Reader question answered: Why have I been unable to grow? Soul fragmentation?

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Dear Sophie,

I have been unable to grow, to learn, to move from A to B. I have been spending a lot of time reading your articles, doing your courses, and yet: no result.

Is there anything I am missing?

Your case reminds me of some hopeless health cases just before I discovered that there is such a thing as energetic attachments.

The client would stay out of balance, leaking energy left and right, in spite of all the things we did…

Then, finally a client arrived who felt that he was systematically abused and life force siphoned away by his ex.

And when I merged myself with him, I could feel what he was talking about: he had a fire hose size pipe hanging from behind his right ear… both giving access to the “energy healer” ex, and pulling him out of alignment and equilibrium, by its weight.

When I first did the Activate Divinity Course that comes with one or two 1-on-1 session for re-attaching broken off fragments of the Self, I often, in vain, tried to re-attach the broken off fragments, only for them to break off, fly away again.

In every painful incident in your life, when you blamed yourself, you denied that part of your self… and banished it.

But the fragment never completely separated: it is still attached to the remaining Self, attached with a cord, very similar to the energy attachment cords an energy practitioner places on you… with the intention to help, or the intention to harm.

I today see, that I would have helped the participant more had I just simply set the fragment free… because being pulled this way and that by the many large fragments still attached with a cord, a person cannot make sense of their world, and cannot find their self… because of this uneven pull by th fragments.

So, starting today, the Activate Divinity 1 on 1 session will be partially rebuilding the self… if there is a “scaffolding” that the pieces can be attached to, or cutting the pieces loose… so the remaining root of the self can now know about itself, and start doing what even a tiny remaining segment of the self can do: develop self-awareness, find a way for Self-expression, self-growth, and self-realization.

I know it probably sounds weird, but most people that I encounter have, without this energetic surgery, no chance for a life they can love.

Instead you have this confusion, this mess of something and the opposite, convoluted, and yet substance-less broken faced gnome where the self is supposed to be.

No transformational moves change it… No “owning what is bad about you”, no “creating an empowering context”, none of that works.

And to boot, they are condemned to never learn anything… and suffer.

The one-on one sessions have two parts: in part 1, similar to an attachment removal session, I place myself into the participant so I can feel where the attachments adhere, and I mercilessly cut them.

I do that best on my own, not on a phone call: I need 100% of my attention here, it is really hard work.

The second part is re-attaching the fragments that are not hanging on a cord, or have scaffolding to hold them on the self energy torus.

My own session, back in 2011, took me 7-8 hours. I can do it faster now, but it is not entirely up to me.

The client needs to be able to remember the traumas where he or she might have lost a fragment. Then I find it energetically, and attempt to re-attach… After re-attachment, I’ll check if it was able to successfully adhere to the scaffolding: the frame of the energy-torus. If not, I’ll let the piece go…

What’s the benefit?

The new, now balanced self is able to look for a reason to live, a reason to learn, a reason to strive for. A purpose.
The new self will be willing and able to learn
The new self will make you feel renewed, energized, born again. To have a life that you can love and live powerfully.

This session or sessions are available whether you do the Activate Divinity Course or not, but you will be more powerful in using your new self, if you have the distinctions of the invisible forces that have been keeping you out of balance.

But it is your choice.

If you are interested in doing the course, you can buy Module 1… and once you are done with that, I’ll offer you Module 2.

The one-on-one session is in Module 3.

If you just want the energetic surgery of getting rid off the fragments still attached with a cord, please email me for a payment link at The fee will depend on the number of fragments and their attachments that you have on you.

PS: All of this is hard work. The only legitimate reason to do any of this is to be freed up and be enabled to live a full life.

If you want the experience, I don’t want to work with you. Go and find the countless energy workers that are more than happy to take your money and give you an experience. Not me. I will talk to Source and ask for guidance if I want to do the work with you.

If I don’t know you, please get your Starting Point Measurement done: it makes it easier for me to connect to you and see if in fact you are a good prospect to do with work with.

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