How to master your attention… because wherever attention goes, energy flows

a-simple-act-of-paying-attention-can-take-you-a-long-long-way-keanu-reevesFirst off, let me set something straight: mind has nothing to do with attention. Thought has nothing to do with attention.

Attention is an energy, and it’s NOT operated by the mind or your thoughts. Not and never…

Never mistake mindlessness for mindfulness. “We have to move from passive absorption to active awareness. We have to engage.”

Everybody wants a silent mind. So much so that they consider being unconscious a blissful state. But going unconscious, being unconscious, is not the purpose of training yourself to have control over your mind…

What you train is your attention.

Attention is, surprisingly, an energetic phenomenon… I see it as a vector: it has a base, and it has a direction. It has a certain energetic, penetrative quality.

It is either attracted, or you control it.

where-attention-goes-energy-flows-where-intention-goes-energy-flows-james-redfieldDepending on the balance of those two ways, you experience having control over your life, or not.

T. Harv Eker says: Where attention goes, energy flows. 1

When your attention is attracted, you are injecting, infusing energy to something you did not consciously choose… therefore you are an effect, not a cause. Your sense of your life is that you are controlled, and that you have no autonomy, no self-determination… and life without that is crap.

You want to train your attention, you want to train it to listen to you, instead of being like a weather wane… moving with every wind.

This would be the task of any and every meditation, including the Tangerine Method of Connecting to Source…

This is the biggest challenge, I say, or any human. It’s been for me.

Training your attention the way the Buddha did, by training it on your breath, is harder still. Why? Because the breath is kind of boring, if you get my drift.

So instead of training your attention of something that is useless, train it on books, on listening, on learning, on solving problems.

Most of you are really bad at this.

And like with everything, going from total, and even unconscious incompetence, when you want to train your attention, you have to go through the nearly unbearable, intolerable experience of being incompetent.

It is one thing to be incompetent, it’s quite another thing to experience it fully.

Unless you have mental toughness, you’ll bail out.

Training yourself, your attention, is a lot like physical training.

Unless you are taken to your breaking point, you don’t learn anything… you don’t evolve, you don’t grow.

I learned this accidentally.

As I was growing older, my calves and my lower back tended to tighten up when I walked.

I thought the answer to that was more walking… in smaller doses.

I could not have been more wrong… but of course I only knew that when I finally managed to get it right.

A month or so ago I committed to an oldies exercise class, given in the Community Center at the bottom of the hill where I live.

I don’t have a car, so therefore the commitment includes getting there and getting back home.

I knew that was the real purpose of me going to that class…

15 years ago my boy friend of the time drove to work, and I hitched a ride with him every morning, three miles from home I got out, and I HAD TO walk home…

I lived on another hill then, just as tall as this one.

So I knew I needed to put myself inte a DO or DIE situation.

I take no money with me… I burn the ships…

Anyway, climbing the steps to come up the 140 or so feet, is quite horrid.

It burns, it hurts, and yet… in a month’s time it trained my muscles to be loose, and start serving me.

Instead of a few minutes a day regimen that didn’t do anything for me or my fitness for life, I am now seven-eight times fitter than I was before.

The same is true for training your attention.

I also found many other instances in my life that obey the same principle: I had to go cold turkey on cigarettes (33 years ago), on cow’s milk (4-5 months ago), grains (2-3 months ago… 2

The biggest problem with exposing oneself to a wicked regimen of training is not so much the pain of doing it, but the pain of being incompetent.

Unless you have an intrinsic motivation for the results that are available beyond that “Valley of the Shadow of Death” segment of your training, you won’t do it.

In looking for intrinsic motivation… you need to strive for autonomy, and catch all the shoulds, all the ought to’s, all the have to’s, all the “it would be nice”… and what you’ll left with is your internal, intrinsic motivation…

The part of you that I call the Self, tough, and full of energy. Even if it was killed, systematically for the past 60 years…

The activator I created for that “reuinion” is the Unconditional Love Activator.

Its results are dramatic for most people.

This coming Sunday I am re-activating it for buyers of the Activator, live, and with the energy of the Day of Power… Should be tremendous.

You need to have bought the activator, and you need to have signed up to the webinar

Simple, effective.

The recording will work the same way (I hope) for only 24 hours after the webinar.

The near-brute-force energy of the Day of Power breaks the lock… and once the lock is broken, it is easier to open the door up by just the remedy, or the audio version of the activator.

So the effects will be cumulative…

This is a test. I need to test if my theory is correct.

Therefore this test is free. No charge.

If I did it without the Day of Power, then it would be $30… it’s been for years $30. But because this is a test, I want as many people to come, not only those that can afford to pay.

But you have to have the Activator… it’s $35.

No activator? I remove you from the call…

For this call I block phone access, so I’ll see everyone who is listening. No cheaters.

OK, here is the link to buy the Unocnditional Love Activator

And here is the link to register in the webinar of the Day of Power

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  1. Research shows that he heard it from James Redfield of Celestine Prophecy fame. I don’t know where he heard it first… it is not Tree of Life Life for him. But T. Harv Eker internalized the saying, and now it is Tree of Life, when he says it.
  2. Actually the grains was the most complicated: I had to find out the hidden places grains were exposing my body to their harm. In bread… obvious. In milk products… because the animal ate grain, MaltodextrinMaltodextrin in certain powdered spices, and every capsule and tablet you can buy… some version of gluten or gluten like substances, fructose and fructose like substances.

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