Transform your relationship to money… Currently it is unrequited love… or maybe you are a jilted lover?

money and wrong decisionsYour relationship to money is much like your relationship to love… Your personality, timid, have given up, resigned, cynical, taking it for granted, ungrateful, forceful, trying to hold onto, possessive, greedy, jealous is running your whole life, but especially these two areas, love and money. And your current reality in those two “arenas” is probably ugly.

This article and the Money-Course it announces has been long in the waiting. I’ve known for a long time that everything ANYONE is teaching on the market nowadays is bs… but I myself didn’t know what would make a difference… so I was waiting, and working on my own money issues in the meantime. I had a breakthrough this past week… and thus I got ready to write this article

Here is an email exchange from this morning, abbreviated:

Customer: What is my vibration?
My answer: Your vibration is 120. I recommend the Heaven on Earth or the HOE Long range to raise your vibration to the level where my activators can work for you…

Customer goes and buys the Effortless Abundance… ignoring my recommendation.

My email to customer: All my energies are Source energies, requiring of you to co-create with them.

In my email to you I wrote exactly what I recommend to make yourself ready for higher energies: the Heaven on Earth drops, or the HOE Long Range… 120 vibration is both miserable and low IQ: the decisions you make from there are all wrong, because you are unable to grasp reality. I don’t mean this as a put-down, I mean it as information you need to avoid making decisions based on your own thoughts.

The Heaven on Earth removes the negative emotions so you can start seeing clearer and make better decisions.

The activators, all of them, need you to be intelligent.

Here is the link to the Heaven on Earth, both the physical and audio versions. You can play the audio version and you can play it wherever you are, all day all night, it is almost no sound, except you hear me breathing: that is because I am the one who is downloading the energy into the audio.

The area of money especially requires a lot of decisions that at present you are not able to make correctly


This email exchange made it really clear that there is a lot of mischief, wrong belief, wishful thinking, hastiness, misinformation in the area of money. And it is obvious to me that the number one reason people are miserable is money. Only the second is love or sex…

The problem with people that are miserable about money is that unless there is a fundamental change in

  1. their vibration
  2. their mindset (not just about money!)
  3. their behavior (not just about money!)
  4. their world view (not just about money!)

they will not be able to change their relationship to money, no matter what.

struggle force coerce cheat lie about money and for money

  • If they get an accidental windfall… it will add to their misery.
  • If they somehow make money… it will add to their misery.
  • If they marry money… it will add to their misery.

Your happiness, your fulfillment, the quality of your life depends on the invisible… while you seem to only pursue the visible. This is true to every aspect of your life: love, money, work, relationships, health… etc.

I have been dealing with the topic of money and abundance for a long time. I have been trying to pinpoint what to teach, and finally, I think, I got a handle on the whole paradigm of money. And although they don’t seem that much connected, the same thing applies, or will apply to love…

First off: I had to do something, myself, before I would be able to, authentically, teach you anything useful about money without having to keep looking over my shoulder.

What do I mean?

This divine assignment (Raising people’s vibration to Human Being) I took on some 20 years ago is not a money maker. It can be done better, it can be done more skillfully than I am currently doing it, but it is not designed to be a money maker, and it is not allowed to be a money maker.

Why? Because the current level of vibration in the world, the current level of vibration of people does not respond to the high vibration of my offers, the high vibration of the approach I teach.

Like attracts like, and if I needed to make a living with what I teach, I would have to lower the vibration to meet people where they are…

Maybe someone with a lot more skill can do that and stay in integrity, be authentic, but I personally am not able to see myself doing it.

Anything that you can’t see yourself doing, you won’t be doing… simple as pie.

So, what happened that has turned things around?

billionaire but not happyI was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole for the past 20 years. Obviously the square peg isn’t going to fit into the round hole, but that did not prevent me to try and try again for 20 years.

The best teachers are also the best students, and I am a good teacher… lol. I have been teaching and I have been learning. Each coaching session, each article I write, each mastermind call I am on took me a tiny bit closer to accept reality and be OK with it.

There is a lot of work to be done to accept reality, and even more work to be done to accept, embrace, make reality ok and create a new path that is consistent with how reality is. A lot of work, most people, as I see it, are unwilling to do, or don’t know how to do.

It’s taken me a long time, but finally I am there. And I feel better for it.

One of my fears that held me back was thinking that I’d have to give up what I do if I ever accepted the truth.

It turned out to be a fear unfounded in reality. In fact I have never felt more empowered: I have separated the two areas of life: making a difference and making a living. Now I can do both the way they need to be done, without getting all confused.

And about a week after seeing the light, I now have a project going to create a new business to make money, and I am in action about it. And suddenly I am starting to see what keeps most people broke, and powerless with money.

It’s not one thing, it is a string of things. And each thing on that list can be transformed, and with each transformation you will be able to have a better relationship to money, have more of it, enjoy more of what you have, AND raise your vibration.

I am not sure on the exact format I’ll teach this. I am leaning towards teaching it on a coaching series, over time, not like a course, but as an ongoing coaching.

If that is the format I choose, I’ll record all the calls, so even if you can’t come to all the calls, you can learn from the coaching I give to the people on the live call.

Like in everything, the more you invest the more you get.

chasing-moneyI did a course some 20 years ago, called More Money Workshop. The tuition for the course was 150 dollars plus.

The plus meant that you could pay more to get more. Lots of people paid more, in fact I did the course twice, and the second time around I paid more, if I recall correctly, I paid double.

In MY course, the more will not be in terms of money: it is easy to pay more money, but it isn’t easy to bring more of you to the calls…

In MY course, the people that bring real issues to be coached about will get more out of the course… and that is what I am talking about.

Also, people who want to just get, but contribute nothing, will be removed from the course. I don’t do programs where you can lurk. I don’t do programs for your mind.

Anyway, I would appreciate some suggestions about times that work for you, if you are interested in joining this journey to improve and transform your relationship to money.

The course will cost around $20 a month… so that you know that it is really a course we’ll both take: I’ll learn how to change your mindset and relationship to money, and you’ll get to reap the benefits.

There is just one caveat: you’ll only get the recordings of calls that are AFTER your sign up: so you can’t just sign up and get all the recordings…

OK, and if you want to express an interest, please sign up to this list

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