Entitlement, deserving: do you get what you deserve?

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What is the opposite of entitled?

This question around entitlement is asked on google thousands times a day, and the trend is that this number is growing steadily.

More in certain countries… More in religious countries… Christian countries… Countries with deep Christian roots, like Ireland. One can safely assume that entitled, and deserving was invented by Christianity to promote certain behaviors that a father would want their child to demonstrate.

Other words that express this same entitlement are deserve and deserving.

Entitled means: believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.

Inherently means: in a permanent, essential, or characteristic way… as if it were a Law of Life, or a Natural Law, like gravity.

It is an INHERENTLY alien concept to life and reality.

Life, reality, doesn’t concern itself with your sentiments of being entitled of being deserving: it gives you what it gives you, and takes away what it takes away, regardless of your feelings… and no matter who you are.

Life, reality is not a meritocracy: where you “earned” what you expect to get with skills or education.

Life, largely, is unconcerned with all that human b.s.

So then what? What can you do to get what you want?

Billionaire Charlie Munger said that living by this rule is key to his success. … The core ideology that has served him throughout life, Munger said, is the knowledge that the “safest way to try and get what you want is to try and deserve what you want.”

But is there such a thing “deserve” in reality? No. No such thing in reality.

There is a thing: earn, but no “deserve”. And therefore no entitlement.

Earn is one side of a deal made previous to action. You do this and I give you, in return, this other thing, maybe money.

Of course in artificial reality, governments, politics, “civilization” there are dynamics that would hint that some are more deserving, and some are more entitled, but nothing like that in nature, nothing like that in reality.

The biggest barrier humans have to happiness, to having what they want, is the profound misunderstanding of what reality is.

When I do people’s Starting Point Measurements, using muscle testing while I am connected to Source… meaning the answers come from All-Knowledge… I have been asking this question: to what degree the individual I am testing considers their feelings reality, To what degree they honor their feelings as reality?

The Starting Point Measurements:

1. your vibration (1-1000):
2. your overall intelligence, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, body, relationship, etc.:
3. the number of spiritual capacities you have:
4. your soulcorrection (your machine): https://www.yourvibration.com/sc
5. do you have attachments?
6. the level of your health (1-100):
7. the level of your cell hydration (1-100):
8. your relationship to feedback and instruction:
9. The level of discomfort you are willing to allow w/o trying to fix it. This is your TLB score
10. The size of your vocabulary: the number of words you can use accurately:
11. Your about-me score, also the inverted number of humility:
12. # of fixed mindset:
13. Ambition:
14. Desire:
15. Degree of inauthenticity/pretense self overall:
16. Level of integrity 1-100, the relationship between you and you:
17. how enslaved are you to the Tree of Knowledge? (what percentage of your life is run by memes/untruth?)
18. do you have a bridge between your precious “I” and your actual I? What is your level of delusion
19. To what degree you have access to your adult capacities %
20. How teachable/how coachable are you?
21. The level of your awareness?
23. the percentage of time you spend in the mind:
24. the percentage of input that gets through to you.
25. How inspired can you become? And what level are you now
–>26. To what degree you honor your feelings as reality?
27. What is your cone of vision in percentage of the visible? this tells me whether you can connect the dots…
28. How much control do you have over your attention?

Of course, there is a hidden word in the question: I ask: feelings. Which points to some of the mischief of humanity: no distinction between feelings and emotions. Humans use those two words as if they were interchangeable.

This confusion I measure in the vocabulary/clarity reading #10… the lower this number is, the unhappier you are, because the more out of step with reality you are.

You may feel entitled, you may feel deserving, but those feelings, those emotions come from the mind, come from words, mostly from memes: a meme is a word-construct widely promoted as the truth… while it is a lie.

A meme is used to lull people into a false emotional state of “knowing the truth” while what they are entertaining is a lie, a lie that helps the people in the know to fleece them, to keep them in slavery, to keep them in sheep state.

Even Charlie Munger and his evangelist, Tai Lopez, are spreading memes that are lies.

When you use words that have unclear or double meaning, you can and do lie.

  • Deserve what you want? Bah humbug.
  • Earn what you want? Still not quite clear…

In order to earn what you want, and get it, there needs to be an agreement, overt, clear, and maybe even written, or all bets are off.

Of course, there is psychology, human nature, reciprocity… so when it comes to humans, the fireplace analogy, give first so you can receive, may work, if the giving is authentic and not designed to manipulate… NLP anyone?

But the kinds of things you want to “earn” or deserve, are not usually come with an overt agreement, do they?

The rules also change on you. The mood changes as more and more “competitors” enter the race. The mood changes as you get closer to actually earning what they supposedly agreed to give you.

Supposedly is the keyword here.

90% of our dissatisfaction in life comes from this unrecognized word: supposedly.

  • We were told that if we are good we get what we want
  • We were told that if we go to school we’ll have a job that will support us and our families
  • We were told that if you want something bad enough, it will move towards you

And thousands of other happy horseshit… All lies. All missing the secret word: supposedly.

Nothing is guaranteed in life. Nothing. You can get stuff, but it is not automatic.

Neither love, nor money, nor satisfaction. Nothing that comes from another can be guaranteed. You’ll find out that most of what you want don’t depend on another, don’t come from another… so keep on reading.

We live as if parents are supposed to love their children… but the parents never agreed to love their children.

This is a big one for most people: their parents didn’t love them, or didn’t love them the way they wanted to be loved, etc. Or you are the parent, and you find it impossible to love your brat child who does everything in her power to push your buttons.

I work with parents. And it takes a lot of work, and aptly applied transformational techniques to get these parents to a place where love can be even talked about.

It’s normal… nothing wrong with the parents. They do what parents are supposed to do: provide, spend time, correct, feed, etc.

But when I work with these parents, when I remove the notion that anyone  deserves anything, when I remove the entitled filters from their eyes, when, by some magic, I manage to point them to an attitude that gives rise to them being a person and also granting personness to their children, they, suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, get in touch with their own humanity, and with the possibility of actually experience loving their children.

Love is never earned, love is never automatic, love is a gift… it is real when you give it, while you give it, voluntarily, as a self-expression.

You can’t expect it, because it is not a given. It is not from the visible world… it is from the “beyond” the visible world, the world of consciousness… intangible, and for most: impenetrable.

In the current Playgrounds, Playground groups 3 and 4, participants are experiencing sudden bursts of “Light”, sudden bursts of “brush” with Love… the kind that make you weep. The kind that, for a moment, makes life human… not machine-like.

The shelf-life of that “Love” is seconds, and then you glow from the memory of it minutes, maybe even hours.

But Love, mostly, is a momentary burst of “light”, and cannot be expected, cannot be guaranteed, cannot even be promised.

There is another kind of love, the overflow love… but it is not directed.

There is no divine parent, you would call god… who loves you the way you are, who wants to take care of you, give you all you need.

And as long as you remain the child of that non-existent “divine parent”, you’ll be on the deserving/entitled roller coaster, unhappy, disgruntled, frowning at life.

You express that unhappiness with words, like

  • feeling slighted,
  • angry,
  • frustrated…

and any and all of those words and the emotions they stand in for, say that

you are out of step with life…

…that you live in la-la land where you are supposedly get what you want, because you deserve what you want… or you maybe even “earned” what you want.

It is time to get in step with Life… whatever Life is… instead of expecting what was never agreed to, never promised, never your birthright: no matter what THEY say.

In today’s audio podcast, you can see that it takes me almost a whole hour to take a student from being perpetually anxious, unhappy to confident and maybe even happy.

Her difficulty with the English language is actually to her benefit: she is less infected with the memes than people who were born native speakers.

If you know transformational technology, you’ll be able to track my moves to direct her attention, to re-contextualize what she sees.

Transformation simply means: when you change how you look, you change what you see. When what you see changes, your actions, your attitude, your emotions change, seemingly automatically.

Transformation cannot be faked. What you see either changed or it didn’t.

If your behavior didn’t change… it is still fake… it is still a lie.

I learned the word “transformation” in my participation in Landmark Education courses. Even though it was the most effective group coaching available, the effectiveness was as low as 1%: one out of 100 participants experienced true transformation, judged from their actions in their lives.

At this stage in the Playground program, we are at 25%… meaning 25% of the participants, at this point, have actions consistent with a new view of life. The rest? still in the cocoon stage…

The analogy of the butterfly is quite apt here: you either fly or you don’t… no faking here.

OK, here is the audio

The best attitude is to consider that I am talking to you, attempting to change what you see, directly… And then you can have the experience of transformation too.

In the DNA adjustment I address the child genes… Because a child needs to feel entitled or it may starve to death. I also address the causing gene… that cannot be working if the entitlement genes are on. The foresight gene, that you cannot and won’t do much of anything to earn what you want, unless you can see that it’s worth it. Worth taking actions towards.

Ask me to adjust your DNA

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