Consolidating new learning with habit stacking

habit stacking, knowledge buildingAs I said in previous articles, you may do a lot of actions consistent with learning, that look like learning, and yet what you attempted to learn doesn’t become knowledge.

It becomes knowledge, accurate or inaccurate, when it moves into long term memory, where all the knowledge particles are now connected. By long term memory I don’t mean your mind. Your mind is something entirely different, no action comes from the mind… the mind is like Grand Central Station: who knows who is in charge? Surely not you…

Some phase of the learning, crystallization, was left out or was not sufficient. Crystallization is when the learning is permanent.

It is easiest to see on knowledge that results in a routine, performed day in and day out, automatically.

Let’s say, you learn that energizing your water to coherence level raises your cell hydration to get out of incoherence caused by scarcity in the cells. You do it, and by gosh, it works. You are smart, you are bouncy… Yoohoo.

You learn to filter your water right. You learn how long to play the Energizer Audio to the water, and you feel the difference in your mood, in your attitude, in your energy level. You vow to continue this till you die.

And yet it doesn’t become a habit. It doesn’t cause a lasting change. It is a potential, like seeing, but if you wear eye patches, you won’t see, even though you could. It still requires conscious thought to perform the action, in the correct sequence, the correct way.

What is missing is the actions that drive that knowledge deep, so it connects with other knowledge that fires automatically.

Neurons that are wired together, fire together.

I wired my desires to do the spirit’s flying and drinking energized water together more than 20 years ago. My love comes from that desire to do the spirit’s work… and so, by association, so does energizing my water, and drinking it. I never missed a day, and never will. Even when I traveled.

Find a habit, a need, a desire, that you would not forget to do, (like peeing in the morning) and wire the new habit, the new behavior to it. I once had a student who kept a yarmulke, a skull cap in his bathroom, and every time he went to pee, he put it on and put his attention to where the skull cap covered his head: his tangerine spot. Then he forgot… or maybe someone took his yarmulke… I’ll never know. He quit taking my courses.

You’ll know what it is or you’ll find it experimenting. If all else fails, wire it to your main concern… or a strong concern of yours. Some of you want significance. Some of you want to be brilliant… wire it to that… that is not going anywhere, and is sitting there, in the middle of the neurons… make it useful for once.

For me, working is necessary. I need to work to feel useful, worthy, and well. But when I am not well, because I am struggling with scarcity, I don’t feel useful, worthy, and I want to get out of that bad feeling at all cost.

This is how energized water is connecting to my life: there is no way in hell, that I am going to let myself not feel well, if I have a say about it.

People, in general, have no convictions, nothing strong… just blah.

  • When I ask people what it is they are unwilling to not have any more… they look at me with blank eyes.
  • When I ask them, what it is they are unwilling to put up with any longer… I get the same look.

If you have no convictions in your life, then you are a leaf blowing in the wind… and it is going to be very difficult to get higher on the vibrational scale, to have a life that is better and feels better than what you are having now.

So start pondering what it is you are unwilling to not have, or unwilling to put up with… grow some balls, please.

Many people are in perpetual learning mode, and to their utter surprise, they never have any result to show for their efforts.

Most people learned their profession this way… and there is no love lost, no consciousness present in them doing the work now they can do… no phase of conscious competence was ever reached… they slid into unconscious “somewhat” competence.

Deliberate is missing.

We hear, nowadays, a lot about deliberate practice makes mastery… but most people have no experience, no idea how to be deliberate.

To be deliberate, you need to be willing to look bad so later you can look good.

To be deliberate, often you have to let go of the automatic way of doing things… and get clumsy, clunky, for a little while.

For most people this is unacceptable… and they will never get good, really good at anything, and they will never learn anything on their own: balls are missing.

I used to be like that… until I learned about consolidation: turning that floating, un-anchored knowledge or habit to something that makes it permanent. Anchored.

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