What does it mean “create a life you love”?

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This attitude, or world view that you can create a life you love, is the same exact world view that prevents you from being happy.

33 trillion webpages talk about that.

But the truth is that you have no authority to change anything in life outside of yourself… but even if you could, even if you do, unless YOU change, your life will remain the same, even if the circumstances changed, because you haver remained the same. You can get the girl out of the gutter, but you can’t get the gutter out of the girl… goes the saying, and, unfortunately, that is how it goes.

When Gandhi said: be the change you want in the world, what he meant was create yourself as someone who can love their lives…

It is not an accident that the Dalai Lama had Gandhi as his mentor: in many ways he was a really astute dude…

The accurate question to ask: how to change yourself so you can have a life (a world) you can love? The way the world is, and the way you are, you can’t love the world, and I promise, you can’t love yourself.

Everyone teaches you technique to change your circumstances. Get married, they say… and to your dismay, married life is just as hellish as it was living with your parents… because you bring yourself into the marriage.

A circumstance doesn’t change you. A circumstance is on the outside of you.

Let’s use the analogy of a fruit: let’s say you are an orange. You live on an orange tree… and life is, hm, boring. So you decide to move to a climate where not everybody can grow oranges, and for a little while life is interesting, you are centerpiece on the fruit bowl… but then… gasp… it gets boring.

You brought boring with you.

I can share as many examples of real people as many clients I have ever had.

  • Your life started out with experiences when you were slighted, you didn’t get the love and warmth you “deserved”? Guaranteed that your life will continue that way even if you move away half the world… because you bring that “waiting to be slighted” attitude with you.
  • Your mother favored your little sister who could get anything she wanted… while you looked on, getting nothing. You decided that you can do what she did… and did it… but you got slapped for it.

Now its decades later, and you are middle age… repeating the same disappointing experience, over and over again… You seemingly do what successful, happy, respected people do… but your results are not forthcoming.

Every person, every walk of life…

No outside circumstance makes any difference, only when you can change on the inside… it really seems that the world has changed.

Kabbalah says that the Light of the Creator comes to us dimmed by many veils that made of the invisible dynamics. The veil cannot be removed until you see exactly how that dynamic works, and how it has been using your life.

Like with any veil, like a curtain, you can flip it open, and the light comes in… temporarily, but it takes more than just getting a glimpse of how it works, so you can permanently move off the veil.

Your life gets as much light as much the veils permit… and most of us live in a very dimmed life, and your mood, your eyes, show me… and so does your vibration, your typical response to feedback… I can see your whole current reality through your Starting Point Measurements.

It is an ongoing, never ending matching of wits with the machine… And when you stop generating your life, generating yourself, your world goes back to dim, or even darkness.

If you read, read fiction, well written fiction with characters that are more than just paper cutouts… you can observe and track this on the characters in the book…

What makes reading a worthwhile pastime is learning about the world, not through someone talking about it (non-fiction) but through real people living it.

No one has ever learned anything useful for life from a non-fiction, while millions learned how to be a hero, a lover, a winner through reading fictional stories about real people.

But unfortunately, unless you can see what exactly is the world view of the character, and adjust yours to his, you won’t get the same results as him… because of the invisibles.

I have a friend who has been trying to learn stock trading from a guy on the internet, live, ever day of the week, for more than a year now.

He has seen him in every imaginable market-circumstances, buying and selling, and talking about stocks.

But while the dude on the live feed makes money, my friend only hopes so…

What is the difference? The same difference as the woman with the sister who could get anything she wanted…

What one sees, what one stands on, the world view is as different and as invisible as the weather outside when the shutters are closed. You are blind to it, and you can’t catch what you cannot see.

And you cannot change what you cannot catch either.

Your own attitude is invisible to you. And justified.

I can see, in my daily work, many unsuccessful attitudes, but the most frequent one is this:

  • I should not have to do this much work…
  • I should not have to learn how to do this… I should already know…

That should and should not stops the person from doing what it takes to produce the result they set out to produce.

Rarely, if ever, they can change their minds… because there is something, even deeper in the invisible, that keeps these shoulds active.

It is, mostly, a deep distrust, distrust of people, distrust of life, distrust of processes. 5

Trust is a spiritual capacity. Like all spiritual capacities, it is hardcoded in the human DNA, but suppressed (unexpressed) for energetic reasons, until it is needed.

Only when you take steps that need trust, consistently, and over time, that the whole DNA tree gets that the capacity is both needed and will be used.

Very similar to the fireplace analogy: you need to give wood first before you can expect heat from the fireplace.

A dicier and harder to “stomach” analogy is this: you can step off the ledge into where there seems to be no floor, and the floor will rise to meet your feet in time.

Even writing it is scary… because in physical reality this is not true: if there is no floor, there is no floor, and you’ll fall into your death.

But this is not a reality story, this is a teaching story where what keeps the “no floor” real is your view of life, not reality.

You see that for a no-trust person this is going to require “existential courage”… taking steps that feel like stepping off the ledge… and the likelihood that they will take it is slim.

One of my main issues is also trust. Kabbalistic numerology, the “science” your soul correction is based on, is quite clear on what is your main and secondary and tertiary issue that blocks the Light. 6

As a no-trust person, it has taken me a lot of courage each time I would take a step that would turn my world view around…

I grew up an atheist. The biggest difference between an atheist and a religious person is that an atheist knows that there is no life after death. So trust, existential courage is, for an atheist person, is like jumping off the cliff… knowing that if it was a mistake, then this is it. And yet, do it, for what is possible, if it wasn’t a mistake, if it just looked that you are jumping to your death.

The promise of eternal life, or life after death, is a corrupting influence, because the religious person never has to take responsibility for their cowardice, for their inaction, for their lack of courage.

For the quality of their life.

This is the situation, where what COULD move a person beyond the tipping point, is being able to see a possibility beyond the same old, an alternative “reality” where the floor, in fact, comes up to meet your feet.

The function of an inspiring future… a possibility

When the lack of ability to trust, and lack of ability of envisioning a future that is inspiring enough to tip you over meet in the same person, we can safely assume that they won’t take the step off the ledge: they will remain there, on the ledge… “It’s the way to be paralyzed, and be reduced to a selfish little clod of ailments and grievances.”

As a transformational teacher, my job with a person like that is either to

  • encourage trust, or to
  • teach the invisible ways to cause that inspiring future to be stronger than the belligerence, resistance to move.

Between you and me, I confess that causing that inspiring future to be stronger than what keeps you on the ledge is the hardest thing I have ever attempted to teach. 7

Humans have a tendency to keep their eyes on the uninspiring… even while they claim they want an inspiring, interesting, exciting life. It is all a lie…

Not accidentally, your ability to see anything inspiring, depends on your vibration…

Your vibration is the height from which you see your world…

  • At the lowest you live in the basement of life… and you live like a shut-in… nothing beyond your immediate circumstances is visible.
  • The second level is to live on the street level… where lots of things are happening, it’s busy with traffic, and other people, and what they want… it is hellish… trust me, I have been there.
  • The third and higher levels are removed and are above the street level… and you have a wider and more removed way of life… where dangers are not as personal and immediate that they were before.

There is no room, no ability to see anything inspiring on the first two levels… life is all about survival (aka scarcity). And when an organism is in survival, they keep their eyes on what is perceived as the need for survival… nothing further is given any energy.

In my system, a wholistic system, I may add, body, soul, and view of life are deeply connected.

When a student brings his no-trust belligerence (avoid domination) even to his diet and water consumption, then there is no way they can move up on the vibrational scale, and out of their stuck state.

Yesterday I measured the cell hydration of all the participants in the current courses, and found that the ones that are successfully doing the work, also have a cell hydration that shows me that they are drinking their coherent water…

And the ones that don’t do the work, can’t do the work, pretend to do the work, are going deeper and deeper into the basement. Those participants are not drinking their coherent water.

Because everything is a racket (one of the invisible dynamics), upon closer examination, there is a stuck and insistent attitude that keeps their machine stuck: most likely “I can’t”…

If they told the truth, that can’t is masking “I won’t”… and then they could laugh, and see that it is them.

But “I can’t” masquerades as something outside of their power to change… after all if you can’t, then… well, you can’t.

But the moment you can see that it’s a lie, and the truth is “you won’t”, after the initial upset, you can decide that you will… and get unstuck.

Now, to bring this whole thing home, if you could follow me all this deep into the rabbit hole, you can see that nothing in the circumstances tells anyone how to be… instead the individual acts according to what they see, regardless of the circumstances.

And what you see if in no way connected to reality: it is always a skewed view of reality… skewed in a predictable way by the invisible dynamics that control your view.

You can see the invisible dynamics by learning to see them.

Learning to see them or not is the difference between a person who can, and a person who can’t, won’t, will remain stuck, and miserable for the rest of their lives. 8


All the teachings that direct your glance and energy to change the circumstances are a horrible disservice to you… Because it is against the nature of reality, it is against the nature of life.

As long as you follow their teachings, you will not find happiness, joy, fulfillment, love, even health, and a life worth living.

I am not saying you won’t have moments of brilliance, moments of happiness, moments of satisfaction… no, I am not saying that at all.

I am saying that you won’t have a life worth living full of love, joy, happiness, fulfillment and health.

Love, joy, happiness, fulfillment, health filling your life, are a result of a new view of life… a new view of yourself, where “if it is to be, it is up to you.”

A whole new view of life… armed with detailed and intimate knowledge of the invisible dimensions of life, the invisible moves of the machine, the invisible dynamics.

indigo childTo the degree you master the invisible, to the same degree your life will be filled with light.

And if you think I am doing this to sell you something, then you are really stupid and lazy and prejudiced.

And, of course, I am selling you this knowledge, where what you get is the potential of a life worth living, and what I get is a way to pay my bills.

Misery loves company… and you’d rather that I can’t pay my bill, even if you got, in the bargain, the potential of a life worth living…

That is what is called “desire to receive for the self alone” no love, no fulfillment, no joy, no health, the attitude of the masses… Congratulations. If you paid attention, you just discovered why you are not happy… one of the invisible dynamics of reality.

Here is a special offer link, to sample the 53 Invisibles program: an 8 video sample

PS: Your soul-correction type of trigger will never goes away. Werner Erhard, soul correction Memories (32) still needs to remind himself every morning that he doesn’t have to. He set up a huge sign at the foot of his bed saying: You Don’t Have To! That is the first thing he sees when he wakes up.

Belligerence, resistance to being told what to do, to have to, to should keeps most people stuck. And even a high vibration person, like Werner Erhard has to manage the invisible moves of his machinery, to be able to get out of bed, and start a day that is worth having.

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  1. I have an ex client/student who is one of those people lacking trust, refusing to trust.

    In many years, I had many conversations with her, all to see if I can invent a way to get her unstuck.

    Finally, after many years, I managed to have a conversation, mainly about falling in step with life, where she finally gave up her resistance... and got unstuck... temporarily.

    Getting unstuck temporarily is hard, but still frequent. Getting unstuck because you see the mechanism, and you are in possession of the levers and the dials of the invisible machine... that is quite an accomplishment.

    Here is a link to the famous conversation:


  2. 7 is the number for trust... My soul correction number is 34, add the digits: it comes to 7. Seven means I have a hard time trusting anything, anyone, including myself.
  3. This is what gives proliferation to motivational speakers... the illusion (and rarely the actuality) of being inspired enough to take the hard steps.
  4. In essence, you need to become astute
  5. I have an ex client/student who is one of those people lacking trust, refusing to trust.

    In many years, I had many conversations with her, all to see if I can invent a way to get her unstuck.

    Finally, after many years, I managed to have a conversation, mainly about falling in step with life, where she finally gave up her resistance… and got unstuck… temporarily.

    Getting unstuck temporarily is hard, but still frequent. Getting unstuck because you see the mechanism, and you are in possession of the levers and the dials of the invisible machine… that is quite an accomplishment.

    Here is a link to the famous conversation:

  6. 7 is the number for trust… My soul correction number is 34, add the digits: it comes to 7. Seven means I have a hard time trusting anything, anyone, including myself.
  7. This is what gives proliferation to motivational speakers… the illusion (and rarely the actuality) of being inspired enough to take the hard steps.
  8. In essence, you need to become astute

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