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Things happen… They happen when you are young, and when you are little, a little boy or a little girl, every happening is very very very significant, and everything that happens seems to say something about you, and about your chances to make it… to live, to be well, to be loved, appreciated, considered valuable, etc.

You seem to be completely at the effect of everything and everyone, with a very limited number of moves of your own… you can cry, you can refuse to eat, you can talk, but they all seem to be ineffective: you have no power.

Then you grow up, and things still happen to you. And you still the effect… not the cause of any of it, or not much of it.

You are reduced to the one who can talk about it, but not the one who caused it, or can even contemplate causing anything.

And that is the typical, 99.99% reality for people on the planet.

In every interaction, in every incident, some of your Self got broken off of the whole Self, and got denied by you.

According to some research, the energy of the Self is like a donut or torus. I am saying this because in the video I am giving you as a gift, I will mention the donut… so I want you to know what i am talking about.

The fragments of the donut, the Self, are trapped in the incidents, or alternatively are denied by you, but they still hang on a cord, sucking the aliveness out of your being.

Those denied fragments of the Self act like attachments.

To become a full person again, like when you were born, the fragments need to be returned to the donut. It is a process, and it is not child’s play. It is also highly interactive.

The skeleton of the donut is like a scaffold, like a trelliswork, a frame, that the elements of it are capacities.

In order for a lost fragment to adhere again to make the donut, your Self, restored, there need to be capacities there to hold the piece in place… or they will fly off again.

The capacities needed were the capacities that were missing at the time of the incident.

For most people, in my experience, the number of capacities that are missing is low… 2-3 capacities are missing.

A capacity is an ability that is embedded and either active or inactive in the DNA.

The economy of life is that any part of the DNA that is not used, is shut down, and life needs a serious amount of convincing to open an inactive capacity… the person needs to prove to life that they need it.

Which means that you can use an ability even if you don’t have the DNA capacity open. by acting as if…

Example, surfacing in the video, is the capacity to trust… 1

Trust inner guidance, for example.

People for whom this capacity is missing, habitually talk themselves out of trusting inner guidance, so the capacity cannot turn on.

But they could listen to inner guidance, and say, “heck with it, I am going to go with my gut” and take the action the gut suggests… do or not do something or other.

Continued practice of “act as if” you had trust, actually turns on the capacity of trust… and it gets easier.

That capacity can now provide an adherence point, an attachment point for the restored fragments of self, providing a chance for the Self to become whole and complete.

Another capacity that is missing for everyone is the capacity to take responsibility for what they can take responsibility for, what belongs to them.

Even seeing what belongs to you is beyond most people, because the habitual attitude of “I am an effect, I am powerless” is stronger than the desire to become whatever you claim you want to become… whole and complete? happy? productive? famous? significant?

While you attempt to activate responsibility, you, concurrently, at the same time, need to strengthen your soul’s desire…

The Activate Divinity course is working on both ends… and it can get the job done… but ultimately that is up to the participant.

The video I show you at the end of this article was the recording of an energy meditation session, a session that by luck only participants of the Activate Divinity course participants showed up… so we could have an ad hoc session of that course instead.

Unscheduled, unexpected, and brilliant. The timing of that session was about 18 days into the course, a seven months long course, by the way.

I am diagnosing and teaching at the same time.

I am not showing an “episode” that is later: you would not be able to relate…

But being at the beginning of the journey, you’ll be able to see yourself in every one of the participants or some of them.

The course is available online. It includes a one-on-one diagnostic session to identify an incident that is dominant in making you the powerless individual you are now.

I have chunked the course to four modules, so you will make it easier to commit to it… once you have

Online Workshop: Activate Your Divinity

Module 1

Learn how you can avert disaster, or get good luck come your way. The luck method. This is a workshop where you learn methods of the magicians.

Available for purchase now:

Module 2

More magic methods: you’ll be amazed how well these work on upsets, disagreements, or feelings of overwhelm or feeling mistreated. We go full tilt boogie in this one, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but you’ll love it

Module 3

Let’s find how come you got to be the way you are. There is an incident in every person’s life where they went from divine to ordinary, from beautiful to ugly. We’ll find that incident and do some voodoo on it, so it will turn you back to divine and beautiful. We’ll reclame your lost fragment of divinity, so you can become more whole and more complete.

This is, normally, when you have your diagnostic one-on-one session

Module 4

Let’s completely disengage the machine: the break for freedom. In this session we’ll do the process on as many fragments as you gathered, so you can re-ignite your fire, your passion for life, and your love for yourself.

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