What is YOUR enough? Or get a clear picture of why you are where you are…

Enough 1

I remember, long time ago, writing an article to introduce the concept “enough” and one of my students got it and it propelled her to previously unimaginable heights of vibration.

This was years ago… I will probably have to look up that old article to remember what I wrote… it must have been profound. But I’ll refrain… instead I am going to look how is the state of “enough” among my students and maybe myself. 2

I set my standards real high, and then decide what percentage of that is enough. 3

I am what you could call the anti-perfectionist.

Perfection is an ideal that can never be achieved. So one could say that a perfectionist is a racketeer: on the surface she wants, claims she wants perfection, but behind the scenes she conspires to prove that she can’t. Or he… no gender preferences in liars.

I get stuff done. I have systems: it takes time and thought to design those. I have routines. I keep several plates spinning, and add energy to each one of them, every single day, so they keep on spinning. Those plates make up my life… so why would I want to drop them?

I never lean too close to any of those plates, any of those issues… because I have learned that when I do, tragedy or near tragedy follows.

I maintain my center… whereas when you lean too close to a plate, you lose your center, you lose yourself, and something takes over that is, in my humble opinion, can be called death.

So no concern, no relationship, no desire, no activity deserves my whole life… and not my death… so I maintain my center, I maintain my distance, and I maintain my flexibility in my cone of vision: I do what I learned in architecture school: I rapidly alternate between fuzzy eyes and detailed sharp view… so I never actually step out of the big picture.

Enough, learning, and your soul correction

On reading the posts in the discussion forum about learning to learn, I am starting to see that one of the main areas your soul correction is limiting you is learning.

Your soul correction is a lot like a slope on your path, that predictably pulls you towards some behavior and attitude that is going to be a determinant in your life path, in your quality of life, in the height you’ll reach in self-realization.

And they are not occasional influences: they are a constant… that is why soul correction is like a slope… no matter where on the slope you are, the pull is the same, to do something unproductive, to have an unproductive attitude, to be pulled back.

I watch people as they read their soul correction, and they nod, or not, but I see no sudden clarity… oh, this is why I am where I am? this is why I do what I do? None of that… 🙁

I wonder if they get that it is the slope… and that they are not hapless, helpless, predetermined, powerless, fixed… that they are, instead, unconscious.

Because if they got that it’s the slope… which is a circumstance, and environment, not who you are, inherently and permanently, then they would, if they were awake, start developing strategies to counter the pull of the slope, strategies to do what their life-force wants them to do to self-realize… in spite of the pull of the slope.

It may be easier to see on less subtle examples, that have nothing to do with soul correction, but are as circumstantial as that.

Let’s take dyslexia, a brain disorder, that cannot be cured, that makes the perception of spatial and directional position either misfire or not fire at all, making up and down, left and right, north and south jumble, reverse without warning, and also, the tip of the iceberg, make letters, numbers look like another letter, so you misread a lot of stuff.

You can see that dyslexia makes you not so sure about yourself, and makes you not want to read because it is not reliable therefore not pleasurable.

That is the slope.

  • 93% of dyslexics are underachievers: achieve positions and results in life below their capabilities.
  • 1% of dyslexics are extremely high achievers.

That 1% number is ten times higher than high achievers in the general population… so what is going on?

When you know the slope, and you know it intimately, and consider it a challenge to overcome, once and for all, the underachievers consider themselves powerless in the face of the challenge. The high achievers take on the challenge.

what is the purpose of life?Face the tiger

Remember the tiger story? The kids asked what they do when it comes to one of the frequent tiger attacks on their village in India. Here are their answers:

  • Hide from the tiger – the little kids
  • Outwit, outsmart the tiger – a little bigger kids
  • Outrun the tiger – even bigger kids
  • Face the tiger – the adult

If you are an underachiever, you can find yourself on this chart.

Now, if you look at everyone’s life condition: they all have, they all live on a slippery slope. What could be the strategies of different maturity stages, similar to the tiger story?

  • Ignore and be victim of the slope… I can’t help it. You see? I have been right about it all along
  • Move sideways and act surprised when things don’t work
    Look ma, I try!
  • Try for a little bit and slip back… the Sisyphus. this also includes self-justification and blaming
  • Say: oh, this is what is working against me? good… let’s take it on! Develop strategies and win

If you wanted to get sophisticated, you would find all six “payoffs” from the racket invisible dynamic…

The complaint is: you never amount to much
The attitude is: it’s happening to me, I am powerless
The payoff: as varied as people are, in essence six…
The cost: you never amount to much.

So high achievers are people who consider that playing a big game in life is more important than the puny payoff the racket offers.


Humans are potentially the top if “creation”. Potentially.

What makes individuals get to the top is this “whatever it takes”.

It is a life-philosophy.

When I picked “Whatever works” as my higher power in a 12-step program, where traditionally, by design, people pick god as their higher power, I wrote my history.

When it is god who is your higher power, you expect god to do whatever it takes to give you what you need.

That robs you of your own power, robs you of the life-philosophy to DO whatever works… because you always expect god to do it… Like you expect the fireplace to give you wood, reading to give you pleasure, learning to give you knowledge.

You see that it is a wordview… a mindset… and 99.99% of humanity is trapped in it.

I know one guy, Roy H Williams, who is religious, but not trapped… A high achiever.

His soul correction is “The Big Picture”… that is his slippery slope, the tendency to go too close to whatever he is looking at.

Now, I don’t know his personal story, but I can tell you, his life, his articles, his books are all about the big picture.

His vibration, consequently, is 400, because with every breath he takes, he expands his cone of vision, so he can connect dots further and further apart, so everything in his direct view can be in a context way larger than how “normal” people would view it.

And ENOUGH for him is very different from YOUR enough.

What is missing for every soul correction is this habit of looking at things in their context, in the big picture.

  • In the “normal” view, your narrow concern about yourself, or what you want, occupies your whole visual field, so you are wholly and fully stuck with it…
  • In the expanded view, your narrow concern becomes just a small part, and you can start seeing the before, the after, the cost, the consequences of your actions… if…

Now, there is an if there. If you can see what you want to get out of life inside your visual field.

  • High achievers said: I want the big game.
  • I said: I want to be the vehicle for the spirit’s flying.

If you have never said anything bigger than “I want to look good and make it through life” then nothing bigger will show up in your visual field.

If not, you are a 99.99%-er… But it is not too late.

I am not talking about a pipe-dream, a fantasy. I am talking about a future that you are willing and ready to do WHATEVER IT TAKES.

By the way, it’s a muscle that has atrophied for you.

Everyone is born with that muscle… but it is not used much.

The 20-day skill learning challenge is one easy way to bring that muscle back to life, little by little.

I watch people’s “promises” and I can see the size of their visual field.

I will practice X for 20 minutes a day… Typical for someone who thinks they already know. Or that knowing is understanding.

Instead of learning to learn, the skill, I will practice the skill I haven’t learned yet on something else… A nice, elegant sideways move: no results, ever… Can you guess the soul correction of the person who said this?

It’s a skill learning challenge. A skill that can be demonstrated, used, transferred to other areas of life… and you have degrees in learning the skill.

Just before I left Hungary (37 years ago almost to the day) I took a course on learning to drive in slippery road conditions. On ice, on black ice, in snow. I practiced doing the required moves that were entirely counter-intuitive, i.e. counter-slippery-slope.

I got quite good at it, and in the 37 years since then, I had only one accident, my car slipped off the road into the snowbank… because I was speeding on my way to New York City.

So I got good but not the best.

In my many years in snowy Northeast living, I have seen hundreds of cars fly off the road… slide into other cars…

So my skill level is quite exceptional.

I saw the importance of learning, and I did it… I saw the importance of conscious practicing, and I did it.

But… here is that pesky but again.

I saw that I’d better get ready for the future, an unknown entity, because I most likely will need it.

I never wanted to live a small life… I always wanted to be seen, to be considered significant, to leave a mark. How? I didn’t know, I didn’t care.

That was my big thing… leaving a mark.

And that was worth for me to do WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Did I invent it? No, it is the soul’s desire, and I accepted it as mine.

What desire does your soul have that you have been denying?
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  1. enough=as much or as many as required. We’ll see that by whom it is required, and for what it is required will change enough a lot.
  2. After I finished this article, I did look up that old article, and it’s brilliant. I could not say it better today. It also talks about our newest recognized challenge: you don’t know how to learn anything… so you can’t grow. Go and read it if you are a friend of yourself.


  3. I like the Pareto squared idea… pick and do earnestly the 20 percent of the 20 percent, to produce 64% of all the results…

    If you set your 100% high enough, your 64 percent will be way higher than your peers’ 100%… but it will take you less time, less resources, to accomplish it. More skills, more discipline, but less time.

    But if you are like the garden variety dude for whom looking good and making it is enough, you’ll be at the bottom of the barrel, guaranteed. Your enough is not enough.

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