Your eyes are bigger than your stomach…

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Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach… Build on your strengths

One of the happiest turn in my life was when I fully turned away from architecture.

I started architecture school in 1966. I, unknowingly, chose that profession, because my mother wanted to be an architect, but could not, because of the Jewish Laws that came in in 1938, limiting the number of Jewish students at universities.

I didn’t know that I was an empath and I felt my mother’s feelings instead of my own… and she felt strong desire towards architecture.

I loved being in school, it was interesting, exciting even, and I got good grades, lots of fun, no drinking, no dating, no TV… just doing what it took to learn to become an architect.

Finally, after graduation, I found out that “doing” architecture is not the same as studying, and I hated it. I got ill, and depressed, and more depressed… doing architecture was torture for me. It required none of my strengths, in fact my strengths interfered with my ability to do the doing.

I won a competition (in a team), I won an award (in a team), I got great assignments in Israel… and I still hated it.

Finally in 1988 I was fired, and for certain reasons, my career in architecture was over… and yet. When I was looking what I was going to do next, I could not see that I had skills in anything else.

Someone gave me a book, What Color Is Your Parachute, and I read it from cover to cover, then I did the “skillfinder” test. And the light bulb came on: my strength only marginally intersected, overlapped with what is needed to be a good architect.

You only enjoy what you are doing, when you are able to get good at it.

But does that mean I enjoyed being an architecture student because I could become a good architect? No… I enjoyed it because I enjoyed learning… anything, by the way.

I am a learning machine. My ultimate strength is learning.

Not doing, not teaching, not “practicing” a profession… learning. Learning as much as I can, penetrating the unknown, the unfamiliar, the invisible.

Writing, for me, is a way to organize my ideas, and to penetrate further, connect the dots, express in new ways, find analogies, stories that teach.

My health, becoming healthy, for me, is also a learning.

We could say that I am curious. I don’t feel curious, by the way. Not in the way it is used in common language: I’ll want to hear your life story, or what to find out how many wives that good looking actor has… or what is Christie Marie Sheldon’s net worth… I don’t give a damn.

The only somewhat idle curiosity I have is finding out if certain people are Jewish or not. I don’t know… Maybe i am still looking for ways to belong with people? Because mostly I don’t. lol…

I see people and they talk. And talk. And maybe read. But they are not curious. They are not even looking.

I am reading the fifth novel of a dude. I loved the first four… I hate this one. Disjointed, uninteresting, forced, unclear, just words.

The reviews on Amazon are glowing. I have a hunch that they either didn’t read it, or they skimmed it… I would give it one star, for the effort. All other reviews are 5 star… gulp. Blowing out a deep breath… WTF?

I see people and they are trying to solve problems, see connections in their heads… and they can’t.

I write. I write not a journal, I write articles. I find that there is a certain rigor that is needed for rigorous thinking, rigorous looking, that you don’t bring when it is just for your own use.

So I write my process in articles that I will make public.

I’ve done my work, so the process already served me. Some articles are well received, most are meh… lol.

It is very difficult to write articles that talk to people whose vibration is more that 800 points less than mine…

The biggest issues I see are these

  • 1. “The dog and its bone” behavior: the reader drags the article into its cave, and looks at it completely cut off from its context, from all of knowledge…
  • 2. The “I understand what you are saying” behavior: the reader has a vocabulary in the neighborhood of 300, the article speaks at the minimum a 1000 word/distinction vocabulary, so where the words are missing, the reader substitutes their own word… and they end up re-writing the article in such a way that none of what they see can make any difference.
  • 3. “The skimmers:” Tai Lopez is a skimmer. This is why all those books that he “supposedly” read don’t raise his vibration, don’t raise his vocabulary, don’t make him a happier person: he has no respect, no humility to consider that he can’t decide what is important and what isn’t…

These are the three ways I see my articles not make a difference… and I don’t consider it my responsibility to make them better read.

I got an email offer from Frank Kern yesterday. I have already spend about five thousand dollars with him, on different courses, I regularly watch his free videos.

He was offering a course on speaking people’s hidden desires so they sell themselves, so you don’t have to.

I didn’t buy it. Why? I’d like to have the knowledge, I’d like to be able to do what he says I could do, but the likelihood that I can learn it from his course is between zero and none…

He has knowledge, skills, working knowledge, working skills, that have allowed him to make money at will, for himself and his clients. But for me it is very hard to bridge the knowledge of psychology and human manipulation, that are the foundation of his business, and he has spent a lifetime developing, and the level I am with that kind of knowledge… and the impeccable integrity I demand of myself.

I muscle tested, and muscle test said: no, don’t buy it. And after several more questions: because of the fundamental difference between our relationship to business: I want to make a living, so I can continue working. He wants to make a lot of money. We are a world apart.

Now, I will cleverly bring it around to you and me:

I teach how to become an expanding human being… raise your vibration, acquire spiritual capacities, skills, knowledge, become a producer in life.

If all you want is to feel a little better about yourself, make a little more money, get a little more energy… then you don’t have to try to follow my path.

I have plenty of products that can make you feel better, give you a little more energy, make you like yourself more.

I want you to get what you need for what you really want.

I understand, your eyes may be bigger than your stomach (is this how the saying goes in English?)

Get your Starting Point Measurements, and see where may your strengths lie

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Your eyes are bigger than your stomach…”

  1. I’m interested in the Omega Shakti story (peripherally), but would like to get Matt Schoener’s obituary in 2004, or the birthdata of John Sullivan, if you have it on hand !!
    I witnessed the debacle in the Boston area but found it difficult to intervene.
    I am definitely a fan of Calvin and Hobbes…

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