How do you block the flow?

Some questions come up again and again… especially for readers of my articles.

One of them goes like this: how come someone with a vibration and consciousness much lower than mine can make so much more money than I do?

Or, for me, how come I sometimes make money, other times I don’t? What about me that changes from one time to another?

These are very important questions to answer. For each and every one of us wants to get the most we can get, if we can get it… right?

A big chunk of the answer comes with our soul correction. Another big chunks is answered in your Starting Point Measurements.

After all all those starting point measurements, and all your soul correction is about that: how you don’t get all you could from life, and what changes you could make in your attitude, for example, that would make a huge difference.

But, in my observation, most people don’t know how to glean useful information from either.

And, surprisingly, not even from one-on-one coaching.

The block the flow, they block what gets through to them exactly the same way.

So it is difficult.

I have some 230 videos and audios on my original Training site… and most of those videos aren’t showing up on normal computers of phones… some code needs to be updated, page by page, video by video, and it is tedious, tiresome, and I am not even sure worth it.


Yesterday a client asked me to fix those videos. So I started this morning. And I stumbled on a treasure that I completely forgot about: a video on how you block the flow.

I watched it and it’s brilliant. I made it almost seven years ago… but it is as valid as anything I teach today. And as useful.

It is a meditation session. I use my empath faculties to check

  • Where in your body you physically block the flow, how to remove it…
  • Where you block your breath
  • What stuck attitude is preventing you from even feeling the rhythm of the Universe
  • What behavior or attitude blocks the flow

I was doing this meditation session in preparation to a money course, money seminar, that ultimately I never created… even though I could, and maybe I will.

In this one hour 10 minute video you can “join” the group and participate as if you were at a live session. Ultimately, the information is worthless unless you practice it with the video… releasing, unblocking, softening, moving, letting go…

This is, by the way, true for all my products that use energy to accomplish something… most of them.

One other advice I may give you: keep your attention fuzzy… instead of the rigid focused attention you give everything… Focused attention is forced, and therefore blocks the very thing you want to get… So most of you end up with nothing. Here and everywhere…

While you pick up, like a vacuum cleaner all the lose b.s. that you don’t pay attention to, that is in your peripheral vision…

OK, enough said:

You can get this video for less than $10.

Get the How you Block the Flow video
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