Case study: Disappearing your racket?

I have been complaining that my bills are higher than my income.

Now, complaining is the tip of the iceberg, the visible part, that indicates an iceberg underneath, under the water level… the kind of iceberg that sunk the might Titanic.

For the most part we ignore our complaints… whining, we may call them. Sissy, we may call ourselves. Cruel, we call the world. But paying attention? No, that we don’t do.

Why? I am not sure. I have some guesses, but your guess is probably as good as mine… as far as guesses go.

So I have decided to observe myself… after all there must be a benefit in living with myself… right? lol.

OK, this is what I have been noticing:

Almost every complaint has a hidden “never” or a hidden “forever” component. It is hidden, because it is implied, but not overtly.

This forever/never combo subtly suggest that the complaint cannot be changed… it is there to stay, and you are powerless, other than give it voice when you do.

So, in this regard, every complaint is an expression of the “no matter what I do…” attitude, which is a lie.

To recap: you say “no matter what I do…” meaning: I cannot… or they don’t… or it doesn’t…

I remember when I first caught it myself, I was saying: “No matter what I do, no one wants to come to a guest event…”

The moment it left my mouth, I saw that I was lying. I actually didn’t ask, didn’t invite anyone. I thought about it… but I didn’t do it.

It was one of my biggest catches of myself lying… Humans habitually lie… often unconsciously.

The lie is to cover up that you are all talk and no action. You lie to yourself, you lie to other people, you even lie to your god.

And your results in life, the quality of your life is a perfect match to being a liar. You hate yourself, but continue lying… and doing nothing, or not much.

But why, oh why are we doing this? Why don’t we ever learn?

So that is where I focused my observation next… the why?

And this is what I found: I don’t know what to do… yet another complaint, but this one is also an attitude.

If it is a complaint, and it depends how you look at it, then it is the tip of yet another iceberg.

Is it a legitimate complaint? In my case, it is and it isn’t.

If I look at my income, I need an additional 400-600 dollars a month to stop scrambling around rent day. That is about 13-20 bucks a day.

Do I know how to get an extra 600 dollar income, reliably a month? I don’t… but what do I know?

I can ask questions…

  • Do I have products that could make an extra 600 dollars a month? Yes
  • Do I have any single products that could do that by themselves? No
  • Do I have time to experiment, trial and error, before I dig myself deep in trouble? No.

Honestly, helping people go through this kind of decision making, solution finding could be a viable product…

If I didn’t have muscle testing already, muscle testing I can trust, I would be a prospect to a service that helps me make good decisions.

A good decision is a decision that removes the waffling, indecisive, procrastination time. Not a knee jerk impulsive decision that will bite you in the ass…

But a decision that you can be sure will prove to be a good decision with time.

Fiercely independent soul corrections are also the most miserable, because they either wait and then make the wrong decision, or they never make any decisions.

I have students, I have friends whose entire issue in the world is this difficulty with making good decisions.

The longer they waffle, the more incoherent they become, the bigger the pressure to make a decision becomes, and the worse their decision making ability becomes, because their visual field narrows to the point where they cannot see anything other than the problem.

You can see that it is actually normal, that is how it works… that is how it was working for me. The racket makes your cone of vision narrow, and makes you stupid…

The way to dislodge the narrow visual field and the incoherence, is to start asking questions, or ask someone to ask questions of you… to help you make a good decision.

Of course the best is to ask Source, but as long as you have a vested interest in being right, or any of your ideas, or being smarter than Source, your muscle testing won’t be reliable, because connecting to Source is impossible, if you have a concern, an agenda, a vested interest.

I have a few people who regularly come to me to assist them in important decisions: pick the location of a new house, a school for their children, a location for their business, from a select few they have researched.

Now, the people who most need it, the Silent Partners, The Removing Hatred, The Building Bridges, Memories people never ask for help… They, instead, do their own thing at their own detriment.

So after I saw, with dismay, that no single product of mine is likely to provide me with the additional income, while I do have products that could… I saw the word “products”… plural, I saw the arrow pointing into a direction that can be the answer to my prayers.

I have more than 200 products, by the way. The next step is to pick the 6-10 products that, put in rotation, each promoted for a week (muscle test agrees with a week, by the way) would reliably produce the missing income, if I do the job of promoting them well…

So now I can start asking, one by one, which ones can reliably and long term do the trick… and notice that I am left with no complaint…

and maybe start thinking of a new complaint…

Because once you eliminate the fixed, and ineffective mental, emotional reaction to the complaint, in my case, the “No matter what I do… I will never succeed,” the complaint can disappear as if it never existed. And if your new attitude is really new, then the whole iceberg goes with it.

How is that for magic? disappearing the iceberg!

So what can you do now that you saw what I did to disappear my racket?

  1. Your fastest solution is to book a short consultation with me to do so.
  2. The second fastest solution is to learn how to do it for yourself.

I teach it in the Playground. In the Second Module…

Unfortunately, you have to have done Module One to be able to graduate to Module Two.

Why? Because there is a certain humility that you learn in Module One, that Unless you learn it… you can’t do module two effectively.

Should you work with me every time some racket is holding you back, or should you learn how to handle it yourself?

I don’t know. The answer is different for everyone.

Bummer, eh? You need to make a decision… And the snake has just bit its own tale…

Because you don’t know how, do you?

It’s a new day, and it is the old racket…

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