… or nothing will work for you. Why? Because you will make a rule from what you learn, and as a rule, it won’t work. Or you will simply try and then stop trying, throwing your hands up claiming: this doesn’t work either! No matter what I do…

I will continue this article in part two. I haven’t decided… but most likely I’ll make it available only to people who have proven me that they mean business… I am not sure yet.

But if you sign up to my notification list, I’ll notify you when the second part is published.



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