Can you be a creator and yet live in the machine? Yes, if you live life like a conversation

My introduction to this concept, that life is a conversation was in October 1987… The month of the big stock market crash.

I was an architect in the luxury architecture business… custom vacation houses on the tropical islands… and suddenly the clients lost all their money in the crash… and the projects were put on hold.

I had no savings, I had no other income, so this new idea, that I have the power to say, to create a conversation how to hold the “I am probably going to lose this job and my income” with something other than panic and anguish… And I did. I invented stuff, sometimes hourly, and could keep up my sunny disposition.

I did get let go, but whenever this company needed an architect, they called me, per diem, and I survived and was fine… thank to this new way of looking at life.

Did reality change? Yes and no. The largest reality didn’t change. But what was possible for me, definitely changed.

Life is a conversation.

Life is a conversation, a conversation that begins the moment you’re conceived, and as soon as you’re conceived the world sends information your way. The nature of that information, how it’s delivered, how you receive it, how you interpret it, and how you respond to it, it’s all a conversation, and that’s your life.

So life is a conversation. You tend not to perceive life that way; you tend to think that life just happens to you, when really it’s a responsive, interactive process which you create. But you don’t realize that you create it; you don’t realize that you’re the source.

There’s a good reason that you don’t realize it. You don’t realize it because how you create it, what you create it from often come from previous generation, so it’s much more natural to conceive of yourself as being an effect of the world, rather than as creators of the world.

What? If I were a creator, would I create THIS?!

But in truth, you are a creator, and you did and do create THIS… whatever this is for you.

In my Playground partner calls that I diligently listen to, I hear, with aching heart, what you create. You recount the stories of your life, stories of suffering. Stories that obviously have been the subject of many many hours of pondering: how did I deserve this? what is wrong with me? What is wrong with the world?

But there is some reason that the spiritual teachers all tell us that we’re gods, or that we’re created in the image of God. The difference between us and God is that God, however you conceive of it – nothing created it; it was the original source. Any thought that God had became reality.

I don’t believe in God, so you don’t have to worry about it; I’m not trying to convince you of anything. But if there was a God, it was uncreated. We, humans, were created in the image of God, we’re not uncreated. It is hard for us to see that we’re creating our lives with our words.

Our words, conscious or not conscious, spoken or thought, create our lives, create our experience.

It takes a lot of consciousness, a lot of conscious effort, to get to the point of realization that we’re a source. Most of us never get there, or we get there only very partially, tentatively, dubiously.

In essence, the expression: life is a conversation, says that you are authoring life with every word you say. With recounting old pains. With complaining. With bitching and moaning. With every word.

Here is an example where unless the conversation is designed… the result is not what you would want, not what you would want to create.

In business there are several “conversations” that unless they are defined, kept separate, and are effective, a business will not stay in business too long.

In fact, most businesses I know are not clear about these different conversation… I think Seth Godin calls these stories, in his All marketers are liars book.

One conversation/story is the owner has with themselves. The context of the business, any business, is to create a customer. It is foundational. But it is also important that the business fulfills a person’s expectation of themselves, that it creates something that doing the business will make them like themselves. It can be big, it can be small, but it’s mandatory.

Another conversation is with clients/customers and potentials. Lots of promises. “Who I am for you” promises.

Another conversation is with employees, yet another with suppliers, and the last conversation is with the general public.

If you never take the time to design these conversations, your business will be less than satisfactory, or will fail.

But you are not in business! you cry, and you are wrong.

If a business means you have customers!

If you are a mother, your child is a customer. Your husband is a customer. Your friends are customers… Even though you are also their customer.

In “life is a conversation” it is possible to look at life and relationships this way, in fact, it is useful. Very useful. Because if it si only you who is a customer… and you consider yourself a customer, always, who is a “service provider”? No one, and everyone feels slighted, cheated, not served, especially you… Am I right about you?

The  moment you look at life through this conversation, everything changes. And you can see that unless you create the conversation, for example, between your daughter and you, between your husband and you, it will be accidental, undefined, and so will be the relationship… and so will be your life.

Here is an example: a woman, married a long time, has a relationship with her husband, where she “KNOWS” why her husband is not interested in looking at her, spending time with her, and if you look at it from the outside, the only thing you see, that in fact he avoids her.

But the why isn’t visible from the outside. The why is in the “life is a conversation“. She is a conversation about herself, why she is less than lovable, why she is not attractive, why she is this and that. And no husband has ever been able to break through that created reality… or not to my knowledge.

I can identify: my conversation, about myself, has always been that I am not lovable… Or, in my case, it is more like “Nobody loves me”.

And I have diligently created and created that conversation.

But the truth is: I am most comfortable when I am isolated, when I am 100% in control of what I do… I avoid people. I have my methods to repel them. My animal is the skunk… lol. And if, in spite of my conversation someone comes too close… I have my skunk method…  And I have my peace and quiet.

Why do I want to be alone? Every empath wants to be alone… feeling another’s feelings is a burden, distracting, and robs an empath of their sense of self… so it is normal, and it is natural.

Now, why am I telling you all this, after all you don’t care, do you?

But if you are reading this article, you are doing some kind of business with me… even if you don’t pay money: you paid me with your attention, and I thank you for it.

If you are a client, student of mine, you are paying with both your money and your attention.

And if you are a potential customer, client, student… we shall see… lol

Whatever I am going to say here, the purpose of this article, is for actual and potential clients to hear.

Because I am an energy practitioner, most people come to me for what other energy practitioners promise: something instant.

We, collectively, have this illusion about energies, that they do something instantly. End even if the energy occasionally does, the effect is not lasting, no matter what anyone says.

Here are a few examples:

1. I know a woman, an Indian guru, who has events where she cranks herself up, and cranks the audience up. I have measured, her vibration rises to 400 during the event, and drops to under 200 after the event, and stays there, until the next event.

It is worse for the participants. It’s like an orgasm… yesterday’s orgasm is… meh, a memory at best.

2. Electricity… It is energy. It needs an equipment to work through, and it works as long as the equipment is plugged in, and is working.

In human terms, as long as you are plugged in and you consciously don’t block the energy, the energy may do something in you: I have yet to find a person who can sustain being plugged in and not block the energy.

Even I can’t do it.

I have some student who are honest and tell me that they are with me because they want the energies to raise their vibration.

I didn’t raise my vibration to where it is with the energies. I raised it with the self-awareness, the learning, the practice, not with the energies. They are very useful when I need them, but they are a tool.

I have the courses, the programs, so you can raise your vibration by realizing what made it so low, and eliminate it.

It is the strait and narrow process: we take away what didn’t work, and replace it with something that works.
  • We replace unreality with reality.
  • We replace with self-righteous anger with taking responsibility.
  • We replace with casual relationship to our word with integrity

And we learn how our particular machine can be used to give us a life we can enjoy, a life where we can be productive, have healthy relationships, be well, and be fulfilled.

Soul Correction Workshop

One of the programs is the Soul Correction Workshop: where you find out what to pay attention to so the machine doesn’t use your life and grind you out… or it will… always, no exceptions.

It’s a workshop I haven’t done in some six years, but I recorded every session, and it is almost as good as being there, even though I don’t work on you personally, I work on some 20 other participants, much like you. Most soul correction types are represented, so you can learn from me working with them.

Life is a conversation is most important when dealing with your soul correction… your soul correction has given you a stuck, repeated, predictable conversation that results in a stuck, predictable life… that you won’t like.

Having skill and finesse in creating your conversations will be the difference between a life you can love or a life you begrudgingly live.

20+ videos, custom activators, very useful.

If enough people buy it, I’ll add the downloadable audios: it takes quite a few hours to convert videos to audios… But if enough people buy it, it’s worth it.

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