How can YOU connect to YOUR Soul? And when you do…

How can YOU connect to YOUR Soul? And when you do, what do you ask for? Are you eating soup with a fork?

What is the Soul? Where is the seat of the Soul? How can YOU connect to YOUR Soul? What does the Soul do?

Before I can talk to you about the Soul I need to take a detour to explain something:

I live like a hermit. I go out once a week on a set route: chiropractor, mail box, grocery store one, grocery store two, bank, and back home. I don’t drive, I have a driver.

Why am I doing this? So I can devote my whole life to my life’s purpose:

Living on the edge, generating distinctions of transformation for humankind.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a contradiction? it actually seems like I am not living at all, let alone on the edge… lol.

But exactly the opposite is true.

That purpose came directly from my Soul, and Soul makes sure that I can live that purpose. So ever since that I was given that purpose, 21 years ago, Soul has been guiding me to do the things that serve that purpose the best and the fastest.

One of the things Soul guides me to do is reading certain books, no matter how I hate them. Or watch television series, even past the time that they are literally infuriating.

I read my books on Kindle, and watch my TV series on the computer: I don’t have a television, and I have stopped ordering DVD’s. When I can’t find the show I must watch, I download pirated copies of the show and watch it that way. I learned from my brother how to do that safely, so I don’t get a virus.

Now, I have started to see a trend in the TV series I am asked to watch and I am starting to see something: let me share it with you, because it is intimately connected to Soul, trust me. Not the way you would want it to be connected, but still… connected.

distractionThe shows are starting to work on your stupid side, in earnest.

They are becoming more addictive, taking you out of yourself, and into a bunch of characters’ lives that live a stupid life, make incredibly stupid decisions, that act immaturely and foolishly, that can’t see past the tip of their nose.

And those characters you root for, get upset for, are you. I know you can’t see it, I have never met a person that could see that they are making poor decisions because they are actually pretty low on the intelligence scale. Never.

The whole machinery that you call yourself prevents you from seeing it. Why? Because if you could see it you would do what intelligent people do: look before you leap. But you just keep on leaping and leaping and leaping, like a lemming, into your demise, into your ruin, into your misery, without ever guessing that it is your decisions that do it.

Let me explain how I see a human being (whether they act like one or not!) is “constructed” so you get some distinctions, some clarity, some power from seeing it.

apple-explain-humanImagine that a human being is a ball, or a sphere if you prefer that.

Maybe you want to imagine a human being as a torus… OK, run with it.

Any three dimensional object has a periphery or surface and an inside. The periphery covers up the inside, so you can only guess what’s inside, unless you can cut it open like an apple. If you look at an apple cut open, you can see that what animates the apple, what drives the apple, what is the essence of the apple is inside. And from there there is the stem through which the apple’s core connects to the Source of its being.

Let’s see what aspects of a human being are found on the periphery of your being:


  • mind
  • body
  • feelings
  • ego
  • persona — knows everything === avoiding the risk that life is
  • subconscious
  • speaking
  • will

And what aspects are on the inside:

Now, if you look carefully, you spend literally no time on the inside. You even mistake your mind looking with attention…

eat-soup-wth-a-fork-analogyWhen you live on the periphery, when you identify yourself with the periphery, connect to other people’s periphery, you miss most everything that you don’t already know.

All your questions, whether expressed or not, come from what you already know.

When you read something, like this article, you read through what you already know. What doesn’t fit what you already know, you explain with what you already know, or call it hogwash.

Your relationship to life is as if you were eating soup with a fork. What gets caught up gets eaten, but most of the soup stays untouched, untasted, never accessed through your periphery.

eating_soup_with_a_forkAnd if you look: what you miss is your Self, your Soul, your awareness, your consciousness, your attention. Who you really are.

You miss the human being stuff, and are left with human looking machine… An object among other objects, clashing, and briefly touching… no joy, no real fun, no higher functions.

You also interact with life itself as a dumb machine.

Life is a dance, every changing, in fact, its nature is changing. But your periphery is unable to be with changing: the mind, the persona, the ego, the will all want and insist on perpetuity, and sameness.

So you clash with life, you get rigid, tense, hold your breath, can’t sleep… banged up, bloodied, and unable to see that it is not Life, it is not the Other, it is you living on the surface of your being, with the aspects of you that aren’t interested in being in the flow, being in a dance, being in Life…

Your surface wants you to be in spite of Life, in spite of the Other…

Your vibrational number is just a number indicating to what degree you live in your center, in harmony, in a dance with Life, with how it is.

If it is low, you clash a lot. If it is around 200, you are starting to get into the zone where you can dance, some of the time.

You won’t get access to your Soul until you get to at least 200 vibration.

So how do you do that?

The most expeditious way I know is using the Foundational Set of Products…

  1. The Harmonizer is a strong vibrational harmonizer, the full name is Harmonize Your Vibration… and it forces you to be at least a little bit in sync, in a dance with how it is.I recommend it even to more advanced travelers of this path, when suddenly they are seriously out of sync, tense, and make mistakes.It’s the only activator that requires nothing of you: it does its work without your conscious participation. Even the mind can’t stop it from working.
  2. The Heaven on Earth remedy, or the HOE Long Range audio version of the energy bundle that is in the bottle, helps you to allow the world to be the way the world is, you to be the way you are, your body do what your body does.It makes the Harmonizer work faster: your emotions and your body won’t hinder it… It removes the brittleness you are probably dealing with now.
  3. The Unconditional Love Activator Sleepy Time version will remove the false, society built foundation for your life, feeling wrong, insufficient, unlovable, stupid, a misfit.You will stop being stuck on the periphery of your being where other people’s opinion of you, where other people liking you or not, where your success will make or break you, and start moving to the inside, where you, the Real You can come alive, and start feeling good about yourself.Start doing the things that are important to you. Start being able to here feedback, coaching, because you are now not dependent on life and you being right and stationery: you become more like Life: receptive, flowing, flexible, intelligent, and maybe, gasp! even loving.
  4. The Water Energizer will start to change your body chemistry, so your cravings, addictions, edginess, aches and pains will ease or disappear, gently, almost imperceptibly… the Energized Water will wash them away.
  5. And the Path Coaching, your precious 10-15 minutes with me weekly, will help you make sense of what’s happening to you…At this stage there are four time options for you to choose from, and I believe I have covered all time-zones, so you will be able to find a suitable time for you.You may need to be on the foundational a little bit before you are ready to be coached, but don’t let that stop you: just come to a few calls to get used to my voice, to the Webinar system, to the whole idea of coaching… it will help you tremendously by the time you are ready.

Get a package deal: you can get each piece when you are ready or you can get all five, your choice.

The pieces are synergistic, used concurrently and correctly they are guaranteed to take you to the respectable vibration of 200… Not even 1% of humanity vibrates on that level. Most of your teachers are below that!

If you already have some of these pieces, please email me for a package deal I will work with you.

By the way, the vibration of people, the vibration of humanity is going lower and lower, in an alarming rate.

How come? In spite of all the programs, all the healers, witches, masters, methods, modalities, how is it possible that the vibration isn’t rising?!

Now, if it makes you feel better, you are a victim of a planet-wide conspiracy that has been going on for at least four thousand years.

Its tools are not complicated, not really. Pointing the fingers at scapegoats, hiding the truth from you, replacing it with false truth (like The Truman Show or The Matrix), grabbing all the power positions where information, science, medicine, law, politics are controlled… I said it is not complicated, but it’s expansive, all-encompassing, and potentially unbeatable.

And no, it is not the Jews. And no it is not Big Industry. And no, it is not Israel. It is not extraterrestrials. It is not reptilians or any other non-human race. Those are all scapegoats or distractions.

lfm3PBecause the most important tool these Powers-the-be have is driving your attention away from what really matters.

When the television shows start doing that then I stop and look: what is it they need you not to look at?
When wars, acts of terror, big accidents, sabotage, spy capture, global warming, hostage situations, etc. happens, then I know I should stay unattached and start looking.

Either they are planning something, or something is coming they don’t have power over… but want to use it to their own advantage: further enslaving you, the masses.

I know you don’t consider yourself the masses, but you probably are… as long as you exclusively live on the periphery of your being.

In the next “Soul” article I’ll share a few exercises that help you break away from the sticky surface of your being and get inside, at least a little bit… Because don’t be mislead by hype: moving to the inside is not an easy feat: most of your gurus, shamans, healers, psychics, never go there; they too live on the periphery of their being. Some people go there for a few moments when they meditate, but it has little value, if any. The real value is LIVING from your center… and that is what I teach.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “How can YOU connect to YOUR Soul? And when you do…”

  1. Sophie – This post reminded me of yesterday’s Elite Circle Coaching call where you went into several of these things with me. Something definitely changed during that coaching call. I didn’t notice it yesterday, but today things are very different. Especially at work. For example, there is a product that is very important to the company I work for. And for over 3 years I have hated and avoided and resisted working on and testing it. In fact, for the past year I haven’t done any of the work I was assigned on it. None. Total resistance.

    Then this morning I logged on to work and was deciding what to tackle first and discovered I have absolutely no resistance to that product at all. The things I hated because they were so complicated and slow and full of bugs are still complicated and slow and full of bugs, but I don’t feel hate or resistance or anything even close to that. I’m working on the product and am calm and peaceful. Not even a trace of resistance. My words can’t describe how incredible this is to me. A huge, constant burden that was hanging over me every day at work is completely gone. It’s mindblowing to me how this could have turned completely around – neither my projects at work nor my extreme resisting of this product got discussed during the coaching.

    This, to me, is a miracle. I didn’t even “work” at solving it, or do “thinking” to solve it. It just poof disappeared.

  2. Amazing, Kathryn, but that is the nature of transformation. Once you see the world differently, either because you are looking from a different place, or with a different aspect of yourself, the world seem to shift and with it your internal state.

    Great example, I am very happy you shared it, thank you.

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