Why can’t you copy the same exact thing a billionaire does, and get the same result?

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  • What is the difference between people who make a lot of money, and people who don’t,
  • people who have good family life, and people who don’t,
  • people who have good health and people who don’t?

I watched a video on which a dude played the same exact tunes on three different violins.

The link to the video was on Digg, and the editor said that they, in Digg’s office, didn’t hear much difference.

I did. One violin’s sound brought tears to my eyes… it was so incredibly resonant, and beautiful. 2

I used to be a musician, and I can hear. I have a lot of distinctions in sound, in music, in tone, I can hear.

It is remarkable to what degree what you can’t see, what you can’t hear, what you can’t feel, doesn’t even exist for you, of feels missing for you.

  • Imagine being a pilot with impaired vision.
  • A music critic with impaired hearing
  • A book reviewer with a third grade level vocabulary

That is you. Oblivious to the fact that what you see is not reality, and even of what can be seen, you don’t see more than 1~10%.

How effective do you reckon, can you be in life?

If you answered: not very, you are on the right track…

The average human is 1% effective.

We are talking about a whole species who fancies themselves the owner of this planet, on average having 1% effectiveness in their activity.

Now you see why we are destroying this planet and other species.

Humans, as they are, cannot think right, cannot see right, cannot act right. In anything.

The people who are successful, the Warren Buffets of this humanity, are 2% effective with reality, and that makes them a billionaire.

Nancy Zapoliski and Werner Erhard, in their high vibration days were as effective as 3% with reality.

What Nancy Zapolski and Werner Erhard have over the billionaires is their education to see more of the invisible dynamics governing human behavior.

Your teachers, your PhD’s, doctors, gurus are at 1%: that is why what they say can make sense to you.

When I said 1% on average, like with any average, humans are distributed along the Bell curve: 50% of humanity’s effectiveness is under 1%.

You know what you were told was true, and you accepted. You then considered it safe to ignore everything that could have opened your eyes that what you were told was not true… but who wants to be bothered? Right?

My effectiveness with reality is, on any given day, in any given area of life, is between 7% and 10%.

What is my secret?

The secret is almost always curiosity, and the willingness to test. Everything.

I also have a superpower: I can penetrate a visible or invisible dynamic like nobody’s business… fast and accurately… and I love it.

I have been recently realizing that my superpower is a portable skill, not only applicable to transformation, it can be applied to marketing, to business, to health, to relationships… just a few areas I play in.

I am not the only person with a superpower: you need to watch what activity causes you pleasure while it produces something, and you are on track to find your superpower.

  • One of my students is a magician with machines… and recently he managed to take his superpower: his powers of observation, to another area, thus increased his happiness by two.

Your superpower can give you access to areas of reality that are hidden from other people’s view… once you trust yourself enough, and do enough work to distinguish reality… not before that. This same student, before he joined the Playground where I train people in recognizing and penetrating reality, he was ordinary, and without power. No superpower… a ping pong ball being thrown about.

  • Another student, it seems, has a superpower to see beauty, to be inspired by beauty, not only visual beauty, but the beauty of an idea, a value, a structure…
  • Yet another student, it seems, has a superpower to fall in step with horses and be anchored in her life by this immense superpower. If and when she expands the areas where she uses her superpower, her effectiveness in life will increase, and her happiness with it.

Because humanity’s ability to see reality, to see things for what they are, they are highly dupable, and this, duped they are by their more ambitious peers, salespeople, politicians, gurus and teacher and sellers of wares.

Those people peddle ideas, stuff, and it is all to gain power over the unsuspecting unaware humanity… their prey.

Life is hard for you if you have no awareness, no ability to tell reality from unreality, one thing from another…

My courses, as good as they are, cannot do much for you unless you bring something to it.

The most important number in your Starting Point Measurements, that predict if you will raise your effectiveness with the course, or not, is your ambition number.

Ambition, the way I use it, the way I mean it, is your willingness to do for what you want.

The keyword is willingness. Not ability, but willingness. People with a resistant, avoid domination personality don’t have a steady ambition score… their unwillingness can kick in any moment they feel that they have to… and the number drops…

If that is you, it is hard for me to promise anything: you are unpredictable.

If your ambition is 10 or above, you can do well in my courses… for example in the Playground I am still accepting one or two new participants.

PS: Can I teach you to see and distinguish all I see? I don’t know. It is, unfortunately, up to you.

I will give you all I have, leaving nothing out. What you can take, what you can implement without turning it into “truth repeated is a lie”, is what you gain.

The course starts on March 3, Sunday, 10:30 am NY time, 7:30 am on the West Coast, 3:30 pm in the UK. This module is two months long.

You can apply for the second module when in the course, not before.

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HotrHNXwpE

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